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  • ARTH International, Inc. - Site specializes in providing UNIX-based CD-Recording and CD-ROM systems.
  • Atman-usa - CD_ROM catalog, low price online shopping on personal computer, hardware, software, accessories, peripherals, notebook.
  • CD Dimensions Inc. - Supplier of CD-ROM drives, towers, jukeboxes, duplicators and changers, CD-R/RW drives, media and document scanners.
  • CD Drives and Media from CD-ROMS to DVD - A wide array of cd drives including cd-roms, cdr's, cdrw's, dvd and sound cards.
  • CD Revolution - One stop shop for Recordable/Rewritable CD Rom drives, multi-disc duplicators, DVD players and titles and more.
  • CD-R Solutions, Inc. - International distrubution of UNIX-based CD-R technology and CD-ROM Recording.
  • Computer Hardware Wholesale For Public - They list Computers (Components, Systems, and "Bargain") and General Merchandise.
  • DAISy - DAISy supplies and supports products and technology from philips for the High-End audio and video industry including CD, DVD players, and tuners.
  • Eight and Ten Drive PnP CD-ROM Towers - Add CD-ROM Tower storage to your network. Eight and Ten drive towers; NAS, Win NT, Win 95, Win 98, and Novell compatible.
  • FirstStorage - RAID Fibre Channel Fault Tolerant Network Attached Storage. CD-ROM Archive hardware for storage purpose.
  • JVC Professional Computer Products Division - With the introduction of the industry's first 5 1/4 inch half-height SCSI CD-Recorder, JVC won the 1991 Comdex's "Best of Show" award for it's most innovative product, a turn-key sub-system call the "JVC Personal RomMaker System." The industry's first easy-to-use, fully integrated and affordable desktop CD-Recording/Publishing system.
  • MicroBoards - Provider of CD recordable and DVD technology for data, audio and video applications. AudioWritePro, CD recording system with both audio/data functions. Creates audio CD's directly from tape decks, LP players and other sources without using a computer. Connects to a PC or a MAC to burn audio, video, or data CDs with conventional software.
  • Mustek System Inc. - A manufacturer of scanners, digital cameras, LCD Projector, CD-RW, and DVD Player for PC and Mac Computer.
  • Neato - Labeling kit allows you to design, print, and apply, custom made labels to your Cd, Dat, Audio, Jazz, Zip, VHS, and Audio tapes using the MediaFACE design software.
  • Pinnacle Micro - Flex drive plays DVD Video on your PC's monitor or television. Easy-to-use software emulates the controls of a standard DVD Video player. Writes/rewrites data to 5.2 GB double-sided DVD-RAM discs Reads CD and DVD discs, including CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-ROM.
  • RICOH WWW Server
  • Smart and Friendly - Manufacturer of CD-Recordable, CD-ReWritable, CD-ROM, and optical storage systems.
  • The 'UN'official Ricoh 1420c - How to upgrade your firmware and all additional information, also 1060c firmware available.
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