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Classic Computer Games:
Bounty Hunter - you're hunting for an escaped prisoner
Magic Squares - Move the boxes so they read 1-8
Pong - Similar to the classic "blocks" game.
Reflex Game - see how fast your reflexes are


Text Games:
Slimewars - Star Wars parody

Blackjack - see who can get the highest number under 21
Hangman - current topic is "Presidents of the USA"
Magic 8 Ball - see what it has to say to your questions
Paper Rock Scissors
Peg Solitaire - try to get all but one peg off the board
Tic-Tac-Toe - 4 levels: very easy, easy, average, and hard.
Towers of Hanoi - stack the disks in order from largest to smallest - sounds easy, but it's challenging

Typing - see how fast you can type

Note: Your Browser must support JavaScript to be able to play these games. Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator 3.0 and later support JavaScript. If your browser doesn't support JavaScript, you can download one that does for free at Net > Software Downloads.

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