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  • Alberts Ambry - Albert's Ambry shareware search engine.
  • Allen's WinAppsList - The best resource for Shareware, Freeware, and Commercial Software for Windows 95, 98, and NT. This site is updated multiple times daily to ensure that you always have the latest versions of your favorite software available!
  • AppFinder.com - A cool directory of Shareware and Freeware for Windows 3x/9x/NT. You can also search over 70 popular software archives supporting various platforms using their Software Archives Search tool. Other points of interest include a Software Archives directory and a monthly Software Giveaway Contest.
  • AScom Software Library - Top rated shareware, freeware and demos for Windows 95/98/NT, Power PC and other platforms. Screen savers, games, ftp, mp3, icq, development tools and so on for free.
  • 32-bit Shareware and Freeware for Windows Index - PolderWare's 32-bit Shareware and Freeware for Windows Index. PolderWare.Com now contains a very large, very up-to-date index of freeware and shareware applications, which is updated daily.
  • Bob Cerelli's - Windows 95/98 software pages, site is no longer being updated. Still online with software listings.
  • C64 Classix - Your source for software on the Commodore64.
  • C:\Shareware - Windows 95 Shareware. Enter to win registered shareware in our monthly sweepstakes.
  • Desktop98 - Freeware and Shareware Downloads for Windows 98 and NT. Free services including: web site submission, midi file archive and more. Online Software Store with over 127,000 titles available for download.
  • DirectUpdate - Software Library - The complete list of DirectUpdate-enabled programs for Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.
  • Download Island - Top rated shareware and freeware for Windows 95/98/NT.
  • Download Planet - A resource site of "quality" shareware and freeware. All the information you need to pick the perfect application for your needs. Ratings, editor's picks, top downloads, and much more make this site stand out from the crowd.
  • Download Zone - The FIRST and the ONLY download site in Montenegro and in Yugoslavia. Here you can find all the newest shareware software, the latest news from the computer industry, Windows themes to make your desktop look better, gallery of wallpapers, picture of the daylebrity), URL's of the hardware manufacturers, Top Ten list of the best shareware programs on the Internet, three world famous comics, and much, much more...
  • FastLoad Software Archive - Large software archive with download links for many countries.
  • File Mine -- Dig Our Downloads - TechWeb presents File Mine - Search and Browse for Downloadable Files. Shareware, Freeware, Commercial Demos, Games. Keeps your personal list of files you are interested in. Includes Reviews, Collections of related products, and Featured Titles.
  • The File Transit - This is a shareware site that supports 8 platforms, has screenshots for all the applications, a mini review for each one if not a full review, a very user friendly layout, a download counter for every listing, we store all the applications on our own server, and there are NO broken links, so what are you waiting for? check it out!
  • FileDemon -- The Search Engine for Files - FileDemon is a file search engine. Find and download free software, shareware, games, drivers with FileDemon.
  • Filedudes! - Category Index for Win 95/98/NT, on FileDudes
  • FilePile - A large collection of downloadable freeware, shareware and demo files! Powered by ExecPC's Hyperscan(tm).
  • Filez - Searches for software files on the internet using database of ftp sites.
  • 200 FREE Shareware Links! - 200 FREE links to great software downloads! Try them today!
  • Freeware and Shareware Best Archives - Links to all the best freeware and shareware archive sites
  • Galt Shareware Zone - Shareware Zone -- hottest shareware downloads, shareware reviews, free shareware newsletter
  • Ganggang - Ganggang Australian shareware guide home page. Comprehensive guide to Australian authored shareware, freeware and other software for all platforms.
  • Garbo Anonymous FTP Archive - Two sides of Garbo
  • Grabware - you select the software, we make the CD - Grabware - No more long downloads! Select from our bundles or compile your own CD!
  • Harris' Hangar95 New Edition - A large collection of Windows95 Software programs, updated daily with the best and the latest.
  • Icon Shareware - 3000+ downloads of all kinds with software to be won every week!
  • Jack's DArk Pages - Newest midi files on the NET, Amiga and Atari St emulators + more... several freeware & shareware offerings on a single page
  • Junk Yard of the Net - Excellent collection of best possible junk available on the net. Lot of different categories to choose. A must place to visit. Come and dig!
  • Kagi Shareware - Making it easy for people to pay for products obtained through the internet and frees the seller from handling all the payment processing. A payment processing service for people with computers.
  • MalekTips Home - Visit Malektips, a free collection of computer-related tips and software links. NT, 95, Internet, web development, and more!
  • Matilda Shareware Page - Matilda Shareware Page
  • MDWin.com Shareware & Freeware! - A hand-picked comprehensive collection of 32-bit Windows software. Many categories ranging from Net Apps, to Web browsers, and from Graphics Utilities to Shell Enhancements!
  • My Shareware Page! - This site carries ONLY THE BEST in 32-bit shareware & freeware for Windows 95/98 & NT. Games also found here.
  • Nathan's Underground Software - Download For FREE cool games and software like "Drunk Driver 99"
  • PalmPilotWare.com - Get software for your PalmPilot here!
  • Pangaelin Willow - Homepage of The Uncle Carl Atari Software Collection
  • Pass The Shareware - Shareware and freeware downloads, screensavers, desktop themes, free games, computing resources and more.
  • PCWin Resource Center - PCWin Resource Center is an excellent Windows software and freeware resource. It has a very wide selection of software available for download that runs on Windows 95/98, CE and NT and much more.
  • Premier UK Shareware Registration site - UK ShareReg is a UK based Shareware Registration service which means all products are priced in GB Pounds.
  • Quality-Shareware - A completely unique shareware site - a range of services for the shareware user, buyer and author - extensive listings, reviews, technical support, special offers, author services, promotions, publicity...
  • Reviewnow.com - Reviewnow.com supplies a large source of shareware and freeware.
  • Shareware and Freeware for Macs and PCs - Games (like Doom, Quake, Command and Conquer), Computer tools (performance, screensavers like Titanic, Bud Ice, Garfield), Internet tools (ICQ and download management), Network tools (ping utility, trace route, others), Education (all subjects), Mac (all topics), Religion (clip art and reference), Sports (training, tournaments), Travel (maps), and much more!
  • Shareware Depot - A website for people interested in discussing shareware topics. Has discussion forums, chat rooms, and mailing lists.
  • A1 Shareware Evaluations - The Internets oldest Shareware Review site 700 + pages, downloads, News, Links and Interviews, shareware and freeware, plus demos, and beta shareware.
  • Shareware Express - Download free software faster at Shareware Express! We offer tonnes of the latest freeware, demoware, and shareware!
  • Shareware Intercom - La mejor Web hispana dedicada al shareware, freeware y demos comerciales. Shareware, Freeware, demos, juegos, y m�s, con descripciones completas en castellano, espa�ol
  • Shareware Viking - Shareware Viking is a web site you can download shareware and freeware FREE of charge. Many applications available for download, Including games and desktop applications for business or home.
  • Shareware-Australia - Australian shareware registration service that carries over 100 programs and is rapidly growing. Designed to make it easy for Australian users to register shareware programs from around the world, and to help shareware authors get their programs distributed in Australia.
  • shareware.com - A site where you can easily download all the latest device drivers, freeware programs, etc...
  • SharewareLinks.Com - Site for the benefit of all users of shareware, authors/companies and downloads sites online.
  • Simtel.Net - Simtel.Net is Keith Petersen's worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain programs for MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, and Windows 95/98.
  • Skylark Utilities - Absolutely the largest and only shareware sites with nothing but shareware and freeware utilities for Windows 95/98/NT. Categories include File Utilities, Hardware Utilities, Internet Utilities, System Utilities, etc.
  • The SlaughterHouse - Daily updated listing of the newest software for Win9x/NT plus tech news and product reviews.
  • Softseek.com - Shareware, Freeware and Evaluation Software
  • Software Center - Download 100's hand picked shareware/freeware programs. Free & easy downloads, newsletter, top lists...
  • SoftwareArchives.com - Free Software - Get free software for all of the major operating systems and handheld computers.
  • SoftwareVault.com - The Newest Download Site for all the latest shareware, freeware and reviews.
  • Titles like Visual Basic source code utilities, - Our Software Titles, are unique, and hard to find , titles like Visual Basic source code utilities, Dehi source code, Web Retailer, guitar, Internet Trouble shooter, PC Security, and much more!
  • TopFile.com! - The resource of Shareware, Freeware, Beta and Game for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and NT. Updated multiple times daily with drivers, patch, news, and screen savers!
  • Topsoft.com - Topsoft.com software software archive of top freeware, shareware, and demo software. Software, shareware and freeware downloads for Mac, Unix, PC, Win, Windows, NT
  • TUCOWS - Shareware site specializing in internet shareware and freeware. Has mirror sites located throughout the world.
  • volftp - download all files of all operatives system. Is the best in Italy. There are many help for beginners and is possible for programmers to have pages to diffond his products. Very good site.
  • WinArchives.com - Software for Windows95/98 - An extensive collection of software for Windows 95/98. Free Downloads!
  • Win-Shareware - Win-Shareware offers a speedy connection to tons of 32bit shareware and hardware drivers as long as valuable tips in an easy-to-use (and sleek) interface.
  • The Wowbtb Network - An archive of software, screensavers, wallpapers and more free stuff. Also a quality link directory.
  • ZDNet Software Library - Download from the ZDNet Software Library - the largest online collection of tested, rated and reviewed shareware, freeware and commercial demos for Windows 95 and Windows 3.x.

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