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  • AMD Embedded Processors - x86: the superior platform for embedded communications.
  • Cyrix - 6x86™ Processor, frequently asked questions.
  • IBM Microelectronics - IBM Microelectronics produces PowerPC microprocessors, x86 microprocessors, and embedded PowerPC microprocessors.
  • IDT WinChip - Providing semiconductor solutions to designers in communications memories, networking devices, both RISC and x86 microprocessors, high speed SRAMs and high performance logic.
  • JC's PC News'n'Links - PC hardware sites and tech news, info on x86 processors and other computing technologies. Updated frequently.
  • MicroDesign Resources - An information services company focused on enabling technology for personal computers and the high-performance microprocessor industry. Our work is aimed at engineers and others who need to understand and select new technologies.
  • Motorola Semiconductor Products - Producer of embedded processors. SPS processor products are based on PowerPC, M-CORE, ColdFire, M68k, or M68HC cores.
  • NewsNow - 24-hour processor-specific newsfeed, aggregating breaking processor headlines from more than 20 of the Web's most prestigious web sites. InfoWorld, PC Week and many more. NewsNow updates every five minutes, every day.
  • The PC Technology Guide - Outlines the basic structure of a processor and the architectures of recent designs from Intel, AMD and Cyrix.
  • Processor Type - Most motherboards come with a specific chip already built in, but you can also get a motherboard without one and then buy your chip of choice separately. However, not all processor chips fit on all motherboards.
  • Rise Technology - x86 CPU solutions that are optimized for low-power multimedia notebook and desktop Basic PC systems and for other x86-based systems such as Windows-based terminals, Windows-CE platforms and set-top boxes.
  • Sun's Microprocessor Solutions - Develop, design and distribute SPARC and Java processor technologies and products. Microprocessors, chipsets, modules, boards, technology licenses, silicon and system design kits and consulting services.
  • WWW Computer Architecture Home Page - The page for all the research in computer architecture and microprocessors.

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