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  • American Livestock Magazine - This magazine will help you learn more about diversified livestock. Great resource for both new and established breeders and other animal lovers.
  • Ask Magpie - 6500 magazines and journals on an easy-to-browse database with links to publishers' websites.
  • Atlantic Unbound - The Atlantic Monthly's home on the Internet, featuring current issues online alongside web-specific content on travel, literature, politics, and digital culture.
  • AutoFan Magazine - Monthly ezine features latest industry news, new car reviews, discussion forums, classifieds and automotive chat. Download a gleaming new automotive screen saver.
  • Barcode Review: Online - Possibly the only magazine dedicated to barcodes! New issues appear about once every five years (on a good day)
  • CLECnews, Inc - A comprehensive news and information source for the telecommunications industry including live news from selected conferences, a complete CLEC directory, conference listings and much more. You need more than just INFO, you need CLECnews.
  • Computer Telephony - Portal to Miller Freeman's Computer Telephony Magazine, Teleconnect Magazine and Call Center Magazine. Up to date news, buyers guide and product features.
  • Contacto Magazine - A publication on U.S. Latinos (Hispanics) and Latin American issues/news.
  • The CUZ Magazine Home Page - A web site for the paper zine CUZ Magazine. Poetry, art, stories, etc. from the zine, as well as cool links, web site reviews and more. A concept in progress.
  • DCity Magazine Online - Washington DC's dining, entertainment and nightlife Source. Visitor and residents alike will enjoy our site and our magazine.
  • DI Europe Site - Supplements Diagnostic Imaging Europe, the only European magazine dedicated to radiology. It includes current contents, forthcoming events, subject archive, and links to useful sites.
  • Downtown Magazine - News and information for Rochester, New York, sports, politics, business, Amerks hockey, Red Wings baseball, Rhinos soccer, Knighthawks lacrosse, culture, horoscopes, page three girls
  • Environment Business - Environmental news and articles from the UK and Europe.
  • etc arts culture music monthly - Louisiana Dept of Subculture. Print distribution Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans Louisiana.
  • Extropy Online - Articles and news about grand-scale future, radical new technologies that help transcend current limits.
  • FEED - Daily news publication with a special interest in technology-related issues.
  • Fritt Forum - Norwegian and English language publication -- online and print magazine -- with special emphasis on nationalism, history and news on activism in Norway.
  • The Full Monty: www.fullmonty.org - an irreverant webzine that gives the full monty on modern life -- when sometimes a half monty would do!
  • Governo.it - Weekly report on Italian Government policies. In English and Italian. Provided by ASCA - National News Agency.
  • Hawaii news and media - Links for news and media from the 50th State. Photos of Big Island events and places including annual Merrie Monarch hula festival.
  • Impact Press - Covering politics and social issues
  • INSYNC: Concepts for Consideration - Magazine which describes itself as "...an alternative medium offering provocative concepts for personal growth and expanded awareness. INSYNC articles provide tools for change directly applicable to the five primary dimensions of human existence(physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual)for optimal life functioning."
  • The internet Telephony website - Online home of Telephony and Global Telephony magazines, two publications that focus on the public network marketplace.
  • Keyboard Magazine - The world's leading music technology magazine. Visit Keyboard Online for artist interviews, downloadable/streaming audio, MIDI files, and how-to articles!
  • Loggen Magazine's Homepage - Loggen Magazine's homepage -- in English and Swedish -- contains photos of ships, articles from the magazine and links to sites mainly related to shipping, logistics and ferries. Loggen Magazine is a Swedish non-commercial shipping magazine.
  • Madhoo's Newstand - An on-line magazine store with cheap subscription prices, and special rates and discounts for students
  • 4Magazines - 4Everything's magazines guide; news and sports to computers and cooking.
  • Magazines A to Z Online - A directory of magazines online.
  • Magazines at NewsDirectory.com - Guide to English-language news and media online. Well-organized links to more than 7,600 newspaper and magazine Web sites worldwide.
  • MagsNow.com Magazine Newsstand - Order a current issue or back issues from thousands of magazine titles. No subscriptions necessary.
  • MediaConnection Online - Covering the world of pop culture including movies, television, comic books, books, toys, games, new media, and more.
  • Mercator's World - Devoted to modern exploration, historic discoveries, and the art, history, and science of maps and mapmaking.
  • Mindjack Magazine - An online magazine about technology, culture and the fringes of each.
  • MoJo Wire - Electronic companion to *Mother Jones*, a publication of the National Foundation for Progress, that strives to promote progressive causes through investigative journalism.
  • The Nation. Unconventional Wisdom Since 1865. - The Nation Digital Edition, website of The Nation magazine, America's oldest weekly journal of politics and culture.
  • National Bus Trader - National Bus Trader-- The premiere magazine for the bus enthusiast! Bus news, weekly photos, trivia, more!
  • National Review Online
  • Netsurfer Central Magazines - Netsurfer Central offers over 60 links to the best magazines on the internet. Netsurfer Central offers over 700 quality links in 18 categories. This is also an ADVERTISEMENT FREE site!
  • New Perspectives Quarterly Online - Consistently engages the best minds and most authoritative voices in cutting-edge debate on current affairs - and does so in a way that is always interesting, accessible, and concise.
  • Newsletter Giubileo 2000 - Weekly magazines reporting news and information on Jubilee. In English and Italian. Provided by ASCA - National News Agency. Your NewHoo editor couldn't find the English version.
  • Newsweek Magazine - Including the full conents of the current issue of Newsweek.
  • Pathfinder From Time/Warner - Gateway to Time/Waner's news magazines.
  • Popular Mechanics PMZone - Popular Mechanics magazine on the web. Since 1902, Popular Mechanics has kept you informed on how the world works. Online since 1995, PMZone carries on with archive articles from the magazine and fresh new content for the web. No matter the subject--Cars, Home Improvement, Science, Technology or Outdoors--if it is part of our lives, PM covers it. Us older guys prefer the 2D to the 3D version.
  • Primal Sense - An online electronic magazine featuring information, opinion, news, articles, and cartoons.
  • Prime Season, an on-line magazine for adults. - Articles about health, money, family, leisure, travel, & more -informative, entertaining, and fun - something for everyone!
  • Pulp Paper Magazine - International pulp and paper magazines, reports, newsletters, directories, and conferences. Pulp & Paper, Pulp & Paper Week, Project Report, Wood Fiber Report, Factbook, Lockwood Post, IPPD, forecasts, maps.
  • Rainbow-PCM Reviews On-Line - Its an E-Zine which has in-depth reviews of software of all kinds, with a heavy emphasis on design and publishing. But there are lots of utility reviews, some games and some hardware reviews as well. We don't skim the surface on the reviews. And we've been reviewing programs for 20 years.
  • Reader's Digest World - This is the Reader's Digest Association web site. Visit Reader's Digest Magazine online. Shop for Reader's Digest books, videos, music, and magazines.
  • Red Herring magazine online - Lively technology business reporting including changes in management and policy that will affect you and your next computer, phone call and television provider. If you are at all interested in money and techonology you need this!
  • Redbook Magazine - Welcome to Redbook, the magazine trusted by young working mothers everywhere for its trusted -- and candid -- information and advice on sex, marriage, motherhood, work, women's health, and style.
  • The Reviewboard magazine - The Reviewboard Magazine: We review the world. Your ultimate guide for anything from fridges to cars, from joysticks to the latest computer games.
  • Rolling Stone Online - "All the News that Fits"
  • 1RSTBASE: MAGAZINES - Direct links to magazines throughout the WWW. Categorized by topic.
  • SeaFood Business magazine site - U.S. trade magazine about seafood industry.
  • SOUTHWEST Diver SCUBA Magazine - Southwest Diver Magazine is distributed FREE online and at more than 1200 locations throughout the Southwest. Southwest Diver can be found in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Mexico, and Catalina Island. Articles are written by divers and professionals especially for our magazine and cannot be found in any other publication. We also offer the only TV guide to scuba diving, travel, equipment and education.
  • Suck - The longest running, most initated, and more gleefully abusive daily column on the Web, Suck features unpopular opinions on pop culture. It's set apart by it's own self-mocking moniker - "a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun" - which they've shamelessly tied into their layout as more autopromotion of the rest of their content. Nothing is reverent on Suck, save Terry Colons' whimsical and energetic illustrations. Definately a must see.
  • Tamarack - An experiential outdoor educational program which produces a renowned historical magazine.
  • Time Magazine - Comprehensive news articles from the magazine. Updated daily.
  • TNT-Audio Internet HiFi magazine - On-line magazine devoted to Music, Audio and HiFi. No subscriptions, no advertising. Listening test, equipment reviews, interviews, DIY projects, tweakings, tips and advices. In English and Italian
  • Upstate Journal monthly magazine - A compilation of poetry, short stories, fiction and essays.
  • U.S. News Online - U.S.News & World Report
  • A Virtual World Of information - Welcome to sjmag online a source for Great Business and education information links from a-z
  • Virtue - Lifting up and challenging Christian women as they grow closer to God, meeting their meditative and devotional needs by providing articles that encourage a deeper spiritual walk and that help women apply biblical principles to daily life.
  • Whole Earth Magazine - Sustainable economics, environment, culture and other topics
  • Wood Technology - www.woodtechmag.com promotes Wood Technology's portfolio of products: feature articles from the magazine, industry links, trade shows/conferences, industry news, books/references.
  • World Press Review - Monthly that translates and republishes news and views from around the world.
  • Youngsistas.com - An online magazine dedicated to young African American women.

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