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  • RPGnet - the Inside Scoop on Gaming   - The only industry-focused independent Role Playing Game site on the web, RPGnet includes news, reviews, links, and the best and most up to date RPG lists.
  • Archives of Aldarean - "Gaming utilities for the role-playing masses", with links to a HUGE quantity of downloadable information: netbooks, documents, systems, programs, and fonts. For all systems.
  • Ariel Archives Online - Dedicated to the preservation of all aspects of the Australian Roleplaying community. A collection of Convention Modules, Freeforms and other roleplaying related items, some downloadable in PDF zipped form, many only available through emailed request.
  • BaDGe Publications - Game aids include lists of medieval jobs, JPEGs of blank hex and square grids.
  • The Complete List of RPG Plots - Every RPG plot ever in the history of the whole world (or at least 34 of them): an arbitrary exercise (and GM's aid) by S. John Ross.
  • Cursed Maze - Stop Nonsense! - A site dedicated to help muster support against anti-rpg forces.
  • Dreamlake - Systemless RPG material, translated from French, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Much abandoned under construction in 1997 but what's there is good. What is RPG, Star Wars guns, Grisance Island City, 4 scenarios (fantasy and near future), 5 artists' galleries, 5 magic items, 2 locations.
  • EFF - Steve Jackson Games v. Secret Service - The Electronic Frontier Foundation records of the famous raid on the roleplaying company.
  • Free Online Game Resource - Online auction, classified ads, dedicated wholly to games and related materials. "I focus primarily on RPGs."
  • The Gamesmaster's Bookshelf - An Amazon.Com associate online bookstore listing RPG related reference books, useful to Gamesmasters, Referees, Dungeonmasters, and anyone who designs campaigns and scenarios for roleplaying games.
  • Issues of Roleplaying Styles - John H. Kim's rec.games.frp.advocacy FAQ, dealing with abstract (no one system) and RPG classification issues.
  • The Keep - A large collection of files, mostly related to RPGs: systems, rule supplements, information about or for campaign settings, adventures and ideas for adventures, other GM aids, fiction, humour, and miscellaneous RPG material.
  • Mountain Orb - Michael Sahl's multi-system resource site. Comparitive reviews of games, generic system monster and magic item database, 11 character sheets, 10 scenarios, GM advice, Java chat, more. Part in Danish (Dansk).
  • An Onomastikon (Dictionary of Names) - A collection of names from around the world which was initially intended to help provide character names for live role-players. It includes short historical backgrounds, male and female first names or personal names, and surnames or family names, from many countries and periods.
  • A Proposal for Campaign Classification - More system-free campaign design theory from the Rec.Games.Frp.Advocacy newsgroup.
  • Sojourn - The first CD in a series of music composed especially for role playing games. Enhance the magic and adventure of your games. Listen to free samples and order online. Also large section of gming downloads, Zip format, mostly AD&D files.
  • Uncle Bear Online - Articles, reviews and rants on science fiction, games, movies. The Toybox: arguably the largest collection of FREE roleplaying games on the web. Genre Fonts: A collection of TrueType fonts inspired by TV shows, movies, novels and roleplaying games. Links, gift shop.
  • Uncle Figgy's Realm - A writer's advice on roleplaying. Home of the popular "Uncle Figgy's Guides": "Guide to Good GameMastering" - How to manipulate friends and influence people; "Guide to Good RolePlaying" - How to make your minor deity earn his pay.

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