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  • Coin Laundries - Coin laundry educational videos, reference manuals and books, by a non-profit organization.
  • Commercial Sales and Leasing - Sale of businesses, Motels, Hotels, Caravan Parks, Invesments and Developments in Queensland, Australia.
  • An exclusive web site on India - A website dedicated to promoting alliances and long-term relationships between non-resident Indians and resident Indians.
  • 411now.com - An Online Community of Business web sites that provides its' members with free consulting and referral services to promote their businesses using the Internet
  • The Original London Pub Company - Experience life working & living in a London pub with 'The Original London Pub Company'. Employment and accommodation arranged before you leave home. You have the security of a place to live and work as soon as you arrive.
  • Peruzzi - Get paid just for going shopping.
  • The Pure Water Shop - Business opportunity with the introduction of the "one stop water shop."
  • Solutions Plus 2000 - Computer financing designed for those who need to establish or re-establish credit.
  • Spray Vitamins / Business Opportunity - Business Opportunity Home Business spray vitamins
  • 21st Century Video Vending - Automated Video system. VTM is a completely robotic, computerized, video installation. This unique concept offers a superior strategy of success in the video market by eliminating the problems of high fixed overhead and limited operating hours.
  • Telecom Business Online - Telecom Business - The Source for carriers, convergence, competition and next-generation networks.
  • Wax hands business opportunities - Learn how to do wax hands at festivals and fairs. This is a very profitable business.

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