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  • DNS Check - Check sets of DNS records for errors. Request DNS updates by sharing reports that show the pass/fail status of each record. DNS records are automatically re-checked, and reports updated. DNS records can be imported from a zone file, or added individually.
  • Igold   - Domain name news and information, an introduction to domain names, guides to buying and selling names, 500 threaded news articles, a comprehensive FAQ and over 150 links to further information.A list of names for sale.
  • About Domains - News, information, guides on escrow, registering, reserving, auctioning, buying, brokering, and selling domain names and InterNIC horror stories.
  • Checkdomain.com - Connects to the various domain registration databases around the world and displays the current status of a domain name.
  • Domain Game News - Including registrant news, domain-related events, legal precedents and more.
  • Domain Name News - A "true story" of how a domain name was successfully sold; includes detailed procedure and useful documentation for reference.
  • Domain name registries around the world - A complete list of top level country codes, sorted by code and country name.
  • Domain Wars - A book on the domain name crisis and the worldwide administration and registration systems in 246 countries.
  • DomainNameAdvisor.com - Domain name articles on selection and use, FAQ, news, domain name and web site classifieds, domain name consulting, and resources for webmasters. Tools to improve business and e-commerce sites.
  • DomainStats.com - Up to date information on the number of domains registered and more.
  • DomainSurfer - domain name search engine with wild-card and drill-down search mechanisms which add flexibility to this powerful tool
  • DomainWatch - Statisics , URl checker and the latest news.
  • Generic Top Level Domain Memorandum of Understanding - The international framework in which policies for the administration and enhancement of the Internet's generic Domain Name System (DNS) are developed and deployed.
  • ICANN - The non-profit corporation responsible for IP address allocation, protocol parameter assignment, as well as domain name and root server system management functions.
  • Internet International Ad Hoc Committee - Dissolved on May 1, 1997, but site contains useful documentation.
  • NewsNow - 24-hour newsfeed aggregating breaking domain name headlines from more than 20 web sites.
  • Public DNS Service - Offers both primary and secondary DNS free of charge to anyone who asks. [Note: They do NOT provide DNS registration - you still have to register which InterNIC or whoever as usual.]
  • ReignYourDomain - Seeks to provide resources and educate individuals and business organizations about all issues concerning internet domain names.
  • TINC - The Internet Namespace Cooperative. An alternate root service that seperates the tld administration (.com,.net.org) from the root zone.
  • Unclaimed Domains - Every day we provide a list of good, unused .com names that no one has registered yet.
  • What is a Domain name? - Glossary of Internet Terms.
  • Who can stake a claim in Cyberspace - Domain names & trademarks.
  • WhoIsNot domain name finder - Finds reserved, on-hold and available variations of the names. Can be configured to perform an action on each match.

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