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  • BreakPoint Software, Inc. - Home of Hex Workshop, the Professional Hex Editor (and sector editor, base converter, bit manipulator, etc.)
  • Editors Sucks-Rules-O-Meter - Reports which editor is more loved and which is more hated according to the WWW as reported by AltaVista. Devoted to the sacred religious wars on the "your editor sucks, my editor rules" subject traditionally coming up every now and then in news:comp.editors
  • EditPlus Text/HTML Editor - EditPlus is an Internet-ready, 32-bit text editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad, it also offers many powerful features for HTML and other programming languages.
  • Exuberant Ctags - Distribution site for Exuberant Ctags.
  • FindMail: vimannounce - Click here to view the archive.
  • The Hessling Editor (THE) - THE is an editor based on the VMS editor XEDIT, along with additional features. It's GPL'ed free software available for a wide variety of systems.
  • Hex Editor - HexTool is a powerful mouse driven binary file editor. This is a well tested program which contains many useful features such as a Search and Replace, pull-down menus, cut and pasting and allows editing files of ANY size. There are also tools included to allow splitting and joining of large binary files and command line inserting and deleting of bytes and bits. Hextool allows key re-mapping
  • HEXEDIT - shows a file both in ASCII and in hexadecimal.
  • IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. - UltraEdit and UltraEdit-32 Text Editor, HEX Editor and Programmers Editor: text, HEX and Programmers editor for all your needs. Ideal for programming, email, general editing, more.
  • The JED Programmer's Editor - The JED Editor
  • KEDIT - Mansfield Software Group - KEDIT for Windows is Mansfield Software Group's XEDIT-compatible text editor for Windows 95/98/NT.
  • LAOLA Homepage, Sep/23/97 - Contents
  • Maruo - Maruo editor is one of the most successful programs in Japan, claiming to be "light, smooth, and easy to use"
  • mpTOOLS - Open Source text editors written in and for Java
  • Multi-Edit - American Cybernetics Inc. - Commercial text editor designed for programming languages & web site development.
  • NEdit - a GUI text editor for X/Motif - NEdit - a GUI text editor for X/Motif
  • NoNags - Text Editors - NoNags collates freeware and shareware for Windows 95 & NT. This is their Text Editor section.
  • NoteBook - Notepad Replacement Text Editor - NoteBook is a text editor designed to replace Notepad, but which has many more useful and poweful features, and is available as shareware.
  • NotePads+ - JSoft Consulting - Shareware Notepad replacement for Win32. Features include: large file support, multiple files, drag and drop, recently used & favourite lists and more.
  • NoteTab - Homepage of the award-winning text/HTML editors NoteTab Pro and NoteTab Std/Light. For Windows 9x
  • Search & Replace 98 - a text search and replace tool that can do its work on single files or an entire directory.
  • SEDIT from Treehouse Software - SEDIT is an editor which emulates the look and feel of mainframe editors like XEDIT and PDF on Unix and Windows.
  • Text Editor Compendium (v2.06) - Limitations
  • VEDIT - fast and powerful universal file editor. VEDIT edits text, data, binary files up to 2 gigabytes in ASCII, Hex, EBCDIC.
  • VIM WWW Site - VIM is "Vi Improved" - a major improvement of the UNIX standard text editor Vi. VIM adds unlimited undo, syntax coloring, split windows, visual selection, GUI support, and many more features.
  • XML Spy - XML Editor for Windows - Fellow ODP editors, please import my site description from the above listed category: Computers/Data_Formats/Markup_Languages/XML/Tools/Editors Thanks!
  • Zeus Lite Text Editor - The Perfect Replacement for the NOTEPAD.EXE Text Editor The Zeus Lite for Windows 95/NT text editor has been specifically designed for the Windows 95 and Windows NT environments. Zeus Lite is a general purpose text editor packed full of features, with the added benefit of providing support for the Brief, Epsilon, WordStar and Emacs keyboard mapping's.
  • ZEUS Programmer's Editor - The Zeus for Windows 95/NT programmers editor has been specifically designed for software developers working in the Windows 95 and Windows NT environments. The Zeus editor offers all the features of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with the added benefit of providing a powerful text editor that supports the Brief, Epsilon, WordStar and Emacs keyboard mapping's.

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