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  • Linux Homepage   - Comprehensive information and resources about the Linux Operating System.
  • Linux.com   - A great place to learn about Linux. A top quality Linux portal.
  • The Free Software Bazaar - This is a market place designed to increase the amount of free software, to support free software developers, and to more accurately measure the demand for free software. Here you can get paid to write free software!
  • Gary's Linux Encyclopedia - Every topic is a quick (alphabetically indexed) click away.
  • Gary's Place Linux Guide - A nice site intended for beginning to intermediate Linux OS users. News updated regularly, user group list with verified links, tips & distribution reviews.
  • GlimmerByte Linux Project - An attempt to provide Linux novices with a place to start, and to chronicle the creation of a new distribution of Linux.
  • The Halloween Document - Microsoft are getting very worried indeed about competition from Open Source Software such as Linux. This leaked internal memo, courtesy of Eric Raymound, reveals all - including the extreme lengths Microsoft is willing to go to squash its competition.
  • Hard Data - Information on the Alpha port of Linux.
  • Hardware Linux - A Linux site dedicated to hardware hacking and misc news items, and software etc.
  • HH Net Home Page - Small page with a few Red Hat resources.
  • LinPeople: Linux Internet Support Cooperative - online support for the linux community! Very good!
  • Linux Centre - Linux distributions, news, newsletter, articles, bazaar, software, development, help, information, guides
  • The Linux Documentation Project
  • Linux France - Linux for French-speaking folks. Techical documentation.
  • Linux Gazette - Linux Gazette is a non-commercial, freely available publication
  • Linux International - Linux International is a non-profit association of groups, corporations and others that work towards the promotion of and helping direct the growth of the Linux operating system and the Linux community.
  • Linux INternational Conference - LINC - International Linux Conference and Exposition
  • Linux Links - Comprehensive links to information and resources about the Linux Operating System.
  • Linux Online - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Linux FAQs and other sources of help and documentation.
  • Linux Online - Linux Logos and Mascots - The official Linux penguin and assorted logos and alternate mascots
  • The Linux Professional Institute - A community project working to provide professional skills certification for Linux.
  • Linux Support Services - Free Linux technical support network for all distributions, all platforms, and all applications
  • Linux World - A site that hosts Linux news, columns, and discussions.
  • Linuxbierwanderung is The Linux Beer Hike - Linux users will hike the hills and caves of northern Bavaria to learn Linux on their laptop computers and visit the local brewpubs.
  • Linuxnewbie.org : Wanna Learn Linux? Home of the NHF's - Wanna Learn Linux? Linuxnewbie.org bridges the gap between windows users and new linux users. Linuxnewbie.org is an established community filled with advanced, intermediate, and beginning users. The main focus of the site is providing a friendly arena where you won't hear the term RTFM.
  • Mining Co. -- Focus on Linux - Linux info from Mining Co. Has links to a lot of Linux sites/software and also features an introduction to linux in 5 parts.
  • O'Reilly Linux Center - O'Reilly resource center for Linux. O'Reilly is a leader in technical and computer book documentation for Linux.
  • Propaganda Themes for the Linux - Very good quality wallpapers and tiles - and a quite funny concept.
  • UHW's Linux Support - Website to help support UNIX/Linux admins, includes a weekly question and answer.
  • UKUUG Linux '99 Conference - This is the second annual UKUUG conference for the UK Linux Community. This years event will be held on the 25th-26th June 1999 in Birmingham, England.
  • Welcome to Sprawl - A page about Linux, music, and my life.
  • What Is...Linux? (Definition) - This page defines Linux and describes its history, relates it to GNU and other UNIX systems, and provides links to other sites.

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