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  • ART XL - FINE ARTand BOOKS   - A brilliant display of contemporary fine art and books.
  • Abigail's Favorite Art - A site dedicated to showcasing all types and examples of art. Submit your best work
  • Agent 13 - No advertisements. No opinions. No personalities. Strictly the work.
  • Airbrush @ DarkAngelStudio - The Online Galleries of artists Monica Ferroe, and Carl Rob Ledig Jr. Custom Airbrush on everything...
  • Anatomically Correct Gallery - Exhibition Information, Contact Information, Artists Registry, Seminars, Workshops, Upcoming Events, Featured Artists
  • Anna Winestein - A. Winestein artworks featured in American Artist magazine. Art news and history information, links.
  • Apocryphal Art of Brian Clarke - Eye candy of art like you've never seen.
  • @art - @art is an electronic art gallery affiliated with the School of Art and Design, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to provide an electronic viewing space for talented artists of outstanding merit. (Requires Shockwave plug in to view.)
  • Art By Reza Niknafs - The Unique World of Romantic Surrealism - Interesting gallery with unique symbolism.
  • Art by Simantel - Paintings, cartoons, digital art, drawings and tips for making your own art.
  • artforall - small portfolio
  • Astroimage - Fine art, oil paintings, surreal art and photography.
  • Brazos River Design Works - An eclectic online gallery of work by father and son. Kerry Beverly creates digital images of Texas and the Southwest. Eric Beverly produces more abstract introspective work.
  • Carnal Chaos - Carnal Chaos "Where wicked emotions trigger disturbing art...."
  • Chuck Kaiser- Contemporary American Batik Artist - Chuck Kaiser is a contemporary American Batik Artist based in Lancaster, Pa. His work focuses on extending the boundaries commonly associated with Batik.
  • Cynthia Golden - Professional portrait painter and is also nown for her African American and Native American art.
  • dadara's dadaland - Polish design artist
  • The Daphne D.J. Klenman Online Gallery - The late artist Daphne D.J. Klenman.
  • A. David Crown,Director - International Mezzotint Society - A.David Crown,M.D., Director of The International Mezzotint Society
  • Enchanted Creek Studios - Bronze sculpture, woodcarving, digital art, jewelry, and more.
  • Euroart co uk - An independent multi-disciplinary contemporary arts site providing space for artists. EuroArt also works in collaboration with cultural societies, galleries, critics and journalists.
  • The EveryDay Artist Gallery - Artist Way Cluster
  • Eyvind Earle Gallery
  • The Fine Art of David Derr - Original oil & acrylic paintings, mixed media, collage, computer generated, reworked polaroid image transfers, oil pastels.
  • Galabia galerie d'art - Paintings, sculpture and stained glass highlighting women's interactions. Exhibitions range from fantasy to the erotic, the abstract and especially the figurative.
  • Gallerie - Virtual gallery showcasing the work of various artists. Avant-garde/Modernist slant.
  • 911 Gallery - One of the first and still the best.
  • Gallery--the Art of Vladi Holst - Mystery and secrets of Indian Gods, creative and philosophical paintings, 3D, 2D animation, graphics, digital design, Swedish landscapes, nude sketches, stage settings, multimedia and music videos.
  • GONZO ART - Fine Artist Michael Gonzalez: nudes with oil paintings,watercolors and drawings, and sports illustration
  • Inconceivable Illusions - View stereograms, animated stereograms, and optical illusions, try the stereogram contest, or make your own stereogram.
  • An Infinite Race - A site for artists and writers.
  • Jaegerart - Homepage of International artist Phillip Jaeger who makes art using unusual materials like organic fragments fused to paper and dry pigments fired to Plexi-Glas.
  • JoeShoe Drawing design Argentina - Very interesting drawings, contemporary design art, dibujos, arte, drawings, Misiones, Argentina, picture album.
  • Jon Wright, the images and the artist - Oil paintings, photography and other creative works of Wayzata, Minnesota artist, Jon Wright
  • JT's Art Gallery - Illustrations,Graphics and Cartoons.Personal online gallery and portfolio of art by John Townes, created with digital and traditional techniques.
  • Judie Bomberger - Whimsical art for the home and garden. Judie's art includes hand-painted steel sculptures, rusted garden sculptures and watercolor prints.
  • Julia L. Kay' s artworks - Unique images of people, animals, etc. including drawing, digital, photographs, etc.
  • Keith Haring - Official web site of the Keith Haring Foundation. Some of his artwork has been animated for the web.
  • K.Rike Gallery - Combining fine art with fine crafts.
  • Makart's Gallery - Watercolor paintings and drawings and those of other artists; sketch services based on your photographs and more.
  • Mandala - A new multimedia combination of moving mandalas for meditation
  • Martin A Knapp - Artist's site with watercolor paintings and drawings and those of other artists. Sketch services based on your photos
  • Max's AOL Gallery - "Max Cordonnier's computer art with large-scale effects plus links to Max's other galleries with painting, mixed media, illustrated poetry, etc."
  • The Mitchell Gallery
  • Mustard Seed Gallery Incorporating the Leslie Treacher Studio - Art Gallery selling limited edition and open edition prints. Also specialising in Painting courses/breaks
  • Mystic Art - The site of mystic artist Sandy Frazier from New York, who displays her artwork, writing and compositions.
  • Nilsson Spring Street Studio & Gallery, LLC - Artist studio and gallery exhibiting contemporary and impressionist oil and watercolor paintings and drawings by Leif and Katherine Nilssonof Chester, the Connecticut River Valley and European villages .
  • O. T. Hunt Gallery - An online art gallery of original paintings and prints by O. T. Hunt. Many works are inspired by Japanese culture such as the Noh Theater.
  • Online Gallery of Contemporary Art - Andy Wills. Young Australian artist. Mixed media.
  • Phillip Brown - Philip Brown's design studio.
  • PK Creations - Art lovers/collectors will find unique, original fine art in the form of hand-carved exotic eggs, gourds, oil paintings, jewelry sets, "Pet Portraits" carved and/or painted on hardwood plates, carved peachpit or emu claw keyrings, and a full line of emu oil products for skin and hair.
  • Recent Past - Monotypes and drawings by Paul Murphy.
  • studiomannello - A virtual studio for writing, art and design. Works include The Day of Nines, a novel, and related mandala watercolor paintings.
  • Sweetwater - Virtual gallery devoted to the collages of Japanese artist Natsuki Kimura.
  • takatak - Graphic design
  • Venture Pyramid Media Arts, LLC - Graphic arts house providing illustration, web graphics, and an on-line Art Gallery featuring original artwork for sale in an eclectic mix of genre. Excellent easy to navigate site. Editor
  • Victor's Fine Arts - European artist Victor Tapu. Fine arts, paintings, sculptures, abstracts, acrylic, pastel.
  • Virtual Art Gallery 3D - Virtual Art Gallery in 3D showing painting and poetry in a virtual photo-realistic old style building standing in a imaginary landscape. Galerie d'Art Virtuelle en 3d pr�sentant des oeuvres picturales et des po�mes dans un b�timent virtuel situ� dans un paysage imaginaire.
  • Whitt-Pritchette Studio - Artist in Albuquerque, New Mexico: contemporary paintings in oil; drawings in pen and ink and in pencil; multicolor serigraphy; b/w photography.
  • www ART channel - The wwwARTchannel is a system which offers the Antiques, Architecture, Crafts, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Video, Fine Art, Literature, Multimedia, Music, Photography, Show Biz, Television and Theatre communities a suitable platform to take advantage of their affinities and to profit from a particular audience.
  • zentao - Free gallery and showcase for music, writing, art, photography - Zentao is home for some of the world's finest creative and performing artists.

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