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  • American Chamber of Commerce Executives - Welcome to the family of sites for the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE). The American Chamber of Commerce Executives is a national association uniquely serving individuals involved in the management of chambers of all sizes.
  • ANIVEC - national association of clothing manufacturers - Welcome to ANIVEC - associates in Portugal about 600 companies of clothing manufacturing. Member of IAF, ECLA, EURATEX, GINETEX and CIP.
  • Ariba Water Distiller - The output of our product is equal to the output of small stand-style Water Distiller. What's more, the water distiller has CE, CSA-NRTL, CSA approval and patents from China and Taiwan and PAT.P. in America
  • Association of Personal Computer User Groups - APCUG is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to promoting and supporting Computer and Software User Groups worldwide. Find a User Group in your area.
  • California Downtown Association - Exchanges information pertinent to business districts.
  • Die Kaufmannschaft zu Luebeck - Die Kaufmannschaft zu L�beck - eine der �ltestens Wirtschaftsorganisationen der Hansestadt.
  • Experience the Future - At Motorola, we're leading the way to the smart digital communications of tomorrow by innovating better ways for you to work, play, learn, and stay in touch with the significant people in your life. Let us know what kind of world you'd like to live in, and we'll show you the way.
  • Internet Service Provider - PharoWeb offers not only business opportunities, services, but also free stuff, such as emails, web space, news, chat and others.
  • Mt. Vernon Cultural District, Inc. - An organization raising money to improve a historical neighborhood near Baltimore's Inner Harbor comprised of cultural institutions, restaurants, theaters, and shops
  • Phi Beta Lambda - "Future Business Leaders of America." Resources, careers progression, links and more.
  • Tech: Making The Grade - An Organization Enhancing Schools - An organization using today's technology to link schools to the outside world and making the business of schooling more efficient
  • VUBD-Homepage - Homepage der Vereinigung Umweltwissenschaftlicher Berufsverb�nde Deutschlands

  • Usenet alt.business - news:
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