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  • MADHOUSE   - Madhouse is a worldwide organization dedicated to offering you the best in play-by-mail gaming entertainment via our unique and original games such as DungeonWorld, Mortis Maximus, Necromancer, Starjammer and Steel Fury.
  • Aaron Fuegi's WWW page for Monster Island
  • All Mother - A free science fiction PBeM RPG game. All information is on this site.
  • Atlantis PBEM Game - Atlantis is an open-ended, weekly, turn-based PBEM game based in a fantasy environment where you control your factions destiny. You can attempt to conquer the entire world, become the best magician in the lands, or maybe recruit and train a team of adventurers to seek riches and fame by conquering monsters.
  • 2 Bit Productions Strategy Wargames for Everyone - Multiplayer turn-based strategy wargames for almost all computer platforms.
  • Divisio Tactica PBM - Divisio Tactica - a finnish play-by-mail company currently running Austerlitz and Olympos. Finnish language only.
  • Dragonquest PBEM Game - There are 4 - 5 players currently in the campaign. The minimum turn-around time for play will be twice a week. If you would like to be included in the mailing list as a lurker, email me and we can set it up. I'll be needing folks to play an NPC now and then.
  • EarthFall - An online game world with a cyberpunk flavor, the story is that the earth is invaded by a group of alien worlds called the Consortium. Players must exist in this world as they try to live within the Consortium's rules.
  • Elyria - Elyria PBEM is a game in which the players take the roles of societies, rather than playing individual characters. The players will invent a society with its culture, and will guide its development and interaction with the world. Emphasis is placed on developing a detailed history and cultures for Elyria, along with myths and legends.
  • E-Mail Games - EMG is run free as a hobby
  • Empire Records RPG - A brand new Empire Records RPG. Join now!
  • Eressea PBeM - Eressea is a german PBeM based on Atlantis 1.0. You need to be able to read & write german in order to play.
  • Eric Pass' Home Page - Plays board-games by email
  • Final Fantasy RPG PBEM - This is where all you rpg and Final Fantasy fanatics can come and join everyone else in the ever growing Final Fantasy RPG PBEM community where no one is turned down and we all roleplay! Please visit and bookmark for daily updates and contact me if you are interested.
  • Galactic Control Homepage - A space-combat, play-by-email, role-playing game. Set in space in a suitably far galaxy in the suitably far future, you, as your race's leader, must ensure the survival of your race. Will you do it through diplomacy? Acts of war? Researching and exploiting new technologies? The possibilities are literally endless...
  • Galactic Empires Central - The WebSite for PBM/PBeM game Galactic Empires. An endless empire building sci-fi game of space exploration, diplomacy, conquest and trade set in an ever-expanding galaxy.
  • Galactic Traveller
  • GALAXY Explorer
  • Galaxy PBW -- Welcome - Galaxy PBW development pages
  • Glorious Organization of Divineship
  • Gunboat Empires - Play-by-Mail strategy game
  • Imperial Secrets - Etherea, the world of Imperial Secrets. This Play-by-e-Mail (PBeM) has been running for over a year. It offers three different realms with at least three different kingdoms in each.
  • JC TRiViA - Daily FREE trivia game played by email.
  • The Legends PBeM - The 'Legends' world is one of empire building, monster hunting, and questing in an ever changing land on the brink of war.
  • Mageborn - Mageborn is an open-ended game of dominance in a world of fantasy and magic.
  • Magnetic PBM Games - Australian PBM company with global connections. We run two games, Mortis Maximus and Necromancer, and we're about to launch two more. All our games were produced by award-winning Madhouse UK.
  • Majai - Essenor maintains a precarious freedom, perched on the edge of the Void and protected by the mysterious Dreaming Magelords. Meanwhile, the young world boils with the turmoil of elementals and the strife of the Living Gods. An uncommon fantasy world and ongoing FUDGEd rpg with interaction through email and AIM.
  • Middle-earth Play-By-Mail
  • MindShift Design LLC - Developers of PBM/PBeM games, and home to the PBM/PBeM Developers Webring ... due soon for release is "SUERGAN: The Shattered Isles", our premier roleplaying PBM/PBeM that is to be licensed worldwide. Also in development another 14 games.
  • Monkey Play Games - Monkey Play Games offers several free multiplayer play-by-web games.
  • Mornington Nomic - Ruleset and playing forums for a variant of Mornington Crescent, continually refined through Nomic means.
  • Mystify Soccer - Free soccer managemant game where players manage clubs in league and cup competitions. Results are decided by the decisions that the players make not whta happens in real life.
  • Nova Games - Novagames Games - Games for the New Millennium. Home of 2 Halves, Glory to the Lance, and The Milenya Chronicles
  • Pagoda Games - Quality Play By Mail games, including Star Fleet Warlord, World War IV, Godfather, Realms of Fantasy, Alamaze, Centurion and more.
  • Panzer Studios - The makers of the free PBEM strategy game Order of Battle. War returns to Europe, are you ready?
  • PBeM Base International: PBeM/PBM und Online Games Index - Links to PBEMs, PBMs and Online Games. Vote for top Internet game of 1998
  • A PBeM for Vampire: The Dark Ages - This is a PBeM site which players will post what they will do instead of email. I find this a lot easier than by the email. Hurry up and email me to join before someone takes your spot. I only want 2 to 4 players. If you are approved your character will show up on the homepage!! =)
  • PBEM Gamers Directory Games Listing
  • The PBeM News - Recruit desk for fantasy role playing games, war games, strategy games and all other kinds of games played by PBeM, PBM and other ways on the internet.
  • PBM Developers Site - A site for computer moderated Play By Mail game developers. If you want information on designing and writing computer PBM games, this is the place to visit.
  • Phoenyx PBeM Roleplaying: Play By eMail Roleplaying - Play-by-Email Games
  • Play by Email Emporium - This site is dedicated to supporting the play of board wargames and especially small wargames via electronic means. Utilities such as Cyberboard, Aide De Camp II, and VMAP are supported. Free gamebox/gameset files are available for download plus links to many more. A challenge board for posting new challenges is available. A replay page for viewing past games. The Emporium most of all is here to help grow a "critical mass" of board gamers that want to interact with other people who are involved in this hobby.
  • RPG Host - Role-playing and PBM games of all types plus archives and links. Also FREE Fellowship site hosting.
  • Sage En Garde - Semi-historical RPG set in the era of the Four Musketeers. Players find themselves born into a culture where social climbing is the be all of life.
  • Sanctuary, Maine - SANCTUARY is an original PBeM writer's group (aka interactive fiction), in a modern fantasy/horror setting. If you enjoy Laurell K. Hamilton's 'Anita Blake' books, you'll be at home here. We interact through writing rather than dice or statistics. Age 18 and over only, please.
  • Shadow Island Games - Offers play-by-email Arena (gladiatorial combat) and Olympia (fantasy wargame). Also home of the master PBM FTP site and web-based gaming archives.
  • Spoils of Empire - A free fantasy strategy pbem wargame.
  • TightBEAM - PBM Gaming Headquarters, currently under reconstruction. Former home of the PBM Report.
  • The Totally Unofficail Pokemon Trainers League - A brand new role-playing system in developement based on the awesome cartoon/game Pokemon. All trainers are welcome.
  • True North Gaming - Welcome to the Xarian Adventures Homepage
  • V_MAP, free graphical PBEM gaming aid - V_MAP is a free Windows 95/NT program that allows players to work with maps and counters as images, but pass the results as small text files. The V_MAP home page has binaries, screen shots, documentation, and many gamesets already made.
  • VVV - A rather unusual play-by-mail game...
  • Warhammer 40K Dark Angels pbem game - Warhammer 40k play by email sim game. Take the role of a member of the Dark Angel space marine chapter, and join the crusade to battle the enemies of humankind.
  • Web Dice
  • Writing a PBM List Entry - Writing a PBM List Entry
  • Xoftware Innovations Home Page - Feature Summary

  • Usenet rec.games.pbm - news:
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