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  • Build Your Own PC - Step by step instructions on building your own PC. Selecting components, buying the hardware, putting it all together, the operating system, and lots of other contributions.
  • Dr. Bob - Roll your own-build a computer! Are you caught up in the need for better performance, a bigger disk drive, better and faster graphics?
  • HardwareCentral - Learn how to build your own PC as HardwareCentral takes you through the process step-by-step!
  • How to Build a Low-Cost Mid-Range Linux PC - Written for people considering the purchase of a new low-end computer in the $400 to $800 price ranges. Build a Linux, it offers the best value, and this tutorial to help you do it.
  • How to Design an IBM Compatible PC - By John Mongan, found on Stanfords site, written awhile back but still very good.
  • Kyle Yamnitz - Building your own computer can be a very fun process and will usually result in a computer faster than most you can buy in stores if you do it properly. It can also be very frustating when you have problems that seem to make no sense. However, the sense of accomplishment after fixing them can really boost your ego!
  • Learn to Build Your Own Computer - A resource for people new to the world of computers and who want to learn a little more about computers. Basic component information and computer construction tutorials. Keep looking for future updates!
  • Motherboard HomeWorld - How To Build A PC. Learn how to build a computer from scratch. Motherboards.org has over 20 pages devoted to advice on building a PC from the motherboard on up. Great place to learn troubleshooting, too.
  • PC Mechanic - Build Your Own Computer, a Tutorial - It is becoming increasingly popular to build your own computer. In most cases, it saves money and it guarantees you get what you want. This is an informative tutorial to help you out.

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