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  • ABB High Voltage Technologies LTD - ABB High Voltage Technologies LTD produces high quality systems and products for power transmission and distribution, switchgears, substations, high current systems, arresters, railway breakers, services
  • Assing Group - A U.S. supplier and exporter of quality new and reconditioned generators, power plants, switchgear, transformers, electric motors and related equipment. Based in Tampa, Florida.
  • Bicotest Ltd - Cable test and fault location instruments for power distribution, telephone and communications cables.
  • ECOLITE energy saving lamps - ISO 9001 Certified manufacturer, State-of-the-art automatic production plant, TUV-GS-CE approved, UL-CUL listed, energy saving lamps.
  • Edison Controls F.C.I., Inc. - Manufacture of line powered Faulted Circuit Indicators (FCI's) for overhead and underground electrical distribution circuits world wide.
  • Electram phase converters & electric motor controls - Electram rotary, static, auto-transformer, and electronic (or solid state) phase converters - Also Bremas, Lovato, Lincoln electric, AC inverter drives, variable frequency drives (VFD's), and electric motor controls.
  • Electrical Meters for - Electrical meters designed for deregulation. Capable of being both the billing meter and giving the customer access to billing data and power quality. Also analog and digital panel meters. Transformers and Transducers.
  • Energy Conservation - ECD offers industrials opportunities to save energy costs by using our services: power factor correction, electric demand control, variable frequency drives, peak shave generators and surge protection.
  • Energy metering, conservation and control product for Industry - Optimum Energy Products specializes in energy hardware and software products for the Commercial and Industrial sector. Conservation, control, metering and monitoring are our speciality.
  • EnerTech Systems, Inc. - EnerTech Systems, Inc. is a full service lighting company that specializes in auditing, specifying, installing and maintaining of energy efficient lighting systems
  • Friesen Electric Inc. reseller of generators, phase converters, transformers, motors, motor control - Friesen Electric Inc. sells new and used diesel generators, pto generators, rotary phase converters, auto transformers, single and three phase motors, motor controls. Come visit our website.
  • Fronius - A company that is all about electric power - harnessing and exploiting it in the form of welding machinery, storing it with battery charging systems, and generating it with photovoltaic solar rectifiers.
  • FUJILITE Corporation Limited - Compact Fluorescent energy saving lamps. Automatic production system, ISO9001 Certified manufacturer
  • Generac Power Systems - A leading manufacturer of standby and prime power generator sets for industrial, telecommunication, commercial, small business, mobile and residential applications.
  • Holden Incorporated - H.A. HOLDEN, INC., is a FULL-LINE distributor of renewal parts, repair products and equipment serving over 20,000 Electric Motor Repair Shops throughout the WORLD.
  • Magnavolt Technologies, Inc - Customer Specific DC high Power Sources for Electric Utility research and Energy Development
  • Osborne Transformer Corporation - Engineers and manufacturers of electromagnetic components since 1932. Custom and standard transformers; power supply, control, plate, servo motor. Also, electromagnets, control panels, repairs, technical training.
  • P.A.C. Technologies - Automatic capacitor banks for power factor correction.
  • Rezek Equipment for Rent, Lease - Specializing in advanced portable equipment technology, manufacturing field systems deployed on-location for relief efforts, disasters, national security, special events & productions.
  • SESCO- Systems Engineering & Sales Co, Inc. - SESCO manufactures a complete family of stationary and mobile transformer oil purification equipment. Specializing in custom system configurations, SESCO can produce process or field based equipment to meet the customers specific needs. SESCO also manufactures purification equipment for many other industrial applications.
  • Solar Power Generation - General information on solar Technology and specific information on AC generating solar panels and flexible and rigid high impact resistant (read: unbreakable) amorphous solar panel products with their specifications and some application examples.
  • Training manuals, safety, utilities - Trade skills and safety training manuals for OSHA, OHS, WHMIS & electric utilities which can be republished under your company name.
  • Turk Siemens Power and Telecom Cables - Turk Siemens produces a wide range of power and telecom cables under ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 quality assurance systems.
  • TVSS Hybrid Surge Protection - Professional Technical Systems, Inc., (PTS) major designer, manufacturer, and consulting expert in the field of transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS).
  • Welcome to Toronto Hydro - An electric utility company that serves over 650 thousand customers through operations located in the greater Toronto area.

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