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  • Irony Games' Dice Server   - Irony Games' Dice Server
  • about.com: Board Games - Latest board game news with weekly features and over 150 quality links in a well-designed index for board game sites.
  • Ahoy, Captain! Welcome to the seas of Pirateer... - Vast treasure, fast ships and cutthroat rivals await you on the seas of Pirateer, the fast-paced strategy game where fortunes turn on pirate skullduggery and a roll of the dice.
  • The All Canadian Trivia Board Game - The All Canadian Trivia Board Game is Canada's newest and most exciting trivia board game. Test your knowledge with 2,000 all Canadian questions in four exciting categories. Visit us on-line for a chance to win a free game.
  • Ataxx ! The Pressibus inventory - Ataxx is similar to Reversi/Othello, with other moves. More offensive, more parameters. Permanent inventory, many links for download, java applets. Also Hexxagon games.
  • Bailiwick - The Game of Counter Points. an unpredictable, fast game where you never know who will win! Imagine moving forward and backward while removing others from above and below too, in your quest to be the first to get your tokens into your center bailiwick home "territory."
  • Billabong Boardgamers - Billabong Boardgamers are a Melbourne (Australia) based group who play German and other European boardgames on a weekly basis.
  • The Board Game Page - Brief descriptions of many Board Games, old and new.
  • The Board Gamesbook - A site with rules for free (public domain) board and card games. Links to many sites with free board games.
  • Board Room, The
  • Brett and Board - On-line gaming magazine with great articles on the best from Germany and elsewhere.
  • CMU Gaming Club
  • EMA Educational Map Games - Since 1974 millions nationwide have enjoyed our unique educational games and posters.
  • Fiendish Games - Producers of board games in the German style, with the emphasis on simple rules, lots of decision making and player interaction. Our current products include Breaking Away, Office Politics, Devil Take The Hindmost and Traffic Lights. The site also hosts Mission From God, the directory of amateur magazines that run board games (such as Diplomacy, 1830, Acquire) by post.
  • Free Board Games - Free Board Games by Emmor Ray Sperry - The Superlative Game Co. Ltd. These are strategy, family, 3-d, and party games - includes pictures, full discriptions and rules for play so you can build them yourself. These are copyrighted but free to individuals to make for their own use.
  • The Game Cabinet - A monthly magazine covering board and card games with an emphasis on the European games scene. Each issue features reviews, original games, surveys of traditional games, and rule translations for new Eurogames.
  • The Game Closet - Thousands of used & out-of-print board games for sale!
  • Game Night - Devoted to the fans of gaming, this site also serves as the home of a gaming group located in northeast Ohio. Information about the gamers and the board games they play.
  • Game Report Online, The - Web incarnation of The Game Report, a quarterly publication dedicated to board, party, dice, card, family, and strategy games of all shapes and sizes.
  • The Game Room - Play classic board games, like chess, checkers and backgammon; test yourself with brain teasers, puzzles and trivia; laugh at jokes and humorous stories in ThirdAge's Game Room.
  • The Gaming Dumpster - Welcome to the erratic and rather chaotic mess of the Dumpster. Here we archive any spare bits of flotsam and jetsom about board games. In particular, we archive translations of lots of German board games. The buttons at the bottom of each page allow anyone to add content to the Dumpster.
  • Go For Launch Board Game - Nasa trivia pursuit game involving question about space history, nasa, astronuats, cosmonauts and more.
  • Go2Net Games Search Channel - The Games channel searches for news and reviews on console games, computer games, and other diversions. For example, see what people are saying about The Legend of Zelda 64. Also featuring games message boards and news.
  • Lines of Action - Lines of Action is a board game, of the same general type as Chess, Go, or Othello.
  • Pentegonia, the Board Game - Pentagonia is a new two-player, abstract-strategy, board game with a very chess-like attribute. Victory is completely dependent on your mental powers, and completely independent of luck.
  • rec.games.board FAQ and intro - rec.games.board FAQ and intro
  • RoboRally: Rubiks Arena - A unique variant of the RoboRally game that places the bots in a cubic, shifting universe.
  • Roman Board Games - The Romans played a wide variety of board games, including Knucklebones (Tali & Tropa), Dice (Tesserae), Roman Chess (Latrunculi), Roman Checkers (Calculi), The Game of Twelve Lines (Duodecim Scripta), The Game of Lucky Sixes (Felix Sex), Tic-Tac-Toe (Terni Lapilli), Roman Backgammon (Tabula), Egyptian Backgammon (Senet), and others.
  • Settlers of Catan - An English resource for the bestselling German Game, The Settlers of Catan.
  • Sierra Madre Games home page - Lords of the Sierra Madre
  • Simulation Gaming - Reviews & resources having to do with simulation gaming.
  • Space Race - Space Race is a boardgame where players redesign the board each time they play the game, by using interlocking hexagonal land and ocean plates to build Earth, Moon, Mars, or any solar system they care to design. After placing natural resource chips and cog shaped cites onto their planets, players advance their stone-aged cities into the space age, exploring the solar system as they go.
  • Talisman, the Quest - Site for the Games Workshop fantasy board game, by co-creator of two official expansions. The rules, additional characters, board sites, scrolls, adventure cards, and links.
  • Terrace´┐Ż Strategy Game - Terrace Strategy Board Game and Computer Terrace Game. An exciting game with only 4 easy, playable by 2, 3, or 4 players. When the board game was introduced in 1992, Terrace won every major award and was put on Star Trek: The Next Generation as a permanent prop.
  • TV Trivia Decades - The Board Game without the BORED! Test your tv show and actor(ess) trivia skills with this portable game! NOTE: Frames, slow gateway page.
  • Up Front Main Page - Unofficial page for the UP FRONT card game from Avalon Hill.

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