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  • Qwest Communications   - (NASDAQ:QWST) A multimedia communications company building a high-capacity, fiber optic network for the 21st century. With its cutting-edge technology, Qwest will deliver high-quality data, video and voice connectivity securely and reliably to businesses, consumers and other communications service providers.
  • Access Telecom - Telecommunications company located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We provide Frame Relay, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, Data Circuits, Lease Lines, Point to Point Lines and much more!
  • ACN-American Communications Network WorldWide - ACN Worldwide has some of the best rates in Telecommunications, Internet, Paging, Cable TV Electric & Gas Utilities Deregulation, E-Commerce audio, video, data, text and other devices over IP networks.
  • Advanced Telecommunications Inc - Advanced Telecommunications Inc. (ATI) is a holding and managenment services enterprises for business telecommunications and communications system intergration companies located throughout the country.
  • American Telephone Technology Inc - American Telephone Technology, Inc. (ATTI) is a full-service business telecommunications company and communications systems intergrator serving business in Seattle, WA and Portland metropolitan areas.
  • Ameritech.com - Welcome Page - In a world of technology, people make the difference.(TM)
  • Aplio, Inc. - Aplio makes the Aplio/Phone, a stand-alone Internet telephone allowing voice communication through the Internet without a PC or gateway service.
  • Astound Communications - Astound Communications is a company that offers Cable TV, Telephone, and High-Speed Internet access.
  • A-TEL Communications - A-Tel is a full-service telephone vendor including installation, sales service and leasing of business telephone systems, paging, voice mail and related products.
  • AVSM by Telect, Inc. - Telect's Audio/Video Signal Management products include a comprehensive group of audio and video modules (routing switchers, distribution amplifiers, signal converters, controllers, and more) that dock in the VersaFrame, a unique family of modular signal management frames.
  • Becca Affiliates Group, Ltd. Home Page - Becca Affiliates Group, Ltd. is the Quality Assurance Team for the cellular, PCS, and microwave industry.
  • Best Telephone Rates Central - Use our interactive best telephone rates analysis tool engine to compare the best telephone rates of 1010 Dial-Around, US 1+, Global Callback, IP Telephony, and Calling Card Services. Even compares the best international calling card rates.
  • Cady Communications Inc - Cady Communications, Inc. (CCI) is a full-service business telecommunications company and communications systems intergrator serving over 4,000 customers in the Minneapolis/St.Paul metropolitan area.
  • CALLSAVERS Communications - lowestphonerates.com - lowestphonerates.com was created to give residential and business telephone users a way to capitalize on the deregulated phone business.
  • Cognigen Communications, save 60% on your telecommunications services. - Cognigen offers an array of telecommunications services from many leading companies. Business or residential plans to fit any need.
  • Conference Calls Unlimited - Discount audio conferencing services, including flat-rate teleconferencing and pay-per-minute telephone conference calling options.
  • Ctrescent City Satellite Phones - Crescent City Satellite Communications provides satellite telephones for domestic and international communications.
  • Curran Communications Home Page - Telecommunications product development and marketing strategies.
  • Digital Wireless and iDEN Networks -- The RACOM Corporation - RACOM Corporation is a provisioner of wireless voice and data technology. They have built a digital wireless network in the Upper Midwest for their customers. They are building a new iDEN network.
  • Electro-tel, Inc. - Electro-tel, Inc (ETI) is a full-service business telecommunications company and communications systems integrator serving over 4,000 customers in Denver Metropolitain and Front Range areas.
  • Enhanced FAX Services - Enhanced FAX Services, now offers a full line of fax services that includes Broadcast Faxing
  • Excel Communications - Dallas-based Excel Communications, Inc. is one of the largest providers of telecommunications services in the United States. They use a combination of distribution channels including commercial sales offices, direct mail, and network marketing. Excel offers subscribers residential and commercial long distance service, as well as Internet access, dial-around services, calling cards and paging services. Excel markets these products nationwide to residential and commercial customers under the Excel and Telco branded names.
  • expert router/multiplexer network design, implementation, and sales. - Unofficial Eastern DataComm website. Offering LINE PRICING, routers, VPN, voice compression, VOIP, Voice over Frame Relay, Expert network design, implementation, etc.
  • Golden Voice - Golden Voice is a family owned, and operated voice mail service in Golden, Colorado. We provide voice mail services to small businesses, individuals, start-up companies and groups with special needs.
  • Hayes Communications: Telecommunications products and services - We market cellphones,pagers,computers,internetphone,long distance,software,tech books and more.
  • INESCO: Integration Engineering & Service Corporation - Telecommunications services include Design and System Integration, Local and Wide Area Networks, Lease Line High Speed Modem, ISDN/T1, and Secure Communications.
  • InfoXchange Inc. - Fax and Voice Broadcasting Services, Information on Demand, Never Busy Fax, Voice & Fax Mail, Surveys.
  • Internet Call Manager - Stop missing important phone calls while you surf the internet. Know who's calling. Free trial. Free software. Get your Internet Call Manager NOW!
  • ISG-Telecom Consultants, Int'l. - Turn-Key solutions and integration company specializing in CLEC registrations & Tariffing, VoIP deployments, Cost analysis, Low cost long distance services, interconnect agreements, ISP-Telecom, REIT-Telecom, International Internet telephony. ISG is a total solutions provider for anyone wanting to get into telecom.
  • Kovacs Engineering - Telecommunications design engineering, project management, technical training and course development firm.
  • leading developer of message on hold, call processing, ivrs, and internet audio - Jingle Phone Productions is a leading edge company that has been developing telecommunications applications for thirteen years. We are a leader in Message on Hold, Call Processing & IVR systems, and Internet audio applications.
  • Lucent Technologies Telessentials´┐Ż Curriculum - The Telessentials´┐Ż Curriculum is a series of self-paced telecommunications courses. The curriculum consists of Communication Basics, Analog and Digital Concepts, Transmission, Switching, Communication Networks, ISDN Fundamentals, Operations Systems, and Lucent Technologies Products and Services.
  • A MadVOICE - Professional voice mail greetings, answering services, voice overs, custom answering solutions, voicemail greetings service. Male and female talent available.
  • Mapcomm Inc. - Mapcomm Inc. is a technincal services company servicng the broadband communications industry. We cover all test and alignment peramaters required to design, build and test today's Broadband communincations networks to enable them to be ready for digital tv and high speed data communications.
  • McLeodUSA - McLeodUSA provides integrated telecommunications services to business and residential customers in 11 Midwest and Rocky Mountain states.
  • New Success Network - 7.5 cpm on all out of state calls. Special in state rates, free 800 numbers and calling cards and home based business opportunities.
  • NexCom Communications, Inc. - Business Communications for all industry types-Cellular, Paging, Satellite PCS, Local and Long Distance Service, Internet Access, 2-Way Personal Communications, Residential High Speed Internet Access.
  • NEXTLINK Communications - NEXTLINK is a full service provider of local, long distance and enhanced telecommunications services, with an emphasis on business applications.
  • Nextlink Communications - Provider of local,long distance, and enhanced telecommunications services and business applications.
  • Norstar small business telephone systems - Norstar System, Norstar Telephones, Norstar Voice Mail all available at www.telephonebrokers.com - order online and save!
  • Picazo Communications, Inc. - Telephone Systems for Serious Business (TM) - Serious businesses rely on their telephone systems to succeed. That’s why buying the right phone system is critical. Picazo builds a phone system that meets the needs of serious businesses.
  • Presentation services, copywriters - BusinessVoice offers the talents of our award-winning copywriters.
  • Q.biz program for Commercial Accounts - 6.9 cents. Q.biz not only gives you great rates, but also an array of outstanding features and services to help your business succeed!
  • Quintus Corporation - Call Center Solutions - Quintus Corporation is a leader in providing innovative call center products and services.
  • The 3S Team HotLine - A telephone messaging/broadcast service for Youth Sports Leagues to help streamline communication from a coach to members of his/her team.
  • Sparks Communications - With deregulation and lower long distance rates, why not expect the same savings with your conference calls?
  • TCC Communications/Powercom - Local telecomm services including: Internet, long distance, toll free, internet provider, web site hosting, dedicated voice & data, voice mail, paging and calling cards.
  • Telebound International - Telebound International is a full-service telecommunications provider specializing in exceptionally low rates. A leader in Telecommunications for more than 8 years, Telebound International is dedicated to providing the highest quality service for the lowest possible rates. Plans requiring no change of primary carrier are available!
  • Telephone callback, callthru and call direct services. - Explaination of the different ways to save money on national and international telephone calls by using Telegroup services.
  • Unified Messaging - A unified messaging service to integrate voicemail, faxmail, e-mail and other communication services.
  • Virtual Office Solutions - Voice Processing, Fax and Data Communication Services.
  • Virtualplus-Unified Messaging Specialists - Specialising in Unified Messaging products. Allows you to collect and receive all message types - e-mail, voicemail, faxes, pager and SMS messages.
  • Warwick Communications - Designed to help companies establish their telecommunication system needs. In order to better serve them and their customers.
  • 2-Way radios, receivers, antennas, accessories - We offer a wide variety of land mobile radio communications products. Kenwood, Icom, and Motorola transceivers for HF, VHF, UHF. Ground-to-air radio communications for airports and aviation users. Marine communications. Military communications equipment. Satellite communications systems. We sell to dealers and end users wordwide.
  • Worldwide Telecom Net2phone Callback And Phonecards - Full Line Of Telecom Services For Any Budget Home Or Business, US Or International. Global Calling With Net2phone, Direct Dial, Callback Or Phonecards.

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