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  • abs - Free, stand alone, graphic, state-of-the-art spreadsheet designed to run on any Unix. Very impressive.
  • Amosis Software Home Page - Office and SmartSuite Solutions to simplify your daily work. Primarily Spreadsheet reporting tools
  • AS-EASY-AS - A spreadsheet application for DOS and Win95/98/NT. (TRIUS, Inc)
  • A Brief History of Spreadsheets - An expository review of the history of spreadsheets. (D. J. Power / DSS Resources)
  • Corel Quattro Pro 8 - From Borland to WordPerfect to Novell to Corel, Quattro won't die! It keeps getting better. Part of the WordPerfect Office Suite.
  • DataMiner 3D - 3D interactive graphics systems, provides solutions and services for decision support, data mining and data visualization in chemical and pharmaceutical industry, finance, distribution, retail, telecommunications, academia. (Dimension 5)
  • Drillingsoftware - Easy to use spreadsheet programs for drilling rig supervisor. Excel and Lotus 123 formats.
  • GNU Oleo - After a long sleep, Oleo is under new management, and is coming back to life.
  • Helpersoftware - Financial utilities for spreadsheet users. Download financial data straight in to your spreadsheet instead of waiting for all those graphics to load. Lotus 123 and Excel formats.
  • Linux Spreadsheets - Links, history, wry comentary, humor.
  • Lotus 1-2-3 - Part of the Lotus SmartSuite office suite. Drill down one level to their 1-2-3 spreadsheet pages.
  • Lucid 3-D - One of the fastest, smallest spreadsheets, with powerful 3-D abilities.
  • Mathematics and Statistics - Provides spreadsheet information sources with an emphasis on mathematics and statistics education
  • Palisade Corporation - Software and books on risk analysis, decision analysis, optimization and more. Palisade publishes @RISK, a widely used software for risk analysis, plus Evolver, PrecisionTree, BestFit, RiskOptimizer, TopRank and other spreadsheet add-ins.
  • QSMI - We install, develop, and train a company in Lotus Notes/Domino. We help a company get up and running on your their own Intranet/Internet using Domino. We help them get started or help them upgrade to better understand the full value of their Lotus Notes/Domino application.
  • Seed Inventory - A spreadsheet database for seed inventory, seed start scheduling, and seed trading, includes data on germination methodology for about 700 species in 10 common formats. Maintained by an individual
  • Spreadsheet Page - Information about spreadsheets of all types. Downloads, tips, FAQs, and downloadable software by JWalk & Associates
  • Spreadsheet Solver - Frontline Systems developed solvers for various spreadsheets, providing equation-solving, often called goalseeking or backsolving, and constrained optimization using linear programming, nonlinear programming, and integer programming methods
  • Spreadsheet Tools and Their Producers - Gigantic, non-linked list of Spreadsheets.
  • Spreadsheets Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the comp.apps.spreadsheets newsgroup
  • Supercel - This is the first 3D spreadsheet! Come check it out for yourself!
  • Templates: business, financial - Village Software pre-programmed, template, business and financial solutions. Add-ons to all major office suites. Many dozen titles for 1-2-3, Excel, Quattro.
  • Wingz, Wingz Pro - Runs on many platforms: Macintosh, Linux, Unix, Win32. Free Wingz and Wingz Pro for non-commercial and non-resale use.
  • ZD Journals - Was The Cobb Group, drill down for their spreadsheet related publications
  • Zinnote - A Cross Platform Data Integration Tool, can access data that has an ODBC, OLE DB drivers, and PC desktop formats including Excel

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