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  • Anansi Web Works: The Caribbean at Your Fingertips!   - Your gateway to the Caribbean. A comprehensive selection of links to sites providing Caribbean information and entertainment.
  • Allexperts Caribbean Travel Q&A - Veteran travelers answer your questions about tourism and travel in the Caribbean!
  • Caribbean Guide @ Travel Notes - The Caribbean gets its name from the Carib people who inhabited the area before the arrival of Columbus. Check out these pages to find out more about the Caribbean Islands.
  • Fun Caribbean - Developed to be a central Caribbean Information Portal, while maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Island Connoisseur - The Caribbean Super Site - The largest Caribbean islands guide on the internet featuring: travel, accommodation, restaurant, shopping, activities, historical, governmental, business, news and weather information, maps and links.
  • SmallShop.Com - Comprehensive Caribbean information: real estate, newspapers, business, travel and classifieds.

  • Usenet rec.travel.caribbean - news:
  • Usenet soc.culture.caribbean - news:
  • Usenet soc.genealogy.west-indies - news:
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