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  • Canopus Corporation - Creators of the fastest 3DFX Voodoo and Voodoo2-based graphics cards as well as nVidia-based Riva and TNT cards. Canopus is known for pushing the envelope with their hardware, features, and drivers.
  • Colorgraphic Communications Ltd - European distribution and support centre for Colorgraphic multi-screen video cards.
  • Creative Labs - Maker of the "Blaster" series of graphics cards, sound cards, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives, and other devices for computer-based entertainment.
  • Diamond Multimedia: Homepage - "Monster" products and other computer-based entertainment devices.
  • Dimension 3D - Good 3D information site with pages dedicated to most major 3D accelerators.
  • Dot Pitch Defined - A definition of dot pitch or "why 1600X1200 isn't very useful." A definition of stripe pitch is included.
  • 3dpt - mailing list - A mailing list dedicated to discussions of 3D programing and hardware. In Portugese
  • Fast Graphics - Site dedicated to 3D Accelerators. Lots of reviews.
  • GamingHaven.com Riva TNT2 Buyer's Guide - List of cards available that use the NVIDIA Riva TNT2 chipset.
  • Hercules Computer Technology Inc. - Having the coolest product names in the biz, Hercules produces Intel i740, nVidia, 3DFX, and S3-Savage3D-based graphics cards.
  • Jon Peddie Associates - Jon Peddie Associates (JPA), has been monitoring and reporting on the digital media technology market since 1984. Lots of benchmarks!
  • Leadtek - 3D graphics accelerators, video conferencing, communication hardware.
  • LostCircuits - Video card reviews.
  • Orchid Technologies - Righteous 3D and Righteous 3D II graphics cards, along with cool sound cards are found here.
  • The PC Technology Guide - Video Adapters - Outlines the features and components of a modern PC video or graphics adapter. Covers topics from video output modes, hardware function, and 3D graphics. It includes a brief history of computer graphics adapters, diagrams, glossary of related terms. Very good for the novice interested in forming a solid foundation in video hardware. This page is from The PC Technology Guide.
  • Pulp's Riva Cards Page - site devoted to information about riva 128, TNT, TNT2, etc. video cards. Many links, reviews of cards, discussion board, and other stuff.
  • Quantum3D... The Affordable Reality Company - The high-end supplier Voodoo and Voodoo2 cards
  • STB Systems, Inc. - Makers of the "Velocity" series of nVidia/Riva based graphics cards and the BlackMagic Voodoo2 cards.
  • Voodoo2 - Site dedicated to the Voodoo 2 chipset, what else would you think?
  • Welcome to ELSA! - Known mostly for the high-end professional GLoria OGL-based cards, ELSA is getting known in the consumer gaming side of the biz with their nVidia-based Riva128 and TNT-based cards.
  • Willow Peripherals - Manufactures low cost Video Capture/Frame Grabber and Video Output products for the PC. Specializes in supporting OEMs, Systems Integrators and developers. Engineers are always available to discuss your application.

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