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  • Abstract Fonts   - A free source of fonts and art dingbats in categories including Famous, Classical and Original. The number of downloads and font's rating are also displayed.
  • Kemosabe's Font Source   - Showcasing a variety of freeware and shareware fonts on the web. A great source for fonts, dingbats, related information and links.
  • ABC Fonts - Collection of free fonts sorted from A to Z.
  • A+B+C Fonts & Graphics - Over 500 TrueType fonts, all downloadable in zip format and more!
  • Acid Fonts - A large comprehensive archive of freeware fonts and dingbats ready for you to download, use and enjoy!
  • Animated Gifs and Graphics ByDezign - Thousands of animated gifs, original web graphics, clipart, backgrounds, themes and an ever growing selection of fonts, all free for the taking.
  • Artistic Fonts - Ever growing selection of fonts. Fancy,creepy,fun,holiday,dingbats and more
  • Cool Archive - Huge free archive of 900+ fonts with color previews, all working for PCs and truetype and Macs. Plus use the fonts to create your own logos and buttons online!
  • Custom Effects - Custom Effects is the perfect resource to find the web related content you are looking for! Desktop Themes, Fonts, JavaScripts, and so much more!
  • The Dingbat pages - Largest online archive of freeware and shareware dingbat fonts.
  • Enlightened Fonts - A new font every day along with instructions on how to make your own fonts.
  • Font Depot
  • Font Mania - Free font resource with over 600 fonts.
  • The Font Transit - All kinds of free fonts for you to download!
  • Fontastic! - Surely not a cure from font addiction, but this is your one-stop archive to hundreds of PC fonts. Choose from many categories; all fonts pictured; unique design.
  • FontFace - The original font of the day site among dozens of other top quality shareware and freeware fonts, links, and tips!
  • FontFreak - Fonts for your downloading pleasure. More than 1800 freeware and shareware fonts and dingbats
  • Fontopolis - A free font site with some extra features you won't find anywhere else, like Find That Font, where you can go to find fonts you're looking for.
  • The Fontpool - Over 1000 freeware and shareware fonts for all major platforms.
  • 007Fonts - Over 2000 shareware and freeware type fonts, create instant logos for your website, using any of the fonts at this site! This site allows you to view all the characters in any of the fonts available to download.
  • 1FONTS - Over 900+ free truetype .ttf and Mac fonts with color previews to choose from. Tools and help on installing, too.
  • Fonts & Things - Collection of the most unusual freeware and shareware fonts.
  • Fonts Anon - Admit your fontaholicism and join! This site is not a font foundry, but join and you get wonderful links to some great sites.
  • Fonts for the Addict - Get your daily dose of fonts with an archive of over 600 fonts. Font problems can be resolved at the message board.
  • 1001 Free Fonts - A huge collection of freeware and shareware true type fonts and dingbats to download for free.
  • Free Typewriter Fonts - A complete collection of all free typewriter fonts on the net.
  • Free Typewriter Fonts - Here's the fonts to make your computer write like a typewriter. 71 free classic typewriter fonts available.
  • Future Fonts - This site has both commercial and non-commercial fonts. Browse your way to their free downloads and you'll find a zipped file that comes with a nice selection of free fonts.
  • Happy Hour Fonts - This is the font archive targeted toward "Generation X." All fonts here are free for downloading, and Happy Hour Fonts has a decent selection. Definitely worth a look.
  • The High Site - Nice selection of fonts, all of them are of high quality and completely free to download. This site also has font programs so you can make your own fonts.
  • Info-Mac Mirror at AMUG - Fonts directory of AMUG's FTP site mirroring Info-Mac.
  • Kyl's Medieval and Fantasy Fonts - Links, font utilities, webrings and more.
  • Mary Forrest's Free Font Fiesta - Nifty fonts to download in Mac and PC format.
  • MediaBuilder - Free font of the day site with previous fonts archived.
  • Tom Liebrich Creations - Freelance artist in Memphis, Tom Liebrich, my"online portfolio",including graphic art,web design,illustration,logos,painting,animation & photo editing. HTML,Adobe Photoshop™ &Illustrator™,Strada Studio Pro,Macintosh/Apple are but a few tools of my trade.
  • .ttf fonts - Original free fonts to download and cool freeware fonts from the web. All truetype.
  • TypeRight - A diverse group of type designers, developers, foundries, and aficionados who are working together to promote typefaces as creative works and to advocate their legal protection as intellectual property.
  • Yupi - Freeware dingbat fonts

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