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  • Awesome Software Online- Home Of The RPG Toolkit - Official home of the RPG Toolkit Development System, an RPG Editor for creating and playing your own RPG games.
  • BetaFIND - Want to try out hot, new games before everyone else does? Want to be a part of the game development process? If so, be a beta tester. Your job as a beta tester would be to play the game and report any bugs. We at BetaFIND will hook you up with companies looking for beta testers. FREE!
  • Confusion Design FST - The FST Flight Simulation Development Enviroment
  • The Cycon Online Gaming (COG) Engine - The COG Engine is an Open Source project aimed at simplifying the creation of online video games.
  • DiGiaCom Technologies - FST 98 Devlopment
  • Digital Loca - Information about Digital Loca, a complete 3D game design software program. Digital Loca Lite, a low cost program designed for beginners, is available for sale from a link at the site.
  • FST Megaweb - Largest web site devoted to Domark's "Flight Sim Toolkit".
  • Games Creation Language - Modular Basic with DirectX Extensions - Create high-speed games using GamesBasic. GamesBasic is a computer programming language (similar to BASIC) which allows the user to use DirectX to create games, demos and applications.
  • The Official CGMP homepage - This is the site for my GCS, CGMP. Come on, you know that you wanna go here. Now. It's got 3D! Really!
  • Official Verge Engine - The most powerful RPG creation system availible. Verge 2 supports 16 bit color, high resolutions, FLC/AVI playback, MOD/S3M/XM module music playback, .WAV playback, MIDI, HUGE maps, animated characters, and is fully expandable using the VergeC scripting language.
  • The Official ZIG Homepage - ZIG is a game creation system currently under development by Jacob Hammond. It is similar to the now-freeware ZZT from Epic MegaGames.
  • The Official ZZ3 Page - ZZ3 is a game creator that is in development. It is a clone of Epic Games' classic ZZT.
  • Sphere RPG Engine - Ever had that perfect plot idea for an RPG but didn't have the programming knowledge to create it? Enter Sphere. Sphere is a console-style RPG engine that allows others to create an RPG similar Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or Phantasy Star.

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