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  • AcmePet - AcmePet contains information, education and entertainment for the dog, cat, horse, bird, reptile and exotic pet lover.
  • Animal Ambassadors - This organization, located in Virginia, offers educational and entertainment programs for young and old alike. They bring the world of pets, barnyard animals, the rain forest and even offer a program to educate about "Creepy Crawlies". Education is the key to helping people understand and value our animal friends. This program is an excellent forum to do this.
  • Animal Care Home Page - This government site will keep you updated on news and legislation regarding animals and animal care.
  • Animal Farm Free Pet Classifieds - At the time of this review, we found more ads for pets for sale than for adoptions. Most ads do not indicate geographic area. We did find one for Arkansas and one for North Carolina. The site also contains information and a game section as well.
  • Animal Rights Frequently Asked Questions - A carefully compiled list of common questions and answers regarding animal rights. This is the place to start if you have any questions or are doing research on the subject. Well organized and useful
  • Animal Trainer's Guide to Operant Conditioning - Don't let the rather scientific title scare you. This is a very professionally written but understandable site that addresses dog training issues. Whether you are a professional trainer, want to learn how to train your dog yourself or just want to understand the issues in order to better find a good trainer, this is an informative and helpful site.
  • Animal Transportation|Equine Transport|Jet Pets, Inc.| - With over 30 years of experience, this company, located near the Los Angeles airport ships domestic and internationally. They specialize in direct shipping to Australia and New Zealand and offer pick up and delivery services from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Jet Pet also offers equine shipping services.
  • AVMA Care for Pets Home Page - American Veterinary Medicine Association.
  • AVMA NetVet & Electronic Zoo - Extensive collection of animal-related links to Internet resources.
  • Cuddly Critters - This company is a new breed of kennel. You can find the expected; St. Bernard and Chow puppies and Bengal kittens. Here you also find the unexpected; game birds, doves, racoons and foxes. All bred for sale to pet lovers.
  • CyberPet - Pet information both on & for pet fanciers, exhibitors, breeders, dogs, cats, clubs, rescue, products, services, publications, informative articles and more.
  • Drs. Foster & Smith, Pet Products & Pet Supplies - Don't be fooled by the words "products and pet supplies". Although this company offers an excellent selection of health and recreational items for pets, it is a treasure trove of information as well. Extremely well done and informative.
  • Feathers n' Paws Pet Sitting - If you live in the Capital District of New York State and are looking for a pet sitter, try this professional pet sitting service
  • Feathers-N-Fur - Pet Toys and Supplies - This site is much more than ecommerce. Perusing the "About Us" introduces you to the founder of this company and their true love of animals. You will find more than products, but also advice and information for those who love their pets and want to enhance the quality of their lives
  • For Pets' Sake - Site provides a list of recommended veterinarians, animal shelters, upcoming special events, recommended reading, recent animal news, merchandise, animal legislation, hotels that take pets, doggy day care. Boulder Creek, CA.
  • Hagenbeck`s Tierpark (Hagenbeck's Animal Park) - If you understand German, this is an interesting visit to the Carl Hagenbeck Animal Park in Hamburg-Stellingen. There are some nice photos of the animals that can be enjoyed by non-German speakers.
  • Hammies & Horsies & Pets of All Kinds - For animal lovers: pictures, trivia, and info on different kinds of animals, including hamsters, horses, and hermit crabs.
  • Happy Paws - Puts you in touch with an astrologer who can tell you why your pet may be upset.
  • Harmony Animal Hospital - This Florida animal hospital's site offers general pet care tips as well as first aid advice, and other useful health and pet care information.
  • Heavens Dedicated Pets - Dedicate your pet to God in heaven. Be assured your pet will be there when you get there. Join now!
  • Heinz Pet Products - "Pets Unleashed" offers a good range of general information for pet owners.
  • Idiot Books for Pets - Should you shampoo your Shar Pei? Does your Doberman need a dentist? You can find the answers to basic pet owner questions without feeling foolish. Billing themselves as the place "Where dummies and complete idiots go for help" the "for dummies" books and "for idiots" books are now available online for pet owners
  • International Pet Lovers' Club - A FREE virtual club for all pet lovers! Come see our pair of cyber mice Maomao and Meemee and their goldfish pals "live" via webcam!
  • Kimberly's Pet Page - Homeless animals in Northern Virginia.
  • The LynesZoo - The LynesZoo, our hobbys, animals, philosophy and family.
  • Michigan PetNet - Michigan pet news, advice, games, bulletin board, resource lists and calendar, hosted by The Detroit News. Build a memorial page for your late pet in the virtual memorial park.
  • NETFOPets! - NETFOPets! Find information, education and entertainment for, about and (in some cases) from pets of all species.
  • NetPets - Internet pet connection for birds, dogs, cats, horses and tropical fish; showcases products, services, library, directory of organizations, photos and more.
  • Original Art for Pet Lovers - A great gift for the pet lover. The original artwork is signed by the artist and comes complete with a gold frame. Choose from a vast collection of domestic pets or wildlife drawings.
  • Pet Behaviour - This site is courtesy of the people who manufacture Friskies, Alpo, Might Dog, Fancy Feast and other pet food products. Find answers to pet behaviour questions throughout this site and customize the home page to fit the profile of your pet.
  • Pet Links by GlennaJoRose Graphics - Links to sites of interest to pet lovers.
  • Pet Net - The Internet Information Source for Pet Lovers! - You’ll find information for the pet lover and pets as well. If your Persian has a propensity for astrology he can keep up to date on the latest horoscope. Find helpful pet related links for breeders, pet magazines and services or find a pet joke that will make your parrot squawk with laughter.
  • Pet of the Day - Pet of the Day is a simple, award-winning, family-friendly, free, and fun website. Every day Pet of the Day features a new story and photo of what makes our pets wonderful.
  • Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada - A national organization dedicated to ensuring the highest level of pet care attainable and a guarantee of a fair and equitable representation for all facets of the Canadian pet industry.
  • The Pet Page - Pets for everyone, every reason!
  • Pet Pages - A small attractive site with a personal and warm feel. Articles, petphotos and links for pet lovers. Entertaining and worth a visit
  • Pet Town U.S.A. - This is my Cyber Pet game for all ages!
  • PETCO Animal Supplies - Find out what's on sale at your local PETCO,browse the animal gallery of pictures or search for general pet tips at the new PETCO site.
  • PeTerrific - This page is for any animal lover, it's dedicated to the saving of homeless animals, and is filled with many ways to help fight against homelessness among animals. Help fight for the lives of dog and cat's everywhere.
  • PetIndex.com - a directory of pet resources on the web. - Although this site is brand new and a bit thin in content at the moment, it has great possibilities. If you can't find the pet information you're looking for, use their search engine and see if they have a site listing that would be helpful. If you know of a good site, send them the url.
  • Pet.net | your pet's best friend - News, fun, information and features for dog and cat owners.
  • Pets 4 U - We are a FREE pet advertising service for breeders and individuals who would like to have their animals available to anyone in the world. Pets 4 U does not allow puppy mills or pet stores to advertise on this site. Dogs, cats, reptiles, ferrets, exotic animals. Breeder registration.
  • PetStation - Including information, articles, opinions and images of dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses, amphibians, small mammals, aquarium fish and more.
  • Pharlane Farm - Sheep, Horses, Poultry, Livestock or Pets - Pharlane, Breeders of Arabian Pinto Horses, Jacob Sheep, Sheep, Cows, Ducks, Royal Palm Turkeys, Australian Shepherds, Farm Animals, Livestock or Pets
  • PoochandMeow.com - It's reigning cats and dogs! An online resource for pet owners including daily news and advice columns, kids area, shopping, training tips, and consulting services.
  • Rainbow Bridge: About the Poem - For those who have lost a beloved pet and are seeking comfort or for those who would like to offer comfort to someone who has recently suffered such a loss, this site is an oasis. Aside from finding words that will help you in your grief, you can also find a tasteful and thoughtful line of sympathy cards and art prints.
  • Richmond Pets - You don't have to live in the Richmond area to enjoy this site. They offer useful general information as well as pet pictures and pages just for fun.
  • The Secret Box - Shop for supplies for your favorite pet or your favorite human who is a pet lover
  • SimplyPets.com - More links to pet sites in various categories.
  • TTouch Pet Training System - If you are looking for a new and innovative method to train your pet try the TTouch program. This training system is based on holistic theory and practices and offers the pet owner a gentle and total approach to pet training. The program was developed by animal expert Linda Tellington Jones.
  • The Ultimate Animal Stop - A well done home page by someone who is obviously a pet lover. It is evident that much time and thought have gone into the information. It is a bit editorial, information and fun. A good place for pet lovers to visit.
  • Waltham World of Pet Care - Waltham is known for research and expertise in pet care and nutrition. This site offers all types of information and news for dog, cat and bird owners.
  • World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Animal health, well-being and rights - collection of links

  • Usenet rec.pets - news:
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