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  • Cars Everything   - Provides you with tips, hints, news, reviews and references on becoming an educated consumer in automobile shopping.
  • The Auto Channel - Featuring the latest news and information on the ever-changing automotive industry and on motorsports around the world.
  • AutoFanatics - The Best in Truly Unique Gifts and Accessories! Collectible Models, Superior Car Care Products, Dioramas, Clothing and More!
  • AutoPacific - Reputable marketing research and consultancy firm, based in Los Angeles and Detroit, for the automobile industry.
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  • CarPictures.com - A Worldwide Celebration of Cars -- the online car picture database
  • Savvy Motoring - Weekly analysis of the latest cars, trucks and specialty vehicles, along with editorials, maintenance advice, industry news and more.
  • WantAd Press Online! - The Want Ad Press has been one of the most comprehensive weekly advertising periodicals in NJ for the past 30 years.

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