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  • Rec.humor.funny jokes and comedy   - The net's oldest and most popular comedy publication and newsgroup.
  • Subatomic Humor   - A weekly humor column. Facts about the Roman Empire! Frank talk about pants! Time travel advice! Updated each Thursday.
  • afunny.com - comedy and humor - Twisted humor and original comedy. Submissions encouraged. News, jokes, testimonials, articles, screenplays.
  • Ask Skippy - Skippy will answer ANY question you have...over 300 wacky questions and answers!
  • Bozo Criminal of the Day - Real life, really stupid criminal stories captured from the A.P. wire and other news sources. Laugh at their mistakes.
  • Brain Candy - "Intelligent humor", featuring riddles, jokes (One-liners, Blondes, Lawyers, Rednecks, Stupid Men), quotations, insults, poetry and more.
  • Cartoons, jokes, email humor lists, and fun - Two daily cartoons, joke pages, email humor lists to subscribe to, and lots of links to different humor pages.
  • C*E*A - Center for the Easily Amused - The ultimate guide to wasting time.
  • Contemporary Satire - An irreverent, humorous, and occasionally philosophical look at life. Satire, parody, and original thinking allowed here.
  • Dan Sroka's Digital Diarrhea - Satire, humor, comedy, sarcasm. If you know of the World Famous Calendars, Short Stories, or Unpublished Proceedings of Dan Sroka- you'll love this site!
  • DarkSauce - Crazy photos, jokes, quotes, video clips, and links to other fun sites.
  • David'sPage - One liners about real life: Not My Kids; People Are Annoying; Cars, Travel and Stuff; Around the House
  • Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy - Page of short non-sequiturs from Saturday Night Live.
  • Digital Laughter - 103 funny pictures, also sounds, downloads, digital post cards and so forth.
  • FAL.net - Satire, parody, 'toons and humor... not for the easily alarmed. Misfortune cookies! 101 least effective pickup lines, coversation hearts, etc.! Harvey comics send-ups! Activities! From those nuts at FAL Studios - "We're Making Quality Obsolete".
  • The Fleagleman Sisters - Two lively gals just looking for fun. Jewish humor, irreverent original writing, current events, recipes, satire.
  • A Full Deck - From the creators of Haiku Headlines of the Day. Latest headlines (in limericks and haikus), also Zoaps, political humor, "biting sarcasm, talking horses, and some of the funniest, original material on the net." Updated every Monday with all new content.
  • Funny Banners - Jokes, links, wav's, mp3's, avi's, sounds and media files,opt in joke list, contests, trivia and more.
  • The Funny Firm - The Funny Firm contains topical comedy, jokes, celebrity phone numbers and show prep for radio personalities, writers and anyone looking for a few laughs. Updated five times a week.
  • The Funny Page - About 50 embarrassing moments, 50+ assorted jokes, some cute pet pictures, and funny poems.
  • Hole City - An "on-line community devoted to cornering smart-assedness on the Web." A hilarious look at television, sports, and the news.
  • House of Fun - Collection of funny jokes, stories, lists and forms.
  • Humor.com - Large joke database searchable by 16 categories, content (clean to dirty), and type (1-liner to story), "News of the Weird", links to comedians, cartoons needing captions, and chat.
  • Internet Oracle Resource Index - Dedicated to the Internet Oracle of rec.humor.oracle.
  • Jokin JP's Jungle O Jokes - Mailing list and assorted Jokes, PC pets & pranks, WAVs, humor, links...More fun than humans ought to be allowed!
  • Kent's Humor Page - A whole bunch of new, orignally authored humor pages, mostly on topics such as: plumbers; scientists; contractors; Jerry Springer; sports; canoeing; electricians; Southern U.S.; HVAC mechanics; rednecks; medical technicians; headhunters; etc.
  • Kooks Museum - A full-blown analysis of "kooks", people with strange ideas about science, religion, how the world should work, who to hate, etc. By Donna Kossy, author of "Kooks: A Guide to the Outer Limits of Human Belief", it offers a fascinating look into a rarely- seen world.
  • LaughsOnline - Cartoons, Games and Fun - Daily cartoon, cartoons archives, jokes, over 100 online java games and links. Total fun and entertainment for the entire family!
  • Make You Laugh - Jokes: computers & internet, lawyer, lists, little johnny, medical, regional, religious, school, yo momma. Awkward navigation - the links are on the side and top of each page.
  • Mind Your Own Business - Cool site dedicated to proving that male etiquette is not an oxymoron. Learn the code or take the journey, if you like it, it will like you.
  • The Mother of All Excuses Place - Read or submit excuses for not going to work, school, being stopped by the police, breaking dates, doctor excuses and other topics.
  • MP3 / WAV Answering Machine Messages - Cool site, this place has mp3 and wav versions of hundreds of funny answering machine messages.
  • Netsurfer Central Humor Page - Visit the Netsurfer Central Humor Page for the best and latest in humor on the internet. Netsurfer Central offers over 700 quality links in 18 categories. This is also an ADVERTISEMENT FREE site!
  • pbbt.com - Jokes, funnystuff, humor, and more!
  • PigPog - Comedy, Bill Hicks, and Sentient Dry Roasted Peanuts - Original comedy, collections from the net, Bill Hicks, and whatever else we feel like.
  • Planet EgoMania - ...starring Princess Natalie. A funny site. Lots of content and things to do.
  • The Realm of Niftyness - The one-stop place for time-wasting goodness on the net...interactive games, crudely drawn adventures, Ask Skippy, and even a tour of a real college dorm room!
  • Retro Interactive - Flash cartoons , shockwave games and HTML stories that are original , funny and engaging.
  • The Right Time - How to know the right time for just about anything.
  • Shayne Michael's: Humor Index - Daily humor, e-mail jokes, real audio comedy, great comedy links, comedy club searches by state, and much more.
  • Tequila Ted & His Wild Amigos - Teddy lives on raucous Bourbon Street so don't expect him to sit on a shelf collecting dust! See his comic photos, join a club! Interactive website for teddy bear fans and humorists.
  • Toxic Custard Workshop Files - History of the world, computing definitions, a really silly encyclopedia, the diary of an average Australian - how much more humour could you ask for in one site?
  • Vanity License Plate - Vanity License Plates
  • Wacky Hospitality Sites - A collection of links to strange and bizarre sites dealing with food, hotels, travel and entertainment.
  • The World of Doctor Bob - Logical riddles, humor, Monty Python transcripts, quotations and much more.
  • Wutka's Weird Works - A collection of Mark Wutka's writings and cartoons
  • You Might Be A Redneck ~ Giant List Of 443 One-Liners - TSIA

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