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  • ABIT Computer Corp. - Provides a full range of mainboards from standard specifications to all-in-one varieties, including AT, ATX, and LPX form factors.
  • Action Pro International - Specialize in manufacturing motherboards, action replay for Playstation & computer peripherals.
  • American Megatrends - Motherboards, RAID, AMIBIOS products and support.
  • ASUS - Mainboards, video & add-on cards, CD-ROMs & accessories.
  • Densitron Computers - Industrial computers, LCD touch screens, peripherals.
  • Electronic Sales Associates Inc. - Newly designed low cost, high quality 486 motherboard solutions for commercial and industrial embedded applications.
  • First International Computer of America - FIC motherboards.
  • GigaByte Technology - Motherboards, daughter cards, AGP cards, bare-bones systems.
  • Home of LostCircuits - Motherboard reviews: ABit, Asus, Fic, Iwill, MSI, Spacewalker/Shuttle, and Soltek.
  • Industrial Computer Source - Supplier of industrial personal computer-based automation systems and accessories.
  • Kingli Technology - Online computer hardware upgrade depot.
  • Lark Enterprises - AOpen motherboards based on Intel, SiS and VIA chipsets.
  • Lem Computers - Intel motherboards, designed to meet the needs of OEM's, and value added system integrators.
  • 4Motherboards - Thinking of building your own PC? Find motherboard parts and valuable information.
  • Motherboards and BIOS - Troubleshooting guide.
  • The PC Technology Guide - Outlines the PC's main circuit board, including bus standards, chipsets and connectivity. Includes graphics, diagrams and an integrated glossary.
  • ReviewNews.com - The Lastest Review on Computer Hardware, CPU, Mother Board, Sound Card, Video Card and BenckMark also with lastest News and Drivers Download.
  • Super 7 Hardware Guide - Super socket 7 motherboard reviews and user survey ratings.
  • Supermicro - Motherboards, chassis, power supplies and other key components.
  • Tyan Computer Corp. - Complete line of PC system boards based on the Intel Pentium II and Xeon microprocessors.

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