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  • Gameseeker - Card Games   - "Gameseeker is a search engine specialized in the research and indexation of sites all over the web that are related to games, tabletop and computer. These sites can be professional or non-professional. It is totally free of use and of registration." Search, or browse through categories. Very nice.
  • Acey-Deucey at Bill's Place - A JavaScript version of the game Acey-Deucey, also known as Red Dog and Between-the-Sheets. View your hand statistics, submit your score, and view high score list.
  • Card Games (Jennifer Bullock) - Provides introduction, rules for a variety of card games: Spades, Crazt Eights, Chinese 10, Hearts, Poker, and Iron Cross Poker.
  • Card Games (John McLeod) - "Bringing you rules and information about card and tile games from all parts of the world." This well-organized site has games arranged alphabetically, categorically, geographically. Lists hundreds of games.
  • CardGames.com - CardGames.com is a FREE resource that is dedicated to bringing you the best in tips, tactics, and tutorials for your favorite card games.
  • Double-Deck Pinochle for Windows - Describes the popular card game Double-Deck Pinochle, presents the rules of the game, and offers a shareware program that may be downloaded to play Double-Deck Pinochle under Microsoft Windows. Also contains technical information, help files, and links to other Pinochle sites.
  • Freecell.org - The site for information about the solitaire game FreeCell. Links to the rules of the game, the FreeCell FAQ and solutions to freecell positions.
  • House of Cards - The House Of Cards is a central resource for all information related to playing cards. You'll find links to all sorts of card games and card game information, including solitaire, poker, bridge, hearts, canasta, rummy, casino gambling, etc.
  • Net Surf - MTG Portuguese distribuitor - Magic the Gathering distribuitor in Portugal. We have singles to sell! Portuguese language only.
  • Outpost-Online, Magic cards - Magic (The Gathering) cards, decks, tournament reports, and news from Germany and Europe, available in both English and German.
  • Solitaire Central - A Central Resource for Solitaire and Patience Card Game Enthusiasts - A source for information related to solitaire card games, patience games, and playing cards. It includes solitaire games to download, solitaire information and rules to solitaire games, and links to Windows, DOS, Macintosh, and online (web-based) solitaire games. Home of Randy Rasa's card games, including Poker Patience Pack, Mount Sunflower, Chinese Solitaire, Four Seasons, Poker Squares, Idiot's Delight, FoxFire 13, Solitaire Suite, Simple Pleasures, and Pyramid Deluxe.
  • Solitaire Games - Solitaire Games is an site with information about computer solitaire games. It contains a glossary of solitaire terms, rules to solitaire games, links to other solitaire sites, and links to computer solitaire programs. Provided by Goodsol Development Inc.

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