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  • Angelfire   - 5 megs, no advertisements (You can choose to turn off the pop up), EZ page editor, FTP, good speed, reliable, free web based email, Only 1 upload at a time through browse facilities, easy registration, no limit to the number of applications, no CGI, free counter.
  • Red Rival   - 20 Meg free space with no ads. Easy-to-use browser upload and maintenance, subdirectories, upgrade packages available, and the staff is very quick to respond to questions. Upload an unlimited number of files at once using a .zip file.
  • Anzac Server - Get 30mb of webspace and email address. Frontpage, FTP. CGI-BIN and ASP Scripts. In Australia.
  • BigAssWeb!
  • Bitchgoddess.com - 10 megabytes of free web space for personal pages, free web based email, chatrooms, bulletin boards, and more.
  • Channel21 - Limits the number of pages to 5 - Bizzare!
  • Codename - You get more space by how many visitors you have (2 to 8). Banner at top of page. All types of accounts support cgi.
  • Conk - 1 Mb, No ads, browser uploads only, offbeat community. The main reason anyone would choose them is the free third level sub-domain. Be http://xxx.conk.com. They are currently reviewing their policy to offer no advert web space.
  • The Cozy Cabin - They offer 20 Mb of free web space in return for placing ads on your pages.
  • Createyoursite.com
  • Crosswinds - Offers large diskspace for your webpage accounts for free, as well as free email, both POP3 and web based and does not place banners on members' pages. Crosswinds also offers commercial hosting for free. Slow most of the time.
  • CyberCities - No ads.
  • CyberSoup - 15 MB
  • CyVox Network - Free Websites for all. Offers 16 MegaByte Web space, POP3 Email Address, Customizable Guestbook, Counter (30 Designs!), Server Side Includes (SSI), and a Multiple T3 Network Connection. Address in the form http://www.cyvox.com/username
  • DenCity - 25 Meg free space. First 10,000 members are guaranteed no ads on their sites, ever. Create a message board for your site, a form mail script is available, and have a site that loads extremely fast. Very supportive staff answers all your questions on a forum.
  • Earth Webhosting - Free webspace and virtual hosting
  • Ebony Atlanta Virtual City - Ebony Atlanta offers FREE homepages, FREE email, personnals, horoscopes, virtual cards, and much more. Stop by and get your FREE membership today!
  • Eccentrica - No ads, no ftp access, speedy and reliable. Half a meg of space, more according to the hits you get.
  • Escalix - 6 megs of space. No ftp access. No zip files!
  • The Express Page - Somewhat limited. Can't add complete HTML files and upload your own images.
  • Fiberia - Free Web Pages with 11 Mb, CGI Bin, SSL, an email address and more. Instant Account Activation and no questions asked for signing up.
  • Fortune City - 20 mbs, advert, communities, 'watches' for illegal activity
  • Free Prohosting - 10 megs of space. Email. Ftp.
  • Free Town USA - Freetown USA offers free web site hosting, instant messaging, and a chat network!
  • Free Website Hosting, Free Website Promotion - Free 10 megs of website hosting, free website promotion, games to play, and free reports.
  • FreeMerchant.com - Easily create secure on-line stores on our service for free using our site builder. Unlimited size, great feautres, 100 percent free. Import affiliate items automatically.
  • FreeServers - 12 megs of space. Unlimited email aliases. Ad at top of page. Free subdoamins. A little slow.
  • FreeWebHosting.com - Put your company on the web. Free 25MB webspace, unlimited hits, no pop-up banners, your own domain name or sub-domain & service worldwide.
  • FreeYellow - 12 megs of space. Stats. "File uploading"
  • Godfrey Enterprises - We offer with the help of global web a point and click program. With unique program you can design your web page, maintain it and make as many changes and as often as you would like for no additional cost beyond your monthly fee.
  • GurlPages - 5 megs of space.
  • HomeStead
  • HotBot Mail and Homepages - 5 megs and free email. You also get listed in the HotBot search engine.
  • Hypermart - 10 megs, cgi, custom error messages. You have a choice of adds at the top or pop up adds. Uploading is a little slow.
  • IceStorm - Why 3072 kb? 3 megs basicly.
  • iGuild.com - Free homepages, email, interactive help forums, webmaster resources.
  • IndyDesign - 1 Mb free webhosting, ColdFusion scripting, no ads, FTP uploading, unlimited subdirectories, free e-mail, pre-programed ColdFusion scripts like a guestbook, password protection, form-to-mail and many others.
  • Infocache - 5 Megs of webspace for free. It includes many features.
  • IntelCities - IntelCities offers more than just 3 Mb of free space. NO ads, banners or pop-up advertisements on your pages. Features including CGI area, Virtual Chatroom, Special area for Kids and a lot more. Get more details at www.intelcities.com/offers.html
  • Internet Trash - Free Homepages for trashy, tasteless, stupid, bizzare, obnoxious, politically incorrect, meaningless, waste of bandwidth, offensive or even normal and ordinary sites welcome! No Adverts, 10 Mb space, Browser and a unique email upload system, Free email, Communities.
  • Internet-City - 3 megs a of space. The url is a little long: www.nettaxi.com/citizens/youruserid. Free email also.
  • iVillage.com's Personal Home Pages - iVillage.com's home page builder is full-featured and easy to use. You'll also get a free email account, access to message boards and chat, and answers to your most pressing concerns from experts. Make your mark on the Web today.
  • Jerbrand - 12 mgs, Website promotion, easy convertion into a domain name
  • LaVonne.com - Free items, get a free email address at lavonne.com, earn money, horoscope, web pages, catalogs, chat, midis, games, trivia, web directory, add your links, apply to become an honored site and more.
  • MyPlace.to.be - European Free Webspace service. You get instant access to 15 Mb on a fast server with a fast connection to Internet. Only for European users.
  • NanoHome Free 3D Home Pages - NanoHome lets you build and decorate your own free 3D personal home page in a rich interactive 3D environment. Create themed rooms to display your writings, favorite web sites, and graphics. Free viewer for visitors.
  • NealWeb Web Designers - Free homepages (max 500 words), free banners, free scanning.
  • NetColony - No annoying pop up banners, Free 35 megs of webspace for your website or homepage!
  • Netfirms - Free web hosting with your own .com domain name. 25MB of webspace, cgi-bin support, fast OC-3 backbone and immediate activation.
  • Netscape Site Central - 11MB of free webspace with free images and dynamic content. Very small ad.
  • Office Suites - Offers the ability to give away web space to members.
  • PharoWeb - free email, web space, chat, newsgroup and more.
  • PhiberOptix - 30 Megs, cgi-bin , Real Audio/Video servers , One Unix Shell account, One FTP address , E-mail, Web Account Manager , mySQL Support, PHP Support, Your own sub-domain(yourname.phiberoptix.com) and FrontPage Extensions Support
  • Qwik Pages - 10MB storage space (more if needed), free email account, Qwik Builder System, Raw HTML uploading, Communities, Chat rooms, Message Boards, A complete resources area to help jump start your new web site.
  • Radical Web Christian Community - A Christian community with free membership that includes a free homepage, auto-responder, and more.
  • The Religious Registry - The Religious Registry offers free web sites to qualifying religious organizations and is AEIP Certified.
  • SpacePorts
  • Spree - Unlimited WEeb space, easy sign up, browser up loads, no easy editor, beginner guide, You become part of a shopping loyalty scheme. Places an advert or a pop up banner on your page. The address appears in the form http://members.spree.com/[community]/username
  • TalkCity
  • TheGlobe
  • Third age - 9 mb
  • Tilted Media - 2 Mb disk space, FTP access, e-mail forwarding, 500 Mb/month limit, 100% Uptime Guarantee. URL in the form http://freehost.tilted.com/~yourname
  • Timecities Free Webhosting - 15 Megs Free , Supports a wide varity of files, No pop ups, no banners
  • TopCities - No ads, 10 Megs of space, unlimited transfers, free message board, free guestbook, free support, members get access to html tutorials.
  • TreeWay - No software or HTML knowledge required. Unlimited space and free E-mail
  • Tripod.com - Another well-established service. Very speedy server, 11 megs, ftp access, subdirectories, EZ page builder, tilde in member URL. The only drawback would be the pop-up ads.
  • Tripod-UK - It offers 12 Mb now with annoying pop up adverts and you can upload your files through FTP.
  • Unique Pages - Unique Pages offers 10 Mb free space for profit and non-profit businesses and organizations only. Why Is this service free? By running banner ads on all member sites. The banners are displayed either in a separate pop-up window or at the top of each page, you make the decision.
  • Virtual Avenue - 20MB. Virtual domain hosting. Perl CGI. All free, through banner ads (either inline, framed, or popup).
  • Warezcities Free Web Hosting - Free hosting for all warez sites. Sub catagories, free hits, sponsership oppurtunities, search engine. Open to warez sites and designed for warez. No warez is allowed on servers however. 15 Megs/Fast/Free
  • WBS - 7 megs, reliable server, EZ page builder, EZ upload & file manager, no ftp, long member URL, WBS icon on the bottom of the page.
  • WebJump - 25 megs on your own host name, unlimited bandwidth. Perl CGI's allowed. A banner will be placed on your pages. E-mail support is currenly being implemented.
  • WowSites - 12 megs of space. You can only upload 9 pages though. Browser uploading only.
  • Wreckedhim.com - Web Site - Cold Fusion hosting and development - Wreckedhim.com offers free web space to host your web site and email services. You can either host a virtual web site with us as a member or host your web domain with us. Cold fusion sites can be hosted at Wreckedhim.com when you apply for the Cold Fusion hosting plan. Wreckedhim.com is an entertainment portal community for creative people.
  • XOOM - Unlimited megs, ftp access, allows subdirectories, slow, they have replaced their non advert space with placing a banner at the top of every page which is an annoying advert for all the sections of XOOM.
  • Your internet floppy disk
  • ZY - You can create amazing graphics here for your site. But you can also create them and use them on a different site. Offers 5 Mb. Usefull editor for beginners but places an annoying advert on your site.

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