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  • ADONTEC - Offers tools and components for serial programing, industrry protocols, cryptography, driver and interrupt development, ISDN.
  • ADONTEC : SuperMonitor serial data analyser - ADONTEC offers serial data and protocol analysis tool, SuperMonitor. The serial data analyser - SuperMonitor - from ADONTEC the communication libraries developer. SuperMonitor from ADONTEC, the tool for serial protocol analysis, RS-232 monitoring.
  • AM-WOLJO - Phone Dialer and Logger for Win95/98 and NT. With speed dialer and outgoing and incoming call timing and logging. Hands-free mode. Saves last 10 numbers dialed for speedy redialing. eEmail and http links. Calling card dialing. Special mode for dialing services that require additional digits to be entered.
  • Area Code Update - Site provides PC software, area code change news, change tables and change checklist that automatically updates the telephone area code portion of telephone numbers in a wide variety of user data files created using popular 3rd party programs such as those of ACT!, Goldmine, MS Access, ODBC and ASCII text files.
  • AT&T Research Labs - Our Next-Generation TTS converts machine-readable English text into audible speech. We also collaborate on Visual TTS, the synchronization of an animated face with synthesized speech.
  • Automated Solutions, Inc. - Automated Solutions offers runtime-free ActiveX control development kits for industrial PLC SCADA, HMI, and MMI applications.
  • AVT CTI Software Group - The AVT CTI Software Group is the leading provider of advanced and unified messaging solutions. The CTI Software Group's vision is to continue delivering products and services that provide a return on investment and competitive advantage to our customers by combining data and telephony technology that enable them to communicate more effectively.
  • BMS - Biuro Matematyki Stosowanej S.C. - BMS is a Polish software company. We develop dedicated solutions for business and industry (esp. telecommunication). We specialize in databases, client-server systems and data mining based on the concept of neural networks.
  • BVRP Software - Innovative Communication Software - BVRP Software, editor of the communication software, PhoneTools, PhoneTools graphics and FaxTools (WinPhone and WinFax) and PhoneTools Suite : Presentation of the company, its services and online purchase of PhoneTools Suite.
  • Call Accounting and Telephone Billing system, SmartUnit - Real-time on-site call accounting and telephone billing system. Microsoft NT Server, SQL Server base. Design for medium to large organization, such as university, hospital and government agency.
  • cfSOFTWARE, PC-to-mainframe transfers and communications. - pcMAINFRAME, transfer tool that selects, reformats & provides direct access to data in CICS, TSO & VTAM environments. Fast and flexible transfers; host iniated, scheduled, unattended, attended. Across the Boards, 3270 middleware development software. Incorporate mainframe data access into your C, VB, and COBOL PC applications.
  • The Computer Telephony Depot - Information on using Internet phone software such as Microsoft NetMeeting and VocalTec Internet phone to make long distance calls over the Internet for free. Information on business and individual uses.
  • Counterpoint Systems Foundry - Suppliers of IrDA infrared software for the PC, PDA, digital cameras, cellular telephones, and more.
  • CTI Communications - - 3780 BSC File Transfer and I.P. Mailbox Systems - CTI Communications is a manufacturer of computer software specifically oriented toward secure TCP/IP or 3780 BSC electronic mailboxing store-and-forward file transfer applications.
  • CypherCalc - the Cryptographer's Calculator - a full-featured, programmable calculator designed for multi precision integer arithmetic. You can use CypherCalc to perform "big number" math operations such as exponentiation, modular multiplication, and Montgomery products.
  • DRS-DigiTrax Services - Producers of video communication software such as teleprompting software, titling software, and broadcast display software for television.
  • E Corp - E Corp. is the premier provider of message management, communications and productivity technologies for Internet users, corporations and mobile professionals.
  • Edith : An automation system to transfer filesautomate de transfert de fichiers - EDITH is a monitor designed to handle file transfer : Multiple protocols Simultaneous multiple transfers Multiple networks : X25 - X32 - ISDN - TCP/IP
  • The EleBBS home - The Elevator Productions - Home of EleBBS software.
  • EMSL Collaboratory - Developing and integrating cross-platform electronic notebook and real-time collaboration software tools for the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory. Free software downloads available.
  • Ericom Products Support Device Naming Under AS/400 Over TCP/IP - PowerTerm InterConnect allows TN5250 emulation through direct TCP/IP connection under AS/400.
  • faxabruf, faxpolling, teleshops, voice, mailboxen
  • Giant Technologies UK MELIA Page - MELIA - Microsoft Exchange License Import Agent - allows administrators to control their corporate e-mail systems.
  • Grange Management Consultants - Grange Management provide Bacs, Bacstel and account number validation systems. In addition we supply and install messaging servers, X.400 systems and EDI.
  • ICOM Informatics - Telecommunication software publisher enabling micro-computers to communicate with IBM, Bull, Dec/Unix mainframes. ICOM Informatics offers a complete range of toolsand products for accessing IBM mainframe data via a corporate network, intranet, extranet or the Internet.ICOM Informatics provides Web and PC-to-mainframe software solutions that meet the requirements of corporate network users.
  • Interactive Intelligence - Interactive Intelligence sells a communications software product called Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC), a comprehensive communications platform for call centers, enterprises, and service providers.
  • ISC Global Messaging Services - ISC Global Messaging Services provides flexible messaging bureau gateway services, linking client sites and corporate intra-nets to private external messaging services.
  • IVR Data Collection Systems from ISSI - Interactive Sales Solutions, Inc. provides interactive voice response (IVR) data collection systems and services tailored to the sales, merchandising, and survey industries.
  • Jabber - Jabber is a new open-source instant messaging platform designed to be open, fast, and easy to use and extend. It works directly over the Internet, has distributed servers, utilizes an XML based protocol, and has transparent compatibility with other instant messaging systems(ICQ, AIM, etc).
  • Kibele Information - Kibele develops and provides faxbroadcasting & faxmailing software, turnkey faxbroadcasting systems and services for international markets.
  • LapLink and remote access software - LapLink, remote access software, remote control software, remote file transfer, remote access solutions, remote access products and file transfer software for remote access computing,
  • Lark Enterprises: Communications specials - Communications specials including network, email software, communications hardware and accessories.
  • LogNet 3270 5250 vt420 Terminal and Print Emulation - LogNet Systems manufactures and distributes, worldwide, 3270 terminal emulation, TN3270, TN3270E, 5250 terminal emulation, TN5250, VT terminal emulation, AFP/IPDS print emulation products, coax and twinax cards. We are your solution for connectivity hardware and software needs, for mainframe S370 OS390 MVS DEC VAX LAT midrange S36 S38 S38A AS/400 OS/400 UNIX SNA SAA; that connect to DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT workstations, and NT, Novell, and UNIX servers. Our products can use a variety of methods, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, SDLC, Telnet, FTP, or asynchronous to make the connection.
  • MasterSoft Co. official home page - fidonet related software, accounting software and many more, developed by MasterSoft Co.
  • Metropolis Technologies, Inc. - Call Accounting software for hotels and businesses running Windows 95/98/NT.
  • MultiSource Software Solutions - Work faster more efficiently, use the power and versatility of DataCom 2000 integrated & interactive contact manager, Fax & PIM, 19 key modules.
  • Net2Phone - New technology which makes it possible to place domestic and international calls from a personal computer to any telephone in the world. Most advanced telecommunications application harnessing the global power of the Internet.
  • NotePage Software Division - Alphanumeric paging and wireless messaging software solutions for mobile phones and pagers. Internet paging, email notification, network monitoring and standalone paging software.
  • NotePager Net - Full feature network alphanumeric paging software for alphanumeric paging, PCS and digital phones.
  • The Official Home Page of Note - Note is a network collaboration and conference system for Apple Macintosh computers on an AppleTalk network.
  • OFTP : The Odette file transfer - This web site provides general information about Odette's communications work
  • OSE Home Page - Office Systems Engineering home page. Featuring custom developed software for both home and business use. Please ask for free software quotes.
  • PageGate - PageGate is a network paging gateway that allows for network monitoring, commandline paging, email paging, internet paging and desktop paging. Messages can be sent to pagers or paging devices, the application is extremely modular and flexible.
  • Pagoo Software - avoid missing important phone calls when you are on-line.
  • Painter Engineering, Inc. - PEI provides a range of software services for developing and testing networking and data communications software for x.25 and tcp/ip.
  • Paltalk the audio chat and pal list software - Chat software for windows with audio!
  • ProMobility - Pagers, numeric pagers alpha numeric pagers and pager accessories - Pagers, numeric pagers alpha numeric pagers and pager accessories. Also Celluar and internet services.
  • Remociotka - Bt848-based remote control software
  • Remote Control Software at it's best - Home of the award winning remote control software, NetSupport Manager. Runs on Dos. Win3x, Win95/98, WinNT 4.0/5.0, OS/2, Alpha.Also runs over LAN,WAN and Internet. NetSupport Manager is one of the fastest remote software around. Remote Software, Netsupport-inc.
  • River Run Sofware - Mail on the Run gives full and secure remote access to your enterprise mailing system (Lotus Notes, MS Exchange, Novell GroupWise, cc:Mail, MS Mail) from your Windows CE, Windows 95 or PalmOS based mobile device.
  • ROI - ROI specializes in communications software for the AS/400 and offers "ROI Sockets" as a means for legacy programmers to use TCP/IP sockets without communications programming. Using conventional data queues, any AS/400 language can now send and receive though sockets. All configurations of sockets are supported, including TCP, UDP, client, and server. Talk to NT, AIX, UNIX, Linux, Weenix, OS/2, etc. Combine that with 24x7 support and 38 included protocols for the best sockets solution.
  • Satmaster Satellite - Satellite link budget, antenna aiming and solar outage software.
  • SeeTech - A coroprate web site for SeeTech a software house based in Plymouth, England. We produce products and services for the mobile data market place.
  • Serengeti Systems Incorporated - Serengeti manufactures PC-Host connectivity and communications products. Products include: 3270Link - PC-Host 3270 Emulation (New!) 3770Link = 3770 SNA/RJE Emulation 3780Link - 3780/2780 RJE Emulation BSCLIB - Bisync Developer's Toolkit BatchFile - Async File Transfer (Available Soon).
  • SHiFT Interactive Communications - Specializes in the development of high-bandwidth audio-visual interactive software applications for hard drive, CD-ROM and touchscreen based kiosks/SSTs.
  • SoftLink - File Transfer Solutions - SoftLink develops file transfer technology and solutions for distributed heterogeneous environments, operating across UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 95, and OpenVMS platforms. Our FASTCopy file transfer technology for TCP/IP networks fits mission critical business needs such as data distribution, replication, synchronization and data warehousing.
  • SoftLIST - Personal Information Manager - Maintain and publish company directories for 20 to 50,000 employees with this explosive software. Create publication quality phonebooks with our powerful report features. SoftList, is also your daily desktop tool that finds contacts by name, function or any criteria within seconds with its advanced ISB (interactive search box).
  • Sort code and account number validation systems - Sort code and account number validation systems for all AS/400 systems.
  • SSi: Service Strategies, Inc. - Email and messaging software that support the IBM AS400 and a variety of Internet and LAN based standards.
  • Synergy Software Technologies, Inc. - Synergy internet messaging systems and TCP/IP network middleware in ActiveX and WinSock formats.
  • TAL Technologies - TAL Technologies is a software company specializing in serial data acquisition, instrument control, communications and bar code software products. Products include Serial I/O driver, Serial communications software and TCP/IP communications software.
  • Talking Technologies - -- Voice recognition, text-to-speech, and microphones --Talking Technologies specialises in software for voice recognition and text-to-speech. Our site is a comprehensive source of information about this software and its uses at home or at work, and includes sections on microphones, technical support, dyslexia, disability, along with free downloads.
  • TBT400 : A communication platform for AS/400 - TBT/400 is a communications platform providing for all transfers directly from your IBM AS/400
  • Terminal Emulation by PowerVT - PowerVT terminal emulation products supporting VT 320, 220, 100, 52 emulation proving PC connectivity to UNIX hosts with Telnet, modem & direct serial connections
  • Video Conference for Business Communication - Video conference, distance learning, online training, net meeting for business communication. Try the demo, attend for FREE, or give your own presentation!
  • Video Editing Software Free Demo - Digital video editing software free demo trial. With this software any PC becomes a video production studio. edit home movies, create web movies, add music and titles.
  • Vital Connections - Communications company offering telephoney software and hardware including Reminder Pro, Spitfire, Wildfire, SBA and Amanda SOHO.
  • 3270 5250 vt420 AFP/IPDS emulation - LogNet Systems develops and manufactures 3270, 5250, VT420 terminal emulation software running under Windows, Windows 95, and NT, AFP/IPDS Printing solutions, and Coax and Twinax Adapters.
  • VyPRESS Research Homepage - Software for direct instant messaging and chatting in LAN (instead WinPopup), intranet and Internet. Powerful and easy to use.
  • Windows Telephony FAQ - Are you looking to set up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or are you looking for the right telephone software? Then come look at our independent reviews of programs and solutions...

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