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  • American Dental Association - Professional association of dentists dedicated to serving both the public and the profession of dentistry.
  • Bioprobe - We are dedicated to providing you with the most current and accurate information available on the potential health effects of ''silver'' dental fillings that contain up to 50% mercury, a very toxic substance!
  • Dental Life: The Official Dental Website of Ontario,Canada - Dental Life is the Official Dental Website of Ontario, Canada,with a great travel section,dental events calendar,dental related links, & much, much more make this your start site for Dental Related Internet needs.
  • Dental Supplies and Information - Information on dental supplies, dental contacts, teeth, connections to other dental information and businesses; locations of dentists and other dental-related practices. Editor: Nice looking site, designed for REAL Dentists.
  • Dentures software - DentVision is a dentures' simulation software to visualize the esthetic effect of the future dentures.
  • Fresh Breath Resource Center - Bad breath ( halitosis )? The FBRC contains carefully researched answers to questions about halitosis. A directory of breath treatment centers (and information on how to get listed).
  • Mr. Reach - Mr. Reach will take you on fun adventures while you learn the importance of toothbrushes, floss, rinse, and good oral health care.
  • Pediatric Dental Health - Provides information to parents and clinicians for maintaining the oral and dental health of children.
  • Cerec - ceramic solutions for teeth - This German Dentist uses the latest technology to provide cosmetic dentistry, and includes some interesting images and graphics to explain treatments. (July 2, 1999)
  • Whiterteeth.net - We provide professional tooth whitening, under the direction of a dentist, for less than half the cost of having it done at your local dental office. (July 2, 1999)

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