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  • Sumeria - Alternative Health & Medicine   - Excellent resources for exploring alternative ideas in health, science, and spirituality.
  • American Association of Health Plans - Fact sheets and analyses on: managed care, prenatal care, children's health insurance, diabetes, and current immunization recommendations for children and adults.
  • American Council on Science and Health - A consumer education consortium concerned with issues related to food, nutrition, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, lifestyle, the environment and health. ACSH is an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization.
  • Antibiotic resistance - From the Why Files
  • The Chemnitz Programme, by Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D. - The truth about the drugs industry: "Its very nature is to make money from ongoing diseases - not the prevention of diseases or their eradication. The industry has a direct financial interest in making sure that diseases continue. This is why pharmaceuticals are designed to alleviate symptoms, but not to treat causes of disease."
  • Ethical Issues in Terminal Health Care - Articles and essays on patients' rights, Ethics Committees, the Right-to-Die Debate, and Physician Assisted Suicide.
  • HealthWatch UK - Promotes the assessment and testing of treatments, whether 'orthodox' or 'alternative'.
  • Roswell And Alistair: The Movie - Satire of the managed care system produced by two real life doctors. We also provide many anti-HMO resources.
  • Worldwide Healthcare Forums - Web-based virtual community allows global interaction among doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. Consumers are WELCOME. 200 Forums are offered - English, German, French & Spanish.
  • BBC News: Cold 'killing 50,000' each winter - Campaigners are calling for action to help prevent 50,000 deaths from cold in the UK each year. (March 18, 1999)
  • Mainlining Danger: Hospital Patients Exposed to High Levels of Toxic Chemicals in Vinyl I.V. Bags - WASHINGTON - As the vinyl industry steps up its nationwide ad campaign claiming that "People who save lives for a living depend on vinyl," Greenpeace today released data showing that vinyl (PVC) medical devices contain high levels of toxic additives which can leach out through surrounding fluids, exposing hospital patients to a probable human carcinogen. (February 22, 1999)
  • Cancer services are suffering in Iraq - By Carol Sikora, chief of the WHO Cancer Programme. Published in the British Medical Journal. "It was immediately clear that there were staggering deficiencies in cancer treatment facilities because of UN sanctions... We as doctors cannot stand idly by and watch this slow, silent tragedy drag on." (January 16, 1999)

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