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  • Game Developers' Conference   - 1999 Game Developers Conference - San Jose March 15-19, 1999. All the best and the brightest in game development will be there, sharing tools, tips and technologies for 5 days of unbridled professional learning, networking & fun.
  • GameDev.Net   - A some of the largest independent game development sites have combined to form GameDev.Net, which has now become the largest game development site on the net.
  • ACM/SIGCHI - Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction
  • All About Games - A very large resource of reviews and information about computer and console games. Lists of developers and publishers.
  • Altima.org - An Open-Source RPG in design now, they welcome talent of all types.
  • AnyGame.Com - Dedicated to "The Business of Computer Games" - The mission of AnyGame.Com is to provide insights into how to do business on the Internet by using the computer game industry as the model. Along the way, you will see some of the best Web sites from some of the hottest studios, learn from their Executives, Marketing and PR Departments as well as their WebMasters, and what the heck ... there are lots of FREE GAMES!
  • Blue Sky Rangers/companies - Where Are They Now?
  • Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page - Source of information about Visual Basic, add-on products, and the user community on the Internet.
  • Civ II Evolution Project - Developing an Open Source strategy game based on Sid Meier's Civilization II but with better strategic challenge. Public project.
  • Computer Game Developers Association - CGDA is a sponsor of the annual Game Developers Conference, formerly known as CGDC, which has become the game industry's only major conference and trade show exclusively for developers of electronic games.
  • CrystalSpace a opensource 3d engine
  • E3Expo - Electronic Entertainment Expo - E3 - Electronic Entertainment Expo is The showcase for what's new and what's next. E3Expo is the ultimate event for the interactive industry. E3 is a must for the following segments: buyers/retailers, developers and producers, distributors/Rack Jobbers/Wholesalers, Entertainment Industry Representatives, FInanciers, Investment bankers and Venture Capatalists, Importers/Exporters, Manufacturers, Programmers, Resellers, Worldwide Electronic and Print Media, Researchers, Educators/Librarians, Software Developers and Publishers
  • Eugene Pervago Game Design - Over 80 articles, 60 links on all aspects of game developments plus forum.
  • Fastest Game News Online - Updated twice every weekday morning. Has basically everything you will need to know to keep yourself up to date with the game industry.
  • Fire On The Suns - FOTS is an electronic boardgame & pbem game toolkit for developing scifi strategy & conflict games. It is also a free pbem game offering. The FOTS CD is $25 (plus shipping). FOTS is a scifi strategy & conflict game for up to 11 players plus a GM.
  • FUDGE FAQ - FUDGE Frequently Asked Questions
  • Gamasutra - The online free version of Game Developer Magazine. Weekly articles on game design and threads for discussion.
  • Game Depot - A website with discussion forums for discussing game design. 3D topics and others.
  • Game Design @ Gameslice - The former videogamedesign.com now resides on Gameslice. It has most of the site's former information and is still updated occasionally.
  • Game Developer Magazine - Game Developer magazine is a monthly publication that delivers technical, how-to articles to professionals creating hits for the PC, console and arcade.
  • The Game Developer's Resourcium - Here you will find information and reviews about almost every aspect of game development; programming, algorithms, design, hardware, books, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • Game Development Central - A basic overview of topics on game development including: how to get started, digital video, digital audio, MIDI, Java, selling a game, programming, operating systems, development cycle, etc.
  • Game Jobs - Listings of current job openings.
  • The Game Programming MegaSite - Home of the Game Programmers Guild.
  • GamePower - Game section of CMPnet.
  • Gameslice - Reporting on events within the game industry they have no-holds barred editorials weekly on interesting topics.
  • GameWEEK - Web site for GameWeek magazine. Keeps lists of top selling console games.
  • Gaming Insider - A very risque site with the latest rumors and insight on the game development world's inner workings.
  • Gess - Gess (pronounced "guess") is a game for two players that was originally conceived by the Puzzles and Games Ring of the Archimedeans as a generalised form of chess.
  • History of Home Video Games - This site is dedicated to home videogames.
  • I Have No Words & I Must Design - Article on game design.
  • Immersion Technology - PC and Arcade Games Developer, Australia, Web Site Developer, RaceAge, SmartPlay
  • Independent Games Festival - A festival to encourage growth and competition between independent game developers. It is held at the Game Developer Conference and open to anyone who is not funded by an established publisher.
  • International Game Developers Network
  • International Game Developers Network - A non-profit membership association for the game developer community.
  • InWorld VR, Inc. - Complete development solutions for virtual reality and interactive media.
  • Java(TM) Media APIs Home Page - Source for Java(TM) technology
  • Linux Game Development Center
  • Loonygames - Features articles about the craft of games. Regular tutorial columns on 3D animation and game design. Unique columns like Pixel Obscura's reviews of games from a cinematographer's perspective.
  • MadGames - MadGames is dedicated to bringing you high-quality ZZT Games, Half-Life levels, adventure games designed with SCRAMM, and humorous game reviews!
  • MILIA - International Content Market for Interactive Media in Cannes France - bringing together the leading content-providers and creatives from the on-line, multimedia, games and digital sectors.
  • MindShift Design - PBM/PBeM/RPG Game Developers. Home to "SUERGAN: The Shattered Isles", and other games in development.
  • NAD Centre - The NAD Centre is a 3D animation and video game school.
  • NBCC Miramichi - Offering courses in game design
  • Next Generation - Computer and Videogames -- Sega Saturn Sony PlayStation Nintendo 64 Arcade PC Macintosh Online 3Dfx PowerVR Riva
  • P.C. Wrede's Worldbuilder Questions -- MAIN - Advice for the creation of fictional worlds for science fiction, fantasy, and role-playing games authors
  • Roguelike News - The Roguelike News page, aiming to be your one stop web-site for everything happening in the distilled gameplay world of roguelike games.
  • the RPG Hound - The RPG Hound was created as a kind of haven for people who play role-playing games for the right reason - because it's fun.
  • So You Want to be a Computer Game Developer
  • TechWeb - On-line encyclopedia of technology terms.
  • VIDEOTOPIA - Exhibit of the History of Video Games - an international traveling museum exhibit chronicling the history of mankind's first interactive media
  • WWW.ProgrammersHeaven.com Mainpage - Offers 1000+ FREE files to download and more than 1600 programming-related sorted links. For programmers at any level.
  • XPlus - DirectX Game Development News - Information, news, articles and links to the latest on DirectX and game development.

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