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  • PostgreSQL   - A sophisticated Object-Relational DBMS, supporting almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and user-defined types and functions. It is the most advanced open-source database available anywhere.
  • Aero Host Web Systems - Drumbeat 2000 - For Web builders and E-commerce application developers who need to speed the deployment of departmental-level, database-driven Web applications - the fastest ASP development tool available.
  • Applix Inc. Accelerating Enterprises - Applix offers customer interaction software (CIS), real-time decision support, and office productivity solutions across globally networked, cross-platform client/server, webtop and thin-client environments.
  • Clipper Tools - ZAC was founded in 1990 with just a single product for them CA-Clipper language. Since then,we've grown to become one of the world's largest distributors of software development tools, network management products, and specialized hardware and peripherals.
  • Database Central - A free directory of over two thousand database resources on the web, including industry news, software, mailing lists, discussion forums, and more.
  • Datbase query/reporting tool - RTX Data Access - Web enabled, java database query and reporting tool for ORACLE, DB2, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server from ioMetrics, Inc.
  • DBMaker Internet Information Source - DBMaker provides you with a professional database system with multimedia capabilities, a native ODBC interface, large database features, and cross-platform support. The unique open architecture and native ODBC interface give you the freedom to build custom applications using a wide variety of programming tools such as Visual Basic or Delphi, or query your database using existing ODBC-compliant applications.
  • dbms - This page is a part of my home page. Description for the most popular logic works software as: ERWin, Rational tools and others.
  • DBStraws - Enabling easy creation of SQL statements, includes special handling of Union Queries. 28-days evaluation download available.
  • DSS Resources - a directory of decision support system resources.
  • Epiphany Software - Provides customer centric ERM and CRM solutions.
  • FairCom WWW - Fast, Dependable Cross Platform Database Solutions!
  • FrontBase - Cross-platform SQL database from Frontline.
  • GEDIOS Corporation - A relational DBMS with C++ as manipulation lanugage. The better approach than Embedded SQL.
  • Innovative Systems Techniques(Insyte) - Innovative Systems Techniques (Insyte) designs database management and decision support systems using Vision, our object-oriented database technology.
  • inquiry.com - Answers for IT professionals.
  • Interactive SQL Tutorial - An SQL tutorial with interactive SQL interpreter for testing out what you've learned.
  • Introduction to Databases for the Web - This tutorial introduces how to use CGI scripts, with Perl 5, to interface to SQL databases. Introduces database concepts and give you the tools you need to get to work using the databases available to you. Suitable for webmasters and web developers with little or no database experience.
  • itmWEB: Database Administrator Toolbox - A useful collection of tools, vendor sites, discussion forums, ftp locations, and resources selected especially for Database Administrators.
  • Lotus Support Services Web - Contact Us
  • Microsoft Data Access - ODBC stuff
  • MineSet - Silicon Graphics' data mining and visualization product
  • Mining Co. Databases - A site with articles and links about Web databases.
  • MIS Training Institute - MIS Training Institute is the international leader in audit and information security education. Its seminar curriculum includes over 70 courses in Internal Auditing, IS Auditing, Internet, Information Security Management, Connectivity and Communications, Client/Server and Workgroup, and Enterprise Systems. MIS also offers special topical conferences, on-site training, seminars and special programs in Europe and Asia, audit and security review kits, training videos, publications, and consultation.
  • NewsNow Database Theme - NewsNow is a 24-hour database-specific newsfeed aggregating breaking news headlines from more than 20 of the Web's most prestigious web sites. Sources include CNET, TechWeb, Wired, The Register, Slashdot, Silicon.com, InfoWorld, PC Week and many more. NewsNow updates every five minutes, every day.
  • NIST/ITL/SDCT Conformance Testing Group Projects and Activities - Conformance Test Suite Software
  • OpenLink Software - OpenLink Software is an industry-leading developer and deployer of Secure, High-Performance, and Standards Compliant Universal Database Connectivity Middleware.
  • ParseRat file/database parser, converter & reorganizer - Rated FOUR STARS by ZD-Net! Parse, convert & reorganize files and databases. Reads most files including page image print files from other processes, fixed format, delimited, structured binary, dBase etc. Intelligently parses dates (including Julian & Y2K), names & addresses into components, gender etc. can generate Soundex and perform intelligent DeDuplication. Output as fixed format, delimited, mailmerge or dBase. All done by point-and-click.
  • Pervasive Software, Inc. - Pervasive software is an embedded database engine, originally built on BTrieve.
  • SAP.Start - SAP related topics and information. The starting point for any SAP search.
  • .ScriptStuff - Word Pro LotusScript, HTML, and other fun stuff
  • SGML-Tools homepage
  • The Sleepycat Software Home Page - DB: A database programmatic toolkit.
  • SoftTree Technologies, Inc. - Best database monitoring, tuning and managment tools. Thousands historical and real-time statistics, Scheduling SQLs and reports, Data manipulation and exporting and much more. Advanced PowerBuilder tools almost for free. Custom 2-D graphs writen in PowerBuilder, Word processor style data editing
  • Southlands Information Systems Ltd. - N-Pais Software - Database systems, contact management and transactions
  • SQL Mode - SQL Mode is a collection of major modes written for XEmacs and FSF Emacs for editing SQL code and interacting with SQL servers.
  • SQL Standards Home Page - SQL Standards Home Page
  • Strategic Enterprise Knowledge Centers
  • Synchrologic - Database Synchronization/Replication. Building software components to enable application developers to support remote sites and mobile workers with their applications.
  • Ti Con Zero - Field-work, database and software
  • TimesTen Performance Software - Provides a commercial in-memory database system.
  • TipWorld - TipWorld is the Internet's leading source for computer tips, gossip & news. Each day, TipWorld will deliver FREE newsletters to your e-mail box.
  • Trifox, Inc. -- VORTEXJava(tm) Edition - Products

  • Usenet comp.databases - news:
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