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  • Alert your family to severe weather - Weather alert radios, Two-way radios, FRS, family and business radios, weather alert radios, NOAA, tornado alert, severe weather warning systems, 280, 250 SLK, Marine radios, CB's, stereo radios.
  • Captain Dave's Survival Center - News and information to help you increase your chances of survival before, during and after natural and man-made disasters, including Y2K. Preparedness tips cover specific disaster types, evacuation planning, food and water preservation and storage, weapons procurement, caching, first aid and survival medicine, plus reviews of survival books and products.
  • Center for Y2K and Society - The Center for Y2K and Society provides information and resources for those who will respond to the potentially serious societal impacts resulting from the Y2K computer problem, including the effects on public health and environmental safety.
  • Common Sense Survival Guides - Guides for many different kinds of emergencies available both on the website and in book form.
  • Dehydrator Recipes and Resources - Dehydrator Recipes and Resources. Collection of free stories to save you time and money. FREE weekly newsletter.
  • Food Storage FAQ - How to prepare foods for long term storage, for survival purposes or for extended shelf life, by Alan T. Hagan.
  • Hawaiian Humane Society Newsletter - Emergency Preparation Tips for pets.
  • HeaterMeals - The Meal That Heats Itself - HeaterMeals are tasty, homestyle meals that require no refrigeration and have a shelf-life of 2 + years. - Each of the six HeaterMeals varieties comes with a 3/4 pound entree, a water-activated food heater, a pouch of water, and cutlery packet.
  • Home Store and Emergency Prep - The Family Connection. Ways to become more self-sustained, with articles and information on food storage, recipes to use,Emergency kits, First-Aid kits, gardening, storage of a years supply of clothing, blankets and so forth.
  • IPC Future Foods - Information on food and water storage, power, light, heat, communication, sanitation, first aid etc.
  • LDS Food Storage List - Provided Courtesy of the WWW First Ward Latter-day Saints
  • Learn-CPR - "Learn CPR," a multi-media VidBook with streaming video, teaches life-saving CPR skills for use on adults, infants and children. Also includes sections on choking emergencies that describe the Heimlich maneuver and other rescue techniques.
  • Lifesaving Wallet ID Cards - The Sound Feelings wallet card displays your lifesaving medical data and family contacts and can be updated in seconds.
  • Lifewater Canada - Drinking water well drilling & handpump training manual
  • Lightning Protection Institute - The Lightning Protection Institute provides information on lightning safety and lightning protection systems for commercial and residential structures.
  • Millenium Bus - Chicago area residents can escape the city during the Y2K disaster by riding the Millenium Bus.
  • MrsSurvival.com - One stop source for women to gather and learn about preparedness. Featured is the Forum, MrsSurvival.com's Survival Talk for Women.
  • Osmond Store - Emergency Preparedness Books, as well as supplies.
  • PrepareAmerica: The Preparedness Library - Emergency Preparedness Information Library and Books for Concerned Citizens.
  • Reddyornot.com - Emergency Preparedness and home & office security products.
  • 4Safety -- a guide to safety - Protect yourself and your family with the advice of USDA Food Safety, National Safety Council, National Highway Traffic Safety and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and many more useful links to information.
  • Safety Tips for the Home, Outdoors, and Sports - Safety tips for active lifestyles- outdoors, sports, biking, beach, home, and more from the leaders in first aid - Life Essentials by Zee.
  • Shock2000.com - This is the premier starting point for in-depth information regarding Y2K and how to get prepared.
  • Simply prepare your home for the Y2K bug - The Y2Kit is a service designed to assist you to prepare your household for the Millennium bug.
  • Surviving Y2K - The fastest-growing Y2K community on the web! Message Boards, news, free stuff, links, and more.
  • TFletch's Y2k Links - Links to Y2k preparedness items that are outstanding bargains or hard to find items.
  • US Dept of Agriculture - Committed to assuring that everyone involved in food supply production and distribution is aware of potential Y2K problems.
  • Y2K / Survival Search - Search for the lastest news and information sites, as well as sites that will help you get prepared for Y2K
  • Y2K Help - Y2K Help: Preparation and Protection for your family.
  • Y2K Resources - Oregon State University Extension Service provides publications for families and businesses to prepare for emergencies. Included: tools for computers, free software from the USDA, assessment and planning tools, publications on water storage, generators, food preservation, local contacts for Oregon counties.
  • Y2K Shopping Center - Our search engine (Y2K Bargain Hunter) helps you find the best prices and deals on y2k preparation products such as dehydrated food, seeds, generators, emergency and survival kits, and radios on the Internet.
  • Y2K Survival Plan - This site offers a Y2K Survival booklet for $5.
  • 100y2k.com - Toplist of Y2K sites.
  • Your Emergency Kit - What to send to disaster-struck areas, what to put into your own emergency kit, how to volunteer your time, talents, or equipment to help victims in disaster areas.

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