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  • Embedded.com   - The on-line union of three premier embedded systems development information sources! Embedded Systems Programming , Miller Freeman Directories, and the The Embedded Systems Conferences.
  • AMD - Embedded Processors - AMD Embedded Processors Benchmarking, Chip Selection, and interactive network-based evaluation boards
  • Amir Technology Labs - Develops embedded network devices, Application Access Clients, thin client Network Computers and specialized graphics products for the Windows NT and UNIX system integration markets.
  • Annabooks Home Page - This combined company is now the world's leading supplier of Microsoft operating systems, software tools, and value-added products in the embedded market!
  • Applied Microsystems Corporation - Experts in Embedded System Design, Debug, and Test Tools.
  • Arcom Control Systems - Designing and manufacturing PC/104 Embedded PCs, plus PC/104 expansion modules. Specialising in Industrial Embedded PC's and single board computers.
  • ARM Homepage - Home page - ARM is a leader in microprocessor Intellectual Property. ARM designs and licenses fast, low-cost,power-efficient RISC processors, peripherals and 'system-chip' solutions for embedded control,consumer/educational multimedia, DSP and portable applications.
  • ATMEL Home Page - A leading supplier of high performance, non-volatile memory and logic circuits.
  • 8052-Basic Microcontrollers - The 8052-Basic Resource Page
  • Beacon Development Tools - Leader in x86 Software & Hardware Development Tools, CheckMate & Q.E.D Emulators for Intel 186 Family, AMD Am186EM\ES\ER\ED, 196Kx, NEC V25, Q.E.D 386Ex
  • B.G. Micro - Electronics, Kits, Surplus, Online Catalog
  • CAD-UL - C/C++ compilers, linkers, and debuggers for embedded system development on x86 and 68k microprocessors.
  • Carmel DSP Core - DSP cores from Siemens AG.
  • Chip Directory - Numerically and functionally ordered chip lists, chip pinouts and lists of chip manufacturers, controller embedding tools manufacturers, electronics books, CDROM's, magazines, WWW sites etc.
  • Circuit Cellar Home - Embedded systems magazine
  • ComputerBoards, Inc. - Data Acquisition - Manufacturers of data acquisition hardware and software and virtual instrumentation for PCs. Our products include PCMCIA, PC104, PCI, ISA, and GIPB/IEEE-488.2 data acquisition cards.
  • Douglas Electronics, Inc. - Douglas Electronics, Inc. offers everything for the electronic designer, from free and commercial design software through prototyping boards, PC/104 breadboards, and custom production services.
  • Dr. Dobb's Web Site
  • EBS Home Page - Providers of TCP-IP Networking, DOS File IO, CDROM File IO and Consulting For
  • Echelon Home Page - THE Web site for information, support, and news about LonWorks networks for control applications. LonWorks networks are peer-to-peer control networks that are open, interoperable, scalable control networks for use in building automation, home automation, industrial control including discreet, process, and field bus applications, and transportation systems.
  • eg3.com: free electronic design internet resources - EG3 provides information on embedded, realtime, DSP (digital signal processing), board-level (PC/104, VME, STD, CompactPCI) on this meta-resource of engineering links.
  • Embedded Spaces Corporation Home Page - Real-time, embedded systems, programming. Operating systems consulting.
  • Embedded Systems Engineering Services - WireSpeed writes device drivers for communications and control and does embedded systems engineering and prototyping. We are experts in UNIX and Windows CE/9X/NT environments and have developed drivers for Token-Ring, ATM, FDDI, and Ethernet products. In addition, we have experience with X.25, Fibre Channel, and HIPPI devices.
  • Embedded Technology .com - Daily news and product updates for professionals in the embedded computer design industry. Information on manufacturing, technology, equipment, supplies, discussion forums, newsletter.
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions by BLS Inc. - BLS provides software designing and developing, electronics hardware engineering, design of control systems, prototypes, electronics assembly, plus PCB designs and layouts.
  • The Freedom CPU Project - The F-CPU Project: An OpenSource GNU/GPL project to design an advanced, high-performance 64-bit architecture that will easily take us well into the next century, and to work towards the first implementation of this new architecture: the F1 processor, compatible with x86 commodity hardware.
  • Global American, Inc - Embedded Controllers 386, 486, Pentium´┐Ż and PC/104 supporting SSD, SVGA, CRT, ethernet, and flat panel displays.
  • Hewlett-Packard Industrial Ethernet - Provides embedded ethernet controllers, embedded internet, IEEE 1451.2, thin web servers, and time synchronization for smart sensors in distributed measurement and control system architectures.
  • Hitachi Semiconductor Inc.
  • HiTech Equipment Corp. - Low cost 8051 based single board computers and in circuit emulators. Engineering services, including custom designs and design reviews.
  • HI-TECH Software -- C Cross Compilers for Embedded Systems - HI-TECH Software produces ANSI C cross compilers and assemblers for a range of embbedded systems. Supported chips include the 8051, 8051XA and PIC.
  • Hitex Development Tools Home Page
  • Imsys - Microcontrollers for Imaging and Communications - Specializes in the development of processors for embedded controller solutions in mass-produced products.
  • Intec Automation - C-programmable MC68HC16 Based Microcontrollers. Wide range of data acquisition & embedded computer applications, machine control, & OEM development are supported.
  • Interface Design Associates - Specialists in motion control & embedded systems. We manufacture drives, xy tables and controls for precision motion control. We also develop PC cards and embedded systems for digital control.
  • Keil Software Home Page - Keil Software develops, manufactures, and distributes embedded software development tools for 8051, 151, 251, USB, and 166 microcontroller families
  • Lauterbach GmbH - TRACE32 Microprocessor Development Tools Home Page - Microprocessor Development Tools
  • Microchip Technology Inc - Integrated 8-bit microcontrollers.
  • Micro/sys Embedded Systems - Manufactures a broad line of embeddable computers in PC/104, STD Bus, and custom formats. Extremely easy to use controllers and computers range from 8051 to Pentium.
  • Microtek International - Development tools for Intel Architecture, including ICE's
  • MicroUnity Systems Engineering, Inc. - Markets mediaprocessor microarchitecture and patent licenses in addition to software development tools.  
  • MIPS Technologies Inc. - Initiated the MIPS instruction set, and currently as an independant company develops microprocessor cores and intellectual property that it licenses to other vendors.
  • National Semiconductor
  • Orion Instruments, Inc. - Provider of in-circuit emulators, source level debuggers, and development software for 8, 16, and 32-bit microprocessors and microcontrollers.
  • Paradigm - embedded development tools including Paradigm LOCATE
  • Parallax, Inc. - Home of the BASIC Stamp and the BASIC Stamp II
  • Peter Anderson - Embedded Processor Control - Embedded processor control using a PC parallal port, Parallax Basic Stamp BS2 and BS2SX and Microchip PICs. Inexpensive books, starter packages, data loggers, temperature measurement, weather measurment, A/D kits.
  • Philips Semiconductors; - Select & Go:
  • QNX Software Systems Ltd. Home Page
  • Quantum Effect Design - Designs and manufactures MIPS instruction set based embedded microprocessors for a variety of application in the consumer, networking and industrial space.
  • RadiSys - Design and manufacture computers that equipment manufacturers embed into their products. RadiSys delivers long-life solutions that use the latest Intel Pentium processors in a variety of bus.
  • R&D Books
  • R&D Books: µC/OS, The Real-Time Kernel - µC/OS The Real-Time Kernel
  • RTD Scandinavia Oy - Designs and manufactures PC/104 and PC/104+ compliant products for embedded OEM users, and system integrators. Our product line includes CPU boards, peripheral I/O boards, network and communication boards; A/D, D/A and digital I/O boards, power supplies and complete enclosed computer systems.
  • rugged computers for small spaces - small pc specializes in providing pc compatible systems that require big computing power in small spaces.
  • Sandcraft Inc. - Develops advanced microprocessors, microprocessor cores and application specific processors based on the MIPS instruction set architecture.
  • Scenix Semiconductor, Inc. - Designs and markets high-performance microcontrollers for embedded system applications.
  • Siemens Microelectronics - Microcontrollers including Tricore - embedded microprocessors from Siemens.
  • STMicroelectronics - Global semiconductor company whose products include microprocessors and microcontrollers.
  • Surf Networks Inc. - LonWorks Network Control Products; Building, Home and Vehicle Automation Hardware and Software. Off-the-shelf LonWorks hardware and software. Design, manufacturing and system integration services.
  • TASKING - Embedded Software Development Solutions for various microcontroller families: 8051, 251, XA, 196, 68K, DSP56K, PowerPC, TriCore, C166, ST10, M16C, MIPS R3000/R4000, EOC88, TLCS-900.
  • Techlon Instruments Inc. - Using LonWorks networks control technologies, applies engineering expertise to develop embedded applications.
  • Technologic Systems - Manufacturer of inexpensive, full-featured Embedded PCs based on the Intel 386EX processor. Custom design and production services are also available.
  • 1394 Technology Provider - Provider of 1394 (Firewire, iLink) technology for embedded applications, including silicon IP, software, and testing.
  • techsan/set-top box/vedio boards - Products for PC OEMs: Satellite Receiver Board for data broadcasting and high speed internet service. Satellite-based Karaoke Systems For the PC OEMs
  • Triscend: The Configurable Processor Company - Configurable processors consists of an embedded, industry-standard processor, on-chip programmable logic for building custom peripherals, a dedicated high-performance bus, and on-chip RAM. The Triscend FastChip development system provides drag-and-drop customization for configurable processors.
  • Universal Serial Bus - all sorts of information related to USB and the USB standard
  • Velocity - Provides full service hardware and firmware design and prototyping for micro controller and embedded systems. Focusing on X86 type architectures for its embedded design requirements in a broad range of data acquisition and device control and monitoring applications.
  • Xicor - Makers of EEPROMs, NOVRAMs, and other electronic chips
  • Zilog, Inc. - makers of the Z80 series of microprocessors and DSPs
  • Z-World, Inc Home Page - Z-World, Inc: Provides C-programmable control products for a wide range of embedded computer apps, machine control, and OEM products. Control software includes compiler, editor, and debugger.

  • Usenet comp.arch.embedded - news:
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