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  • BotSpot�   - The Spot for All Bots on the Net� including intelligent agents, data mining, knowledge discovery and artificial intelligence. Monthly BotSpot� Newsletter available.
  • The Mining Co. AI   - Examine the history, uses and consequences of AI. Beginners can learn the basics here while researchers can access extensive technical resources.
  • AI Essays - a large collection of AI essays
  • Arthur's AI Algorithm - A series of steps for do-it-yourselfers to learn any programming language while coding public-domain AI for amateur robotics.
  • Artificial Intelligence Resources - "These are some Internet resources that may be useful to AI researchers." FAQ's, conferences, mailing lists, employment opportunities, Home Pages, dictionary, and more.
  • Arty Fishal in the /looney-bin/ - A crazy but intelligent web bot who will converse with you on any subject.
  • Case-Based Reasoning - AI-CBR is the Internet site for Case-Based Reasoning. The site includes featured papers, researchers and projects, links to CBR people, research centres & projects, along with a comprehensive guide to software tools, a searchable online bibliography, virtual library, mailing list and much more....
  • CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository - Artificial Intelligence Repository at Carnegie Mellon.
  • Constraints Archive - "The archive contains the comp.constraints FAQ, pages of constraint-related pointers, source code for various systems, benchmarks, a directory of people interested in constraints, constraint bibliographies and a collection of on-line papers."
  • Context in AI - A contact point on the Web for researchers who are interested in the many roles of context in AI.
  • Cycorp, Inc. (CYC) - A company overview of Cycorp who make the CYC knowledge system. This page details their system and how it works.
  • Generation 5 Artificial Intelligence Repository - A large AI repository detailing very many aspects of the field.
  • Intellix - software for expert systems and data mining - Intellix supplies software for the collection, storage, management and distribution of knowledge.
  • International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law - The International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law, Inc. (IAAIL) was formed for the purpose of supporting, developing and promoting the field of Artificial Intelligence and Law at the international level. Includes a newsletter and journal on AI & Law.
  • Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research - a resource that covers all areas of artificial intelligence, and publishes very many research articles.
  • KnowledgeScape Systems - KnowledgeScape Process Control Software: The first real-time optimization system that actually learns process dynamics and adjusts process setpoint to optimize a single procedure or an entire enterprise.
  • List of AI-related FAQs - AI-related FAQs
  • Medical AI Resources - This website has a selection of useful links relating to AI in medicine. It also has a large FAQ section and links to journals on the subject.
  • METALogic n.v. - METALogic is active in the whole field of Materials Engineering and Advanced I.T. i.e. advice and measurement services, corrosion research as well as the development of materials information systems(AI)
  • MIT AI Lab: The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT - The MIT AI Lab where a lot of the initial AI work was done.
  • NASA Ames Research in Computational Sciences - NASA's largest AI research division. Specializes in robotics, autonomous reasoning, machine learning, automatic programming, and novel human/machine interfaces and interactions.
  • The Outsider's Guide to Artificial Intelligence - "This Web-branch will try to provide an overview of the state of AI, emphasizing one obscure sub-specialty called 'story representation' ... "
  • PC AI - an enormous amount of resources pertaining to AI
  • Processor Performance, Evaluation and Programming - Performance and evaluation of processors, assembly programming and unlimited shareware.
  • Red Bird Island Productions - Simple worlds featuring automata that act form complex social structures based on basic rules. Implimented on the Macintosh.

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