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  • Ace Memory - Provides the full line of laptop, notebook, server, desktop memory module upgrades from Viking and Transcend with lifetime warranty.
  • Advantage Memory - Manufacturer of quality memory products for all types of computers.
  • Agent Ecom's - Memory modules and CPUs.
  • Atman-USA - Memory Configurator for computers and peripherals memory upgrade. Easy to use configurator for searching quality memory upgrades. Support for every make and model of computers and peripheral devices.
  • Bryan's Computers - CPUs and memory, quality meets and/or exceeds manufacture's specs on all upgrades, desktop PCs and notebook memory.
  • Computer House - Memory and CPU experts. Free technical advice, discount prices and lifetime guarantee.
  • Computer Parts USA - Fully automated ordering site, wholesale memory direct to you. Cdrom, modem, sound card, motherboards, hard drive, cpus, video card, memory, monitors and misc.
  • Enhance 3000, Inc. - Manufacturer of computer memory upgrades for high-end servers and workstations. Memory for the next millennium.
  • Home of LostCircuits - Technical reviews of the newest memory available on the market.
  • Kingston Technology Company - Manufacturer of memory products for desktops, notebooks, servers, workstations, printers, digital cameras, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), routers and more. Also manufactures networking adapters, hubs, switches, processor upgrades and storage products.
  • Memory Central - Printers, laptop and notebook computers, digital cameras, fax machines and photocopy machines. Also designing and manufacturing the memory product you need, and can package that product with your own identity.
  • Memory-Outlet.Com - Offers all your computer laptop memory needs. Real time pricing, availability, product information, fast delivery and friendly service.
  • MoreMemory.com - The easiest way to get the right memory for your name brand computer, digital camera, and other components.
  • Peripheral Enhancement Corporation - Specializes in memory devices for Macintosh personal computers, IBM-compatibles, workstations, music equipment, digital cameras, personal digital assistants of all types.
  • RAMarama, Inc. - Company sells computer memory, components and systems.
  • RAMseeker - RAM guide - Tracks memory prices from over 50 memory vendors on 20 different memory types for the Apple Macintosh Computer. Updated Daily.
  • Simple Technology Ltd. - Memory reseller in UK.
  • TechWorks - Manufacturer of PC components and peripherals. They market a full range of memory products and graphics accelerators.
  • The PC Technology Guide - Outlines the components of the PC’s memory architecture and the various memory types and packaging. (April 20, 1999)

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