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  • The PC Technology Guide   - Good site to learn about computer hardware. It has information topics including Components, Storage, Multimedia, and Input/Output. Additional information is contained in Glossary, Site Info, and Links.
  • Allstar Multimedia - Computer hardware kits and step by step videos showing how to build, upgrade and network your own computers. Electronic parts, software, games, books, freeware, and shareware.
  • Alpha Centauri Computer Services - Sells computer components and creates business web sites at affordble prices.
  • AMD - Global supplier of integrated circuits for the world of personal and networked computing and communications. The second largest supplier of PC processors for the Microsoft Windows environment.
  • BCR-PC Computers - Resellers of single user to complete business networking PC solutions, as well as PC enhancements, upgrades, and streamlining your computer.
  • The Bytehouse - Complete computer systems. Selling motherboards, Intel Pentium chips, hard drives, SDRAM memory, scanners and Viewsonic monitors.
  • CCT Computer - Manufacturer offering a complete line of upgrade CPU's, motherboards, sub-systems, and systems.
  • Clifford Technology - Clifford Technology sells high quality Computer hardware and software at an affordable price.
  • CML Computers - Thousands of wholesale computer components & hardware, direct to you. Huge inventory includes motherboards, cpu's, video cards, systems & more.
  • Combined Digital - On-line computer superstore products from major manufacturers. Tips and product information easily located, includes memory configurator, and a "build your own system" area.
  • Computer Parts Unlimited - Offering Computer Parts, Motherboards, Processors, Memory, Modems, Monitors, Video Cards, Sound Cards, Complete Systems and more.
  • Computer Warehouse - All of the top quality name brand computer components at rock bottom prices.
  • Concord Electronics - Essential parts and data for design and manufacture of electronics.
  • Corsair memory - High density memory for high end servers, desktops and motherboards.
  • Dallas Semiconductor Corp - Develops, manufactures and markets high performance CMOS integrated circuits and semiconductor-based systems.
  • Elma Electronic - Compact PCI enclosures and the complete product line.
  • FMJ/PADLOCK Computer - Leading manufacturer of security lockdown and cable devices for computers and office equipment.
  • GenerationTek.com Inc. - Computer wholesaler and distributor. Video cards, joysticks, speakers, processors, modems, memory, keyboards, mice, cdrom drives, and motherboards.
  • Huling Industries - Sale of computer accessories, electronic accessories and mfg. of specialized cable and electronic assemblies.
  • IBS Electronics - Electronics components, computer hardware, peripherials and hard to find items.
  • Infinity Electronics - List with links of electronic components companies.
  • Intel Corporation - Designs, manufactures and markets microcomputer components and related products at various levels of integration. Principal components consist of silicon-based semiconductors etched with complex patterns of transistors.
  • KAISER - Computers, peripherals & components
  • KingliTech's Computer Hardware Upgrade Depot - Offers a wide selection of high-performance PC systems and quality upgrade components, like mother board, CPU, memory, disk drive, multimedia, network, etc.
  • Kornwall Komputer - Complete systems, upgrades, components, hard drive, floppy, memory, modem, speakers, and monitors.
  • KryoTech Online - The home of cool computing. PC's that contain their own refrigeration system, allowing a blistering 450 Mhz, speeds valuable to graphic artists, hard-core gamers, and other high performance users.
  • Lark Enterprises - Retail products include motherboards, cases, cdrom drives, sound and video cards from AcerOpen Component Solutions.
  • Multi-Net.Works - Computer systems business and personal. Components, upgrades, your complete shop for the data community.
  • Nidec America Corporation - Manufacturers of precision motors, dominating the world's brushless dc motor market for hard disk drives. Fans & blowers, brushless motors, spindle motors.
  • No-Bull Computer Systems - A simple site with simply great deals on computer systems and components.
  • N2Power - High efficiency power supplies in ultra-small #' X 5" footprint with quad output and power factor correction.
  • PC Parts Depot - Complete Systems, Motherboards, Cases, Modems, CDROM Drives, Hard Drives, Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Memory, CPU's, Zip Drives, Sound Cards, AGP and PCI Video Cards, Scanners, Speakers, Notebook PC's, Network Cards and Hubs.
  • PC Power and Cooling - Makes top-quality PC-compatible cases, CPU fans, and power supplies.
  • PC Upgrader - PC Upgrader proudly announces Kingston Memory On-Line. Find the correct Kingston memory for your computer, PDA or digital camera in seconds and order On-Line.
  • Rackmaster Systems, Inc. - Provides industrial grade computers, manufacturing a full line of rackmount chassis, computer systems and peripheral enclosures.
  • Sony - Sony offers integrated circuits ranging from ultra-high speed memory, multimedia, communications, networking and wireless.
  • Sony S-Link Resource Center - Devoted to understanding the Sony S-Link protocol, which allows components talk to each other. Links, bulletin boards and forums.
  • Southgate Computers - Computer store, components and systems.
  • Transpower Technologies Inc. - Magnetic component solutions for your ethernet, telecom, datacom and power applications.
  • Tribeca Express - Hardware sales with an emphasis on WAN equipment, video conferencing, cameras and display monitors and wireless ethernet.
  • Western Digital Corporation - Enhanced IDE and SCSI Hard Drives

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