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  • ADR-4 - Device for energizing beverages and food intended to improve healing and slow down the aging process.
  • ADT Enterprises - Vitamin and mineral supplements, energy drinks and snacks, memory enhancers, hair and skin care, muscle/workout enhancers, weight loss products.
  • BodyForm Heat and Cold Therapy System - Product created to provide ice, heat and support therapy while maintaining comfort and convenience.
  • Bovine Colostrum - Supplement intended to improve health, increase energy and help alleviate the symptoms of chronic illness.
  • CAPI Shoe Inserts - Cushioned anti-pronation inserts designed to help prevent and treat shin splints, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, stress fractures and similar conditions.
  • Cellasene - Herbal treatment for cellulite.
  • 1001 Chemicals in Everyday Products - Informative book about chemicals people are exposed to in everyday life. Covers a wide range of chemicals in common products from food, cosmetics, and cleaning products to gardening and car care products.
  • Day-Light Light Therapy Systems - Designed for bright light therapy of those who suffer from sunlight deprivation, seasonal affective disorder, jet lag and to help in shift work adjustments.
  • Drugstore.com - Online ordering for health products, beauty, wellness, personal care and pharmacy.
  • Drysol - Stop sweating - recommended by Dear Abby.
  • EasySoy - Soy-based dietary supplement intended to lower cholesterol levels.
  • The Ephedra Site - Ephedra can be used to treat asthma and allergies and has also become widely used as "smart drug", energizer and weight-loss product.
  • Eternal HGH - Supplement which claims to stimulate the body to release human growth hormone; also contains an herbal blend.
  • Ger-Mar Hair Growth Solution - Natural formula intended to slow hair loss and stimulate regrowth.
  • GHR-15 Growth Hormone Releaser - Product intended to stimulate the body to release human growth hormone in order to improve health and slow the aging process.
  • Home Health Products - Publication/catalog
  • Home-Aid-Healthcare, Inc. - Distributor of medical supplies such as diabetic, nebulizer, ostomy, blood pressure monitors and ambulatory aids.
  • KL Medical Information Cards - Laminated, wallet-sized cards provide important information in case of emergency. Magnetic refrigerator medical cards and keyring alert tags also available.
  • Lifecoach - Dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, natural home, health, and lifecare products from around the globe.
  • Medical ID Cards - Personalized medical ID cards to assist those with communication impairments or aphasia due to stroke and traumatic brain injury.
  • Medical Mall at America's Doctor - Wide variety of medical products and equipment.
  • MedQue.com Health and Medical Superstore - Direct-order vendor of a wide variety of health and medical supplies.
  • Personal Health Network, Inc. - Software tool designed to help you understand, monitor, and improve your health, and the health of those you love.
  • Pharmacy Express Limited - Direct retailer of health and beauty products.
  • PharmacyExpress - Worldwide shipping of medications and supplements such as Cellasene, Nicorette and Xenical.
  • Plain Good Nutraceuticals - Nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, discussion area, newsletter.
  • Pure n Natural Systems - Many types of air purification and water filtration systems.
  • Real Age - A new way of interpreting the best and most up to date research the scientific community has to offer on health and aging.
  • Robertson's Eczema Treatments - Cortisone-free ointment, bodywash and shampoo for the treatment of eczema.
  • Rose Marie Collection - Skin care, health and nutrition products.
  • Sacro Wedgy - Pillow for relief for back and sciatica pain.
  • Snorban - Snoring Remedy - Mouthpiece for snoring relief.
  • Snoreless - Natural remedy for snoring.
  • Splenda - Vendor of Splenda (sucralose), a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate sweetener.
  • The SupportShop - Brand name compression support hosiery at discount prices.
  • Whisper O2 Oxygen Concentrators and Nebulizers - Manufacturer and distributer of low noise oxygen concentrators and respiratory equipment.
  • Youth HGH ReNEW 2000 - Product intended to stimulate release of human growth hormone in order to promote health and slow the aging process.

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