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  • The Merck Manual of Geriatrics   - This is an excellent site for information on all aspects of health and aging. Listed by subject.
  • AAOS On-Line Service - American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Public Information area includes material about arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, total joint replacement and the prevention of back pain and broken hips.
  • AARP Research Center - Health and Long-Term Care - Information, research results and policy insights about access to health care and long-term care; financing care, benefits and services; Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance; managed care and consumer protection; advance directives and ethical issues; malpractice, fraud and abuse.
  • Action for Healthy Aging and Elderly Care - The Novartis Foundation for Gerontological Research. Areas of interest to physicians and researchers, other healthcare professionals, and patients. Weekly news updates from Reuter's Health Information. Patient area topics include impaired mobility and nutrition. The Ask the Expert forum is free to view, but does require registration if you wish to participate.
  • Agency for Health Care Policy and Research - Aimed at health practitioners and cited by the American Geriatrics Society
  • Australian Geriatric Society - Fairly extensive links to elder care in Australia
  • Geriatrics and Aging at PlanetClick - Searchable, browsable directory of geriatrics and aging websites, prioritized by user ratings and reviews. Extensive topic channels, personalization, and expert features. Links to other sites do open within a frame, so you must 'open frame in new window' if you want to bookmark a specific offsite page.
  • International Year of Older Persons 1999 - 1999 has been declared the International Year of Older Persons by the U.N. This page is at the Province of Ontario website.
  • International Year of Older Persons 1999 U.N. - 'Towards a society for all ages.' United Nations/Division for Social Policy and Development.
  • Mental Health and Aging - This site will assist older adults and their families in obtaining appropriate mental health and aging services, and teach them how to advocate to get their needs met.
  • The National Advisory Council on Aging - The NACA is a Canadian federal government organization.
  • OKSeniors - Oklahoma Senior Resources Guide. Information for those in OK and the USA. Aging & disability resources: physical and mental health, living and care facilities, support, legislation, safety and adaptive products, health and medical care, pets, grief, death and dying, financial, insurance, nutrition.
  • The Patient Education Forum - The American Geriatrics Society. Aging FAQ.
  • Reliable Elder Access to Care for Health on the Net - REACHnet's links to reliable medical information for older adults. The Johns Hopkins University.
  • Research into Ageing - This national registered charity in the UK furthers medical research in healthy aging at universities, hospitals and medical schools. Current research programs, newsletter, fundraising and links. Free pamphlets. "Exercise for Healthy Ageing" book and "More Active - More Often" video available for purchase.
  • Senior's Health - Mediconsult educational materials resources page many of which are for seniors.
  • 99 Steps to 100! - Simple steps covering diet, attitude, renewal, and exercise. at ThirdAge Media, Inc.
  • U.K. Geriatric Web Site - British Geriatrics Society
  • U.S. Consumer Gateway - Aging and eldercare links. Information topics include Hearing Aids, and Health Care.
  • When Does Someone Attain Old Age? - The Ohio Department of Aging, Senior Series. SS-101-96.

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