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  • Financial Scandals   - Lots of links to sources of information on major financial scandals, bank frauds, money laundering, corruption, scams, organized crime, etc.
  • Mark's Financial Pages   - Comprehensive directory of financial sites. An excellent place to conduct a broad search for financial resources.
  • Arizona Premium Finance Co., Inc. - Premium financing for the non-standard, commercial, and livery auto insurance agent.
  • AssetManagerJobs.Com - Post resumes and jobs openings here, especially for asset manager career positions.
  • Axiom Capital - Full-service financial corporate development firm in America that provides both the services to complete a financing transaction and the resources to implement it.
  • Baytree Investers--M&A - Acquires businesses, with management intact, for their own account. Also provides M&A services.
  • BDCC Funding - Finances commercial real estate in Canada and the U.S. Can offer construction,bridge and long term financing starting at $500,000.
  • Bull International Financial Systems - Electronic banking, secure transactions, backed by experience in the provision of solutions in five main areas.
  • Business's Tax Requirements - U.S. Treasury site explaining the regulation of business by the I.R.S.
  • C4 Information - Company specializing in the retrieval and management of information for firms.
  • CardWeb, Inc. - Information on credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, insurance, investments, savings, personal loans, and home equity loans.
  • Coastal Financial Corp - Boat and yacht loan financing and insurance simplified for powerboats, runabouts, yachts, sailboats, and other recreational vehicles.
  • Creative Capital Associates, Inc. - CCA provides working capital to emerging technology companies. Guaranteed funding decisions in 24hrs, consideration made for start-ups and financially-challenged businesses.
  • David T Martula - Financial Planner in Western Massachusetts - Fee-only financial planning is a response to the increasing need of individuals for objective financial advice. No products are sold, no commissions earned.
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu New Zealand - The New Zealand practice provides professional advice and services to a wide range of buinesses, from small and medium sized enterprises, to large corporatations.
  • DGH Financial Services, Inc. - Assists small businesses in obtaining SBA Loans.
  • The Dowling Group - CPAs offering tax and financial planning services.
  • Empire Capital Group, Inc. - Provides national medical receivable factoring services.
  • FDMS Credit Report Repair - Services include repairing credit reports through loan consolidation, debt management and credit counseling.
  • 4Finance -- guides for all financial needs from 4anything.com - Information on stocks, bonds, annuities, mutual funds and more. Financial news and planning tips.
  • Financial Services Industry - Resources on banking, investments, finance and real estate. Feature articles, employment and career resources, including seminars, workshops and conventions. Bulletin boards and chat.
  • Finegan & Company LLC - Strategic risk management, financial planning, and performance-based executive incentive compensation.
  • The FRMC Benchmarking Team - Provides customised research and reporting for many industries.
  • Genesis Capital Group, LLC - Investment Bankers, Real Estate Advisors and Business Consultants. Provides a wide array of specialized services to assist clients in meeting strategic and financial objectives.
  • Get Out of Debt Radio Show - Live web call-in show to help consumers to get out of debt.
  • Green Tree Financial - Home Improvement Finance, Mortgage Services, Consumer Finance, Mobile Home Finance and Retail Finance.
  • How to File W-2 & Wage Tax Statements - Social Security Administrations explanatory page intended to help businesses understand the reporting requirements and laws on W-2 and other tax requirements of business owners.
  • IBJ Securities Co. - Research and links to English language resources on Japanese finance, economy, politics and law. Includes a comprehensive list of links to the English language websites of Japanese financial institutions and listed companies.
  • icreditreport.com - Credit report in 30 seconds!
  • Inner City Press - Site covers consumer issues, obligations of banks to reinvestment in low income neighborhoods, and the Federal Reserve. Also covers insurance and telecommunications companies.
  • Liberty International Investment Corp. - Offers investment certificates at high rates to non-US offshore investors seeking safety and ultimate financial privacy.
  • Mgm Spa - A joint-stock company that provides: monetary advice and intermediation on exchange
  • National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT) - Information about registered Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • National Financial Services Network - Comprehensive marketplace for mortgages, home equity loans, insurance, student loans, investments, credit cards, credit reports, and consumer loans from leading banks and institutions. Calculators and reference materials.
  • Newport Acquisition Services, LLC - Leader in facilitating the sale or acquisition of middle-market companies.
  • NNW Inc. - Free and money saving services available for real estate loans, telephone service, and business marketing.
  • Optimized Cash-Flow - The Future of Accounts Receivable and e-commerce.
  • Pacific Atlantic Systems Leasing - Total equipment leasing and financing solutions for high technology business (Equipment and furniture needs)
  • Pacific Century Employee Benefit Plans - Pacific Century Trust specializes in employee benefit plan administration.
  • Pathfinder Cash Flow Solutions - Factoring and Factor Brokering services.
  • Petra Group - Petra Group specializes in the design, development, and delivery of management and financial services for small business enterprise development.
  • Philantro Society International - Up to $1 million US given away each month in grants and gifts.
  • REAL Software Systems (RSS - RSS solutions for Managing Rights & Royalties, specializes in licensing and contingent compensation solutions for services industries.
  • Request4Quote.Com - An interactive site where industrial buyers can request multiple quotes for commodities and services.
  • SearchUP.com Finance Directory - A directory of financial related web sites
  • Sources of Financing - An Internet resource for locating traditional and alternative sources of small business financing.
  • Stock Transfer Agent Resource Center - Stock Transfer Agent information and related consulting services including SEC updates and investor relations news for IPOs, securities lawyers, underwriters, others in the securities industry.
  • Stone Tapert - Offers comprehensive employer and employee benefit plans, as well as business continuation and estate plans for closely-held businesses.
  • Strategic Financial Partners - Financial information site covering: best practices, finance benchmarking, reengineering, supply chain management, and shareholder wealth creation.
  • Sweetsite.com Finance Center - Provides a wealth of financial information on mortgages, home equity, personal and automobile loans, credit information and loan consolidations.
  • Talk money - Talk money
  • Tax Shelter Report - Analytical advice on merits and demerits of tax shelters for high-rate U.K. income tax payers Venture capital trusts, enterprise zone trusts, film finance and more.
  • Time-Value Financial Services, LLC - U.S. factoring & purchase order funding. Pay bills, handle more customers & orders, fund growth, and increase profits using commercial receivables.
  • TTT Moneycorp - Provides currency exchange and related services to the leisure and business traveller and wholesale currency services to the corporate market.
  • UK Data - An online credit report on every UK business.
  • The Undergroundtrader - The Undergroundtrader is the cutting edge online trading desk and educational site for daytraders on the internet.
  • U.S. Business Laws & Regulations - Compendium by U.S. Government of laws and regulations which pertain to business. Links are up to date. Provides inclusive overview of most areas of regulation and law.
  • Uttar Pradesh Financial Corporation - A financial corporation in India having a consistent track record in servicing of debts. Member of OTCEI.

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