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  • What is growth? What is progress?   - "Normal Productivity" counts oil spills, toxic cleanup, even increases in prisons as "growth." New Genuine Progress Indicator at this site, reflects truer costs of human activity, and presents a more honest economic model.
  • Action Atlas, U.S. Arms Sales - The MoJo Wire-- exposes Multinational Corporate arms sales. Questions? 415.241.9881
  • Aim to understand what is in the public interest? - These and other socially responsible premises are examined in the light of electronic journalism
  • Are we addicted to money and consuming? - Hope Magazine, November 1998 editorial sees HOPE.
  • Better World Magazine Online - Better World electronic magazine is useful for ethics, investing, money management, and sustainability information. Their news page (halfway down page linked here) is updated daily.
  • Communications for a Sustainable Future - Various links to organizations which work toward sustainable future. Includes environmental, humanitarian, ethical investing anda activist sites.
  • Computer Pro's for SR - Computer Professionals "network" with position papers and information. CPSR is a nationwide public-interest organization that examines the impact of technology on society.
  • Consumer Angst - An analysis of consumerism by Paul Lutus. Logical treatise that goes against the grain of modern economic thinking.
  • Co-op America - Green, responsible, sustainable, just, diverse, fair, eco, SR, consumer and investment info and links. Has Green Pages, WoodWise guide, $$ stuff, boycott news, action, campaigns; SR Forum and Guide. Excellent materials and competent work.
  • Corporate Hall of Shame - INFACT's activism and boycott page details how tobacco, chemical and other allegedly unethical firms orchestrate expensive, massive public relations campaigns to set the terms of political debate.
  • Family Wealth Building - The planning is easy. Most people can reduce taxes, reduce spending and increase savings and investment. The hardest thing for most of us is "Getting started."
  • Fraud Information Center - Report or learn about fraudulent products, services, companies.
  • Friends of the Earth (FOE) US - Activist, FOE aims to stop environmental degradation and preserve biological, cultural and ethnic diversity of the planet
  • Good Money Co - Internet Resources for Socially, Ethically, Environmentally Responsible Investing, Consuming and Business and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Greenleaf Publishing - Greenleaf Publishing specializes in environmental information.
  • Greenwash, Jean wash, sweat wash. - Kenny Bruno and Corp Watch show how firms like General Electric, Monsanto, Nestles, many oil multinational firms "wash" over the truth to look ethical in their behavior which closer investigations, belie.
  • INFACT activists in social responsibility - INFACT is currently organizing the Tobacco industry boycott, and the Hall of Shame Campaign targeting Philip Morris, RJR Nabisco, Columbia/HCA, Dow Chemical, and WMX Technologies(Waste Management.)
  • Innovest - Firm provides detailed analysis of corporate behavior through both software and logical review of firm's conduct. They rate firms on environmental and other important SRI issues. Site has outline of selected research.
  • Internet Resources - Mark Gold's site has excellent references and links, including basic information such as which common mutual funds own Monsanto. Free service informs those who care.
  • Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation - This premier leader in the socially responsible arena has excellent links and clear mission, values, conduct and benefits to those interested in SRI.
  • Minority Focused - Enables Minority and Women-owned financial institutions as depositaries and financial agents, including Asian, Black, Hispanic Banks, DC Taxes, Investment Clubs, socially responsible investments, and minority employment in finance.
  • Research Corporations - Researching Large corporations was never easier than today. Check out your personal power in the information age and see how you can help lift the veil on corporate "smoke and mirrrors."
  • 1999 Social Investment Forum - The premier Socially Responsible Investment organization. A great place to start (or end). Their annual (hard copy) book is well worth an individual investor's time.
  • Socially Responsible Investing issues - Jesse Smith Noyes Foundation is a premiere nonprofit that looks how money can make or break the world we live in.
  • Susan Meeker-Lowry - One of the clearest writers and thinkers about earth and human values gives this short editorial comment, May 1997.
  • Sustainable Business Network - SBN features a library, specific business opportunities, bookstore and job center. A project of EnviroLink Network. Includes sustainable stock watch.
  • Whole Earth Magazine - If you truly want to get involved in Social Responsibility, this is the place to go. Information for experts and novices alike at Whole Earth Magazine

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