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  • Academic K12 Vocabulary and Theme Crosswords for Publications - Devoted to puzzles, board games, trivia, related books and software. You will find crosswords, riddles and word puzzles, logic and strategy software/board games, and a large selection of shareware.
  • ALLwords.com - Crossword Solver - An online facility for solving awkward crossword clues - just type in the letters you know to find the words that fit.
  • American Crossword Puzzle Tournament Homepage - The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
  • Anagram Crosswords - Intriguing crossword puzzles in which all the clues are anagrams.
  • Brenda's Page - Puzzle on page to print and work offline. Also, custom crossword puzzles constructed for special occasions with words from list submitted by client.
  • Crossdown Crossword Puzzles - Solve and construct professional crosswords on your Windows computer! New features include SCROLLABLE clue list, sound card support with SPEAKING messages, dictionary "hot-link" access and extensive on-line help. Includes professionally constructed puzzles by some of the top names in the industry. Easy to install and UN-install. Named Peoples' Choice for 1998 by the Educational Software Cooperative. Member of the Association of Shareware Professionals.
  • Crossword Compiler - Create educational and professional crosswords with this Windows software. Though used by many of the world's professionals the software is also easy to use for teachers and enthusiasts.
  • Crossword Construction Kit 98 - The Desktop Publisher for Crosswords. Features the unique ability to make puzzles in fun shapes (diamonds, doughnuts, trains, etc)
  • Crossword Maestro for Windows - Crossword Maestro solves cryptic and non-cryptic crossword puzzles and explains in plain English how the clues work!
  • Crossword Puzzle Books - All your favorite crossword books - order them online from BrainGames Bazaar in association with Amazon.com
  • Crossword Puzzles - Ray Hamel's crossword page
  • Crossword Puzzles - Welcome from The Mining Co. - Find online crosswords, access software to write your own puzzles. Explore standard to exotic formats ranging from novice to challenging. From The Mining Company.
  • Crossword puzzles and word games from the ClueMaster - Hundreds of cryptic, quick, word searches and logic puzzles already available with 50 added each month and 70+ FREE top-quality puzzles for guests. Now including GIANT 2-Way crosswords.
  • Crossword Software Guide - If you are a crossword enthusiast you will find here all the software you need, whether it's for creating crosswords or helping to solve them.
  • 4Crosswords - Test the ups and downs of the greatest puzzles on the Internet! The New York Times' crossword and others will challenge your knowledge of history, science, language and entertainment.
  • Crosswords & Other Word Games - We have found places on the WWW that are excellent sites. We decided to compile the list below for all "surfers" who are looking for crossword puzzles, comic strips, and word-related content.
  • The CRUCIVERB-L Crossword Page - The CRUCIVERB-L page is a place for crossword puzzle enthusiasts to hang out. The forum is for the discussion of crossword construction. If you are a constructor or wish to learn how to become one, consider subscribing to the list.
  • Daily Crossword - ThirdAge offers a new crossword puzzle everyday.
  • Dictionnaire de Mots Crois�s - Online French Crossword Puzzle Dictionary.
  • FAQ for rec.puzzles.crosswords - Here you will find the answers to many questions which people, from time to time, have asked in the rec.puzzles.crosswords newsgroup. The FAQ will also act as a convenient store of knowledge which the participants may find useful, or even interesting.
  • HandiLinks To Crossword Puzzles - A WWW Directory, Guide, Yellow Pages and Index of Links related to Crossword Puzzles and over 24,000 other categories!
  • Java Crossword Gallery - Java Crossword Gallery
  • Literate Software Systems Home Page - Get the free Across Lite software, visit the crossword puzzle gallery, and exchange ideas with and meet other crossword enthusiasts in the CrossTalk Lounge.
  • MSNBC - Crossword - A new playable crossword puzzle every day. Hundreds of past puzzles available.
  • National Puzzlers' League - Crosswords & other word puzzles and games.
  • Puzzle Depot: Trivia, Puzzles and Games For Education or Recreation! - Devoted to puzzles, board games, trivia, related books and software. You will find crosswords, riddles and word puzzles, logic and strategy software/board games, and a large selection of shareware.
  • Puzzle Express - Puzzle Express offers puzzle playing software, free monthly puzzles to download, an online crossword and word search puzzle, and an e-mail subscription service. Custom crosswords may be ordered.
  • Puzzles@Random - Puzzles @ Random: crosswords, puzzles, contests, freebies, prizes, and more from the world's largest publisher of puzzle books!
  • Search Lessons Learned from Crossword Puzzles - Pointer to an academic paper
  • USA Today Crosswords - Daily crosswords (Monday thru Friday) from USA Today
  • Webber's Cryptic Crosswords - Monthly cryptic crossword puzzles by one of the top crossword constructors in the U.K.
  • Welcome and Enjoy Playing Riddler's Games! - Online single- and multiplayer games including puzzles, trivia, crosswords, riddles, more... all for free!
  • Word Puzzler's Corner - An extensive archive of word fit and crosswords, links to other sites
  • The World's First Crossword - Read about - and solve - the world's first crossword, by Arthur Wynne, first published in the New York World in 1913

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