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  • The Catalog Gourmet - A gourmet and professionals resource for hard to find gourmet food products, specialty gifts and secure online purchasing of small brand name kitchen appliances.
  • Famous fried chicken at home - Now you can cook that famous fried chicken (or ribs or wings) in the comfort of your home! Simple ONE step breading and you have fresh hot chicken at home at a fraction of the cost of going to the restaurant. We supply the Cooker,seasoned flour and thermometer to check the temperature of the cooking oil. All you get is the chicken and cooking oil!
  • Food - Links to great food resources, recipes, online cookbooks, restaurant guides, and more.
  • Food Stuff - Reviewed links to the best food, cooking and recipes sites on the internet.
  • Hot Dogs - A hot dog is a hot dog, right? Wrong! There are many types of hot dogs, all with their fans. I have sampled hot dogs around the Nordic, and here is my Nordic Hot Dog Guide.
  • Pasadena Events - Site includes such popular events as the Old Pasadena Chili Cook-off and the Oktoberfest
  • Premier Party Catering , Islington, UK - This site is maintained by the Premier Party Catering Company which also runs a Restaurant in Islington.

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