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angelfire - a good all around web site host.  they give you 5 mb of space.   your url at angelfire would look like:   http://www.angelfire.com/state/yourusername.

free yellow - offers 10 mb of space and puts banners on your pages.   not bad, but if I were you I'd try some of the other places first.  The url looks like this:   http://www.freeyellow.com/members5/yourusername.

fortune city - offers you a lot of space (20 mb) and has a good server.

geocities - makes you put their infamous watermark on your site and your url is long and hard to remember.

hypermart - has front page extensions and your urlL is short.  They host both subdomain names (http://username.hypermart.net) and domain names (www.my-url.com.)  the two downsides are they put a banner on the page (but you can pay a fee to get rid of it) and they won't accept most free email address when your signing with them.

spree - great if your site has a lot of stuff on it because they offer unlimited web space.  they do require you to put their banner on the page, but you can make a commision off each sale that spree makes as the result of a link through your site.  your url looks like this:   http://members.spree.com/sip/yourusername.

tripod - they use those annoying pop-up windows, but other than that they're pretty good.  tripod has front page extensions.  your url would look like this:   http://members.tripod.com/yourusername.

uncut productions - offers a fast v3 connection and dosen't require you to place any ads on your site.   The only downside is they only offer 2 mb of space.  Your url looks like:    http://www.upws.com/web/yourusername.

xoom - offers unlimited of space.   your url looks like this:   http://members.xoom.com/yourusername