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  • Achoo Healthcare Online - Search or browse through our extensive directory, or tap into Healthcare News. Finding medical & healthcare information on the Internet has never been this easy.
  • Andrew's W3 Pages - Purpose: To build and maintain the fastest and most comprehensive Internet resource for helping people find reliable medical information.
  • Ask The Nurse - Resource Guide & Medical Database, Ask the Nurse, Fibromyalgia, CFIDS, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Medical Chat, Medical Links, Medical News, Medication Information A Non Profit Medical Ministry.
  • Best Health Sites on the Web - A quick reference guide to the best health sites, including sites Men's Health, Women's Health, Mental Health, and the best health references
  • Better Health - A health community offering health information and health care support on a wide variety of topics. Internal search engine; chat.
  • Better Health Channel - is an on-line information site giving Victorians instant access to the latest information on health conditions, services and events. Navigable in several languages and accessible to the visually impaired.
  • Better Living Resources of America, Inc. - Offers popular books, audio tapes, video tapes and CD-ROM's on today's hottest health topics. BLRA specializes only in the health and wellness area.
  • Bodywise - A definitive guide to health offering useful and practical information on all aspects of health and development relating to men, women, and children from leading experts worldwide.
  • byteMedical - byteMedical is an extremely fast and powerful meta medical search engine. Search all the major medical information sites at once!
  • Calcutta Medical Info: - A comprehensive guide for Calcuttan's for health, medical, medicine shops, cardiac units, hospitals, medical services etc.
  • Cancer News on the Net� - Dedicated to bringing patients and their families the latest information on cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Christian Science shortwave broadcast periodicals. - Gives information on accessing Christian Science broadcasts while hospitalized.
  • Combined Health Information Database - CHID is a database produced by health-related agencies of the Federal Government. This database provides titles, abstracts, and availability information for health information and health education resources.
  • Consumer Reports� Online - Lots of information and advice on health products, services, and decisions.
  • cost of dental care in 300 us cities - Cost of dental care, a dictionary to understand your bill, all about dental insurance
  • Daily Apple, The - An expert guide to all aspects of healthy living and disease prevention. With news, reviews and reference material covering all types of health concerns, as well as support and discussion groups.
  • DayTips' Health Notes - DayTips' Health Notes free mailing list sends you (Monday through Friday) the latest news on health, medicine, and technology -- from new studies and treatments to the latest medical discoveries and controversies.
  • Diagnostic Doc - Free medical service providing information about diagnosis and treatment of Acute Diarrhea, Barrett's Esophagus, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH), Chronic Diarrhea / Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Difficulty Swallowing (Dysphalgia), Dysentery, Food Poisoning, Gastroenteritis, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Heartburn, Indigestion (Dyspepsia), Infectious Diarrhea, Kidney / Urinary Stones (Renal Lithiasis), Macular Degeneration, Macular Hole, Mallory Weiss Tear, Nausea and Vomiting, Peritonitis, Prostatic Cancer, Prostatitis, Renal Papillary Necrosis, Toddler's Diarrhea, Traveler's Diarrhea, and other diseases.
  • Dr. Koop's Community - Former Surgeon General Koop's resources for health information. A wide variety of topics, an encyclopedia, pharmacopeia, and resources guide.
  • Find a Doctor in Your Area - Geographic directory of doctors with links to their websites.
  • Health A to Z - The Source For Health and Medicine. Developed by health care professionals, it includes a directory of more than 50,000 professionally-reviewed Internet resources, supportive online communities, and the HealthAtoZ Calendar.
  • Health and Fitness - Up to the cyber-second! Health & Lifestyle News * Commentary & Forecast
  • Health Communication Network (HCN) - HCN provides the latest comprehensive quality health information via the Internet
  • Health Depot - Directory to Health and medical sites- diet, fitness, disabilities, diseases, health resources, products and sales
  • Health Profiler
  • HealthCheck Risk Assessment - Useful health assessment. Low-key attempt to sell you supplements at the end.
  • healthfinder (tm) - - The ultimate resource for consumer health and human services
  • HEALTHwindows - Who We Are: We are a leading membership healthcare network that helps individuals to become more knowledgeable and active participants in managing their personal health. With our focus on quality we provide information, connectivity and e-commerce services to the consumer and provider of healthcare.
  • HeathIndex UK - HealthIndex UK is a gateway to healthcare information on the Web. The site has a UK focus and contains links to over 750 major healthcare sites and resources around the world.
  • How is your health? - Free reports on, body fat percentage, body mass index, calorie burning activities, target heart rate, smoking costs. Online health risk assessment which provides resources based on your health risks.
  • Important information about the Insulin drug Rezulin, its makers Parke-Davis, and harmulf effects. - Downloadable information about the Insulin drug Rezulin, its makers Parke-Davis, and harmulf effects.
  • Incidence and Prevalence Database
  • Info Prn Medical Research - Medical information and resources for patients, ask the doctor, find a hospital and look up your medications.
  • Internet Medical Center - Professionally moderated discussion groups. Private consults available.
  • Laurus Health Information - Information on health conditions, pharmaceuticals, medical news, plus profiles of physicians and hospitals. Free registration.
  • Mayo Clinic Health O@sis - Mayo Clinic Health O@sis site: provider of health information.
  • MCW HealthLink - An extensive Web site featuring health news and information, produced by the Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • MedCatalog.com - A source of medical products catalogs.
  • MEDguide - Search engine for use in obtaining information relating to all segments of modern medicine and health care. Also features editorials, medical quotes, and more.
  • Med-Help.Com - Resource Guide & Medical Database, Ask the Nurse, Fibromyalgia, CFIDS, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Medical Chat, Medical Links, Medical News, Medication Information A Non Profit Medical Ministry.
  • Medical Access Online - Online since 1997 this healthcare directory provides links to physicians, chat rooms, bulletin boards, hospitals, insuranace carriers, pharmaceutical organizations, health news, diseases, databases and free classifieds.
  • Medicine OnLine - In-depth information on cancer for healthcare professionals and consumers. Includes Daily Oncology News, meeting reports, and DoseCalc, the online dosage calulator for oncology professionals.
  • Medi-consult - Professionally moderated, consumer focused free virtual medical clinic offering detailed medical and drug information and support to patients managing medium and long term medical conditions.
  • Medinex Medical Communities for Doctors and Patients
  • Medshare.com - This is the place to exchange real information with real people. Share your knowledge with others who suffer from the same disease as yourself. Read what others are doing to fight and cure their disease. Free registration.
  • Medsite - The Premiere Medical Search Engine and your online source for medical and health information with the most comprehensive medical directory on the Internet. Medsite provides medical and health resources for individuals, patients, doctors, nurses, therapists, researchers, and professionals relavent to the medical community.
  • MSN Sidewalk Family Services Buyer's Guide - Helpful guides to help you choose your physician, lawyer, health club, and make many other decisions about services and products for your family.
  • National Doctors Directory - Online Directory of doctors in USA, Europe and UK.
  • National Institutes of Health -- Health Information Index - Main consumer health information page for the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • NetHealth's Internet Health Guide - Provides authoritative consumer health and medical information as well as reviews and links to other health resources on the Web.
  • Netscape Health Channel - Try this complete resource for diseases, exercise, women's health issues, and more.
  • No Frills Health - The No Frills Guide to Health is a fast, easy to use and above all useful guide to quality health sites on the net. Built by human beings for human beings.
  • One Degree Beyond Resource Center - A gateway to sites dealing with the questions of science, spirit, and healing. Reiki, Energy Medicine, natural healing Links and more.
  • A Patient's Guide to Choosing Unconventional Therapies - How to evaluate and find information on unconventional therapies. Provided by the Canadian Cancer Society and Canadian Lung Association.
  • A Patient's Guide to the Internet - A step-by-step guide for patients seeking medical information on the Internet.
  • The Personal Medical Records Program - The PMR Program keeps your medical and dental history in a single database, letting you keep track of dates, costs, and other information regarding prescriptions, doctor visits, hospital stays, symptoms, allergies, operations, innoculations, braces, glasses and more. The program lets you reference and print your medical history, keep track of your current prescriptions, and create daily prescription reminder sheets with checkoff boxes.
  • Physician.com
  • Rocketdownload - Health and Fitness - Software and links for healthy minds and bodies.
  • Sapient Health Network - interactive health information service developed for patients with chronic and life threatening illnesses.
  • SciTalk.com - Science Information For Health And Disease - Science related resources for the public on Health and Disease. Discussion boards, chat, news, patents, clinical trials, books, etc.
  • Search-It-All - Doctor and Hospital search, Nutrition Facts, Drug and Disease Lookup, Health Information and more.
  • Second Opinion Medical Information Services - Your complete medical information resource site. Best doctors/hospitals searches - Options - Doctor misconduct searches - Diagnosis reports and much more.
  • SOS Talisman. Jewelry which conceals vital medical information - Jewelry with a special capsule which contains details such as your blood group, allergies etc. Vital in an emergency - it could save your life.
  • 1stHeadlines - Health
  • 1-Stop Popular Consumer Health Links - Updated listing of the top health and fitness Web sites.
  • Surgical Associates Inc. - Surgical Associates provides information on treatment of cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, hernia, thyroid disease, breast cancer, and other topics in general surgery and laparoscopic surgery.
  • Texas Physician Finder - Local directory of physicians in the state, along with brief patient education and links to help pick a specialist or general doctor. Requires frames-capable browser.
  • UK Health Centre - Home Page - Guide to UK health and medical resources on the internet
  • WellnessBooks.com - Your comprehensive resource to books on diseases, disorders and chronic illness. Read informative book reviews and order books online.
  • The Wonderful World of Diseases! - A fascinating catalog of links and information on all your favorite diseases and human conditions, including a few that you have probably never heard of. Includes an online bookstore which caters to those who enjoy reading about epidemiology and microscopic life-forms of a contagious nature.
  • WWW Virtual Library: Public Health - A meta-site offering resources on public health regarding all countries of the world plus 84 selected topics.
  • Your Health and Pharmacy OnLine - Health and Wellbeing Site With information on specific Ailments, Diseases, Medicines, Drugs, Vitamins, Baby, Beauty, Skin Care, Homeopathy, Herbs - Including Indexed Links. Also includes a Professional Section.

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