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  • Burning Press - "Burning Press produces experimental/avant guard/exploratory poetry, visual literature, audio art, and intermedia, using any means necessary to forward the language arts & beyond."
  • Dark Lethe - "From the darkest depths it came bringing with it the waters of imagination, magic, and technology. Now it flows beyond its writers' into the sea of a collective imagination, out there somewhere in cyberspace..."
  • Drowning in Dreams - The spiritual, the supernatural and the mundane. Thought-provoking thoughts, stories to read, spiritual advice.
  • The Fae Gatekeeper of Dreams
  • Funkmeistergoo's HepcatHaus - A strange web page made by a crazed, weird individual, with poetry and Real Audio readings of his own bizarre writings. I think we should create a new category for this.
  • The Funny Bone Homepage - Dust Off Your Funny Bone... Let the Air Out Of Your Shoes... And Get Ready To Laugh!
  • Jonathan Howell's bizarre writing page - No ordering of info, just a start really...
  • The Lair of the Lioness - Stories and poems by Erin Klee.
  • The New Official CyberCurmudgeon Archive - Since August 1995, the CyberCurmudgeon Column has related the experiences and opinions of David Citron, a technical writer, journalist, promoter, copywriter, web page author, editor, and all-around-creative guy who has been using computers since the pre-CP/M days. (But THAT'S another column all together!) Selected columns are posted here. Others are available for publication.
  • Short Stories by Nik Frengle - A site maintained by Nik Frengle, a short story author and novelist living in Japan. The stories range from very short--about 200 words--to rather long--more than 7,000 words.
  • This Overcoat of Shame - Just a page about me and my views...my poetry...

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