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  • All Poets and Poetry Specific Sites - This section of our 515 pages of active content, lists 68 sites which have poetry or feature poets across the web. Each site currently listed will be reviewed and ranked by the 20th of May. OnFire!, the Literary Arts Search Engine, also has listings for other categories such as sites accepting submissions, sites which feature short stories, and sites that print song lyrics or discuss songwriting.
  • DayTips' Poem-a-Day - DayTips' Poem-a-Day emails you a poem daily (Monday through Friday) by a famous poet with a brief biography.
  • Distracted Poets Club - Where the pressures of "Time, Money, and the World" melt away in a sea of poetry, stories, and thoughts.
  • The Joke's on You - Poetry - Great links on this page, and the poetry of several talented artists. You get the feeling you can submit, but there are no guidelines or instructions. But the auothrs name is right on the page. Good poetry, but there is some adult language to be aware of. Many other sections besides poetry, overall, worth the click.
  • KPC-50 MILES by:Crystal Waters - Beautiful poem, great background.
  • Museum of American Poetics - The museum of the future of poetry is opening its doors.
  • On Angel Wings--The Poetry and Songs of Carol Lynne - The poetry and songs of Carol Lynne with a biography and photograph of the artist
  • Passions in Poetry - Love Poems Friendship Poems and More - Submit your poems to this site, or browse their Huge collection of contemporary poets.
  • Poetfest - "Poetfest is an ongoing series of international anthologies periodically published seasonally on the Internet. Poets of all ages and corners of life are encouraged to join this perennial festival of words and add to it, help nurture it, and share their wisdom and joy with others. Poetfest."
  • Poetry Place Online - " . . . browse our poems, submit your own poetic works, buy poetry books and literature about famous poets and writers."
  • Poetry Previews - Read Reviews and Chat About Poetry - This site is a great resource for students, teachers, and those who appreciate great poets. Read reviews of poetry books and discuss poetry, poets, and literature on the site's message board and chat room.
  • POETRY WORKSHOP - Poetry writing workshop for poets, submitted poems published daily, a poetry publishing resource for writers. An all around great site for the resource hungry poet or writer.
  • The Real One and the Other - Literature Page - Formerly Ramblings from the Edge, has expanded from just poetry. A Literature page with original poems, prose and short stories.
  • Rita Laxton's Poetry, Poems, Poets, and Literature Pages - Poetry collection.

  • Usenet rec.arts.poems - news:
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