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  • Shooters' Online Services Inc.   - We host over 300 shooting-related websites.
  • Alex's OutDoor LinXs - An extensive set of WWW links to fishing, hunting, shooting sites, and more.
  • The Armory - Firearms related site with firearms references, links and original content.
  • Brownell.com - A shooting supersite for Gunsmiths, gun parts, and shooters supplies.
  • Firearm Image Library - The rec.guns image archives.
  • Firearm Sound Library - The rec.guns firearm sound library.
  • Gun Center.com - Links to web sites about guns and hunting, a free monthly ezine, discussion forums and an affiliate program.
  • GunAndKnife.com - Collectors Forums, Book Store, Online Auction, Web space and more.
  • GunHoo: Gun Pages Central - Thousands of firearms links, alphabetized, categorized and searchable.
  • rec.guns FAQ Home Page - The most complete gun resource on the net!
  • The rec.guns Phone book - Guns Phone book contains the contact information for many gun related businesses, organizations, and people. This document is copywrite by Chris Luchini, 1996, 1997,1998 and may be used for non-commercial purposes only, without the expressed permission of the author.
  • Russian Guns and Firearms - Online resource guide to Russian firearms: Manuals, links, manufacturers and purchasing information.

  • Usenet rec.guns - news:
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