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  • Consumer World: Everything Consumer   - Consumer World has over 1700 links to everything 'consumer' on the Internet.
  • Consumerama - People with a *Beef* & a Website!   - Picketing has moved online. An index of companies with links to consumer protest websites and government investigations. Weekly consumer alerts, updates, and features.
  • The Bad, Better & Best Businesses Bulletin Board - An open web (soap)box for consumers to get others to know about their good and bad experiences with specific businesses.
  • Consumer Action & Advice Ring - An informal alliance of fun, informative, and sometimes weird consumer websites. Advice, information, protests and boycotts. Pro-consumer, anti-consumerism.
  • Consumer Advocacy at Suite101.com - Topical and timely consumer articles and editorial content, with links to essential consumer resources.
  • Consumer Information Center - "service is provided by the Consumer Information Center of the U.S. General Services Administration"
  • Consumer Resource and Advocacy - If you've been ripped off or improperly treated by a business, Take Action! FightBack with David Horowitz by posting your complaint on our complaint board for the whole wide world to see, or have David Horowitz send a personal letter on your behalf to assist you in resolving your complaint.
  • ConsumerREVIEW.com - ConsumerREVIEW is the leading resource of quality consumer-generated product reviews on the Internet, with over 85,000 reviews on 15,000 products. Our mission is to provide consumers the opportunity to review and learn about the products they use, as well as have a forum to interact with people who share a common interest.
  • Florida Watch - Sunshine State Consumer Guide. Useful resources for residents and visitors alike.
  • Free-Nets & Community Networks - Find a free community ISP or freenet.
  • Insurance Consumer Advocate Network - Retired adjuster created site where consumers receive tips on buying auto and/or homeowner insurance as well as help in settling auto insurance claims, home insurance claims and personal injury claims.
  • Is ethical consumer an oxymoron? - This part of site challenges ethical consumerism
  • The Moving Assistant ™ - Moving related information, for tenants and landlords. From changing your utilities and rentals to license branches and schools. Rental vacancy listings and resources.
  • Neytendasamt�kin - Consumers' Association of Iceland. Help, information, magazine, links. English page.

  • Usenet misc.consumers - news:
  • Usenet alt.consumers.experiences - news:
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